Welcome to the all-new incarnation of Shaumbra Magazine!
We’ll be improving it even more in the coming months, but here are some of the features you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Responsive – now easy to read on ANY device
  • Easy to Use – navigate to the next page with arrows or go to the Table of Contents
  • Printable – just navigate to the print icon at the bottom of any page
  • Shareable – also at the bottom of each page you’ll find share buttons
  • Searchable – easily find any author or topic
  • Interactive – add comments to your favorite articles

We hope you enjoy this new format! Check back each month to see even more new features.

The CC Magazine Team

52 thoughts on “WELCOME”

      1. Niharika Ascended Master

        Wow super lovely creation with ease and grace to read. Thank you and Big love my sweet beloved CC Team, Beloved Geoff and Linda.😘⚜️💃❤️🫶✨🌟❤️🎉🎊🎈

    1. Great creation!! Far moremy expectations!! All super! The look ayout, the letters, the format, the quality of images and of cythe content!!
      Super bravo to everyone and as Geoff told us to Marc Ritter !!

      1. Огромное спасибо всем! Прекрасный “новый” журнал!!! Главное – легкость в прочтении на другом языке… 💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸

  1. Светлана

    Благодарю всех дорогих сотрудников , специалистов Алого Круга, всех кто делает такой яркой, красивой и наполненной смыслом одну из граней моей жизни в этом нелегком воплощении. Все продукты Алого Круга очень высокого уровня , всегда актуальны и своевременны. Вы удивляете меня своим высочайшим профессионализмом каждый раз. Счастлива быть с Вами. Люблю Вас и обнимаю .

  2. I feel appreciation and love always!!!
    I feel the joy of sharing ✨️
    I feel that you respect and honor me

    So beautiful new style
    I like the “..able..”
    Shareable, printable, ect….like loveable, easyable

    Much love ❤️

  3. I often don’t have internet access. Will there still be a download option, so I can read it off-line?

    1. Thinking the same thing, also I had no problems with previous version and loved it more. For me it was an experience of sort of a real magazine. I could have it in one piece and scroll from beginning to end, I loved the way it was formed with pictures… yeah, to me previous version was better and I’d love to continue having it as an option.

      1. Monique ten Brink

        Yes Alex, after some trying to love the new version, I feel the same, especially the beauty of the lay-out and the feeling of scrolling through a real magazine.

  4. Наталья

    Огромная благодарность всем создателям нашего прекрасного журнала. В обновлённом виде это просто супер

    1. Not an answer, but backing the question! Us, old timers, living in nature or travelling in the nowhere, the downloading is (was) most practicle!
      Thanks for taking the consideration…
      Personally i do not like to have to connect, or be connected, all the time.
      When I shared this with Adamus in Hawaii recently as one of those things taking me out of my Grace, he laughed…he doesn’t enjoy it so much either…
      Thank you and I love and appreciate ALL what you do!

  5. Martina Oberhauser

    Thank you all for that GRANDious creations ! All of CC Staff you do such a precious and so very creative service to us Shaumbra 🙏 and all that while going through your own personal changes and challenges – I honor you for everything you are doing ❣️❣️❣️❣️
    THANK YOU 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Love it. I am reading from my phone. So much easier to read and share. However, I laughed because my Apocalyptic wisdom was not enough to “intuitively” know to click on the pictures for further reading…especially when the first paragraph is a complete thought. Hope everyone else got it and enjoyed full articles immediately and their brains are mush like mine these days! 😜 And love being able to easily compliment staff and writers in the moment. Kudos to all who added their energy to this new magazine!

    1. Haha!! You have a friend who also had ‘issues’ in figuring out that you have to click the picture. We are a special breed.
      Thank you! So far, I don’t find this format easier, but then my mind doesn’t work that way.

  7. So great! How nice that we can interact with the authors. Fantastic well done everyone at CC so much love and appreciation 🥰🤩

  8. It’s a joy, that the Crimson Circle team bringing New ways that can very easily accessible.
    Thank you so much. 🥳🤗💕❤️😍🥰🥰🙏

  9. Kz'aZ~Za | Ad Voermans

    Great NEW format. What a wonderful option to also be able to read all the content in each one’s own language. Resulting in some very funny translation errors.
    Thank you for showing that technology is flying to new heights.

  10. Great format, very nice and useful for translations and ease of navigation.
    Only I would add to the link consisting of the images, an additional link for each article. I confess that I didn’t realize at first that you had to click on the image, and I thought the articles were unusually short this time 🙂

  11. Ha ha, so funny,
    sometimes I struggled reading it from my phone. Therefore I prepared this time, started my macbook and..surprise surprise 🙂
    well done, great work. thank you. That’s abundance 🙂

  12. I have mixed feelings about this. And I certainly don’t share the enthusiasm of most of the comments here. Of course, you are probably very proud of yourselves, but as someone has mentioned here before – I miss what it was.
    For me, it was always a nice hour or so just sitting with my coffee and scrolling down the entire issue. Starting with a lovely cover graphic, then an article from Geoff.. then through all the news, guest articles, all the little details about CC and finally something always on point – from my favorite Jean.
    Now you have to select every article individually (I’m guessing) as they’re not in a raw. It lost its integrity of a “newspaper”. At the end there was always a treat – fun-tastic humor from Simon Bessant. Where is it?!
    Ok, so it looks like it’s an end of an analog Era. Everything is synthetic. For me, probably – I will stop reading this magazine at all. It’s just not comfortable anymore. But of course I understand. You guys want to follow.. and it’s easier for you just to put articles online and don’t bother completing the whole issue – with graphfics, photos and so on. Cheers!

  13. Reading this on April 1st – couldn’t help but smile and thought is this Adamus playing an April Fools joke on us and then saying”Get over it” 🙂

  14. Hi dear team!
    I certainly prefer the old format because it was more like a real magazine where you can browse through, look at the pictures and enjoy the whole experience!
    Now the graphics seem to be somehow off (at least in mobile Firefox) and I can only see parts of the pictures. Unfortunately to me there is nothing like a magazine flair anymore.

    I would really appreciate to have the option to chose the format of the Shaumbra Magazine!
    For me it was also great to have the choice between double and single page view!

    Anyways I really appreciate your effort and I might still get used to the new way of reading.

  15. While there are benefits to this format, like the auto-translate option, I would really appreciate an option to download the whole newsletter (without all the comments), and not just seperate articles.
    It is so much easier for quick references and also not being dependent on the internet for every single little thing.

  16. Carolina from CC

    Hello everybody. We truly appreciate your comments and feedback on our recent change. We acknowledge that some of our readers may find the transition challenging, and we are actively exploring ways to enable offline reading of the magazine (although this may take some time to implement). We are also learning from this process and we will continue our work on improving your experience with the magazine.

  17. Hi… I made a comment earlier saying I didn’t like the new format. That was after viewing it on my desktop computer, (as I usually always used to do with the PDF) .
    After reading some other comments I noticed many others had a similar experience, finding it lacked some things and that they also preferred the PDF format.
    On viewing on my phone I can now appreciate the benefits of the new format. It is definitely a more ‘phone friendly’ experience now.
    Tbh… I would still like an option to download a PDF version but appreciate that we probably can’t have both.
    Best to all xx

  18. Nice job but (sorry) I still prefer the good old Pdf layout because it had a graphic design that feels more like a “real magazine”. While this new version seems more like a standard blog or mini website, taking away the magic of the cover and some esthetic details that only the press/pdf version can offer.

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