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April 15-16, 2023 Hosted live by Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe

“A profound, history-altering, reality-shifting experience.”

There is a path to which you have returned, again and again. A destiny that brought you forward lifetime after lifetime. Neither the will of God nor fate, it was The Way, the path forward that was coded in the times of Atlantis. Now comes the time to release the Atlantean Code, formed in guilt and remorse, but which has faithfully guided you to this moment. The mind, locked into its own coding since Atlantis, will resist at first. Then it will rejoice as the light of your own soul releases the old, tightly fused energies. The time has come for a new Code, The Way of the Master, accompanied by your greatest gift to humanity, the Ascension Code. This is why you’re here.

In The Master Code, Adamus says that all active energy is coded by consciousness. Nothing that needs managed or controlled, it is the awareness and intent of each being which codes the energy. The energy then serves with unerring accuracy. This coding has created the illusion of reality, and we now have the ability to code energy very consciously. 

Adamus shares the story of a very poignant time near the end of Atlantis. Those who had worked with the headbands saw the pain and destruction they were causing and, filled with remorse, eventually created a mystical community and the Temples of Tien. The coding that was done then – filled with regret and shame about the loss of paradise, as well as passion and hope for the future – created the path we have followed ever since.

It’s time now for a new code. It’s time to live as a Magi in freedom, ease, grace and abundance. 


1 – Consciousness and Coding 

In this landmark event in the “House of Coding,” Adamus says that all energies are coded from the moment consciousness is present. In fact, reality becomes very malleable when one understands the relationship between consciousness, energy, and coding.

2 – The Atlantean Code 

In the beautiful lands of Alt, safety, joy and abundance were the norm until work was done to regulate biological discrepancies. The headbands, at first welcomed by all, had unexpected consequences eventually shattered the dream. The shared bond of Shaumbra is from this time.

3 – Code Fulfilled 

Energy responds to your heart and consciousness. The code generated in Atlantis, born of remorse and desire, has guided us along The Way for eons of time. Here, in this Time of Machines, you made it. The code is fulfilled and there is new work to be done as the Master.

4 – The Fused Mind 

The mind/brain was originally designed as a perception tool, helping angels to focus in physical reality. However, the headbands effectively fused the mind, causing it to become limited and tremendously complex. The Soul Code merabh changes everything, like a breath of fresh air.

5 – The Ascension Code 

Adamus invites you to add your story as he gives a beautiful overview of the 7 stages of the journey: Pre-Awakening, Awakening, The Breakdown, Emergence, Realization, Magi and Ascension. This tremendous of gift for humanity will encountered by those who are ready.

6 – The Master Code 

Now accepting yourself as the Magi, it is time to code The Way of the Master. Living and malleable, this new code is for living in abundance, health, the light body, wisdom, true memories, creativity, freedom, self-love and so much more. It is your code, dear Magi.

Format: Streaming video and online text e-reader

Cost: $395 (through April 10, 2023, $445 thereafter)

Access: 90-days access to video & text e-reader

Repeat: Previous Master Code attendees can register at a 50% discount, once logged into your account.


  • Everything is coded; it’s like the software of reality
  • Your reality can now be coded consciously
  • The Way – the Atlantean code that brought you here
  • You made it; your coded destiny has been fulfilled
  • The Ascension Code – your greatest gift to humanity
  • The Master Code – a profound gift to yourself

Fourteen languages available in e-reader format

  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Italiano
  • Pусский  
  • Français
  • 日本語
  • Magyar
  • Português
  • Polski
  • Português brasileiro
  • Română
  • Norsk
  • Čeština
  • Español
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