of a Realm Worker 

Artwork by Marc Ritter

By Jerry Sweeten

This offering has a few different stories to be told. It meanders a bit but hopefully it will all come together in the end. 

At 14 years old I knew something was afoot. I felt an inner compass that was true. The direction was a felt one, not one of the mind. I knelt for a long time (like a good Catholic boy should), put my head down on my hands and committed myself to follow that compass. There was no one to talk to. I could see auras and could watch them change while a person was talking. I saw the energy feeding as energetic flows. I was completely clueless what to do with this information, so I put it aside and tried to fit in. 

Then a bunch of other things happened, and I found myself at Crimson Circle on March 22, 2023, and it all changed. And my 14 year old self felt very relieved, because the longing that came with that inner compass pointing me home was finally fulfilled. 

The Dreams

During the last dozen years, I have become aware of a series of dreams that culminated with one on March 20th. The whole dream sequence had images that resolved themselves into a beautiful and enchanted result. 

There was a building that had gone past its prime. This building could have been a palace once, but it needed rehab. I remember dreams where I was in a vast basement that went on and on. Hard hats, work lights, and pouring of a new floor, including shoring up the foundation. What I felt like in the dream state was that my awareness of a certain foundational piece was involved in its creation. And so, I would hold that energy during the day too, so when I went back into the dream state that piece was manifest. 

But when I hold that foundation piece energetically during my waking hours, I may seem distracted or dreamy. Well, over the past few days, I realized that I have been doing this sort of thing since that 14-year-old me said yes.  

This is where the confession comes in. (Well, it’s not really a confession. That was just a hook to get you to read.) To all those baseball teams in my youth that put me in right field, thank you. My parents called me unflappable, but in truth I was not there. 

I heard Marilyn Harper talk to Lee Carroll about being a walk-in. Made good sense to me. I felt like a walk-out a lot of the time. Socially awkward. Different. Always spiritually oriented. I felt like this walking in and out was a clue for me, but I could not put it together. I had not remembered the ancient code that was activated (darn good thing too). I found myself waiting for something that I knew was happening, but I didn’t have words for it. 

The dreams continued. Some wings of the mansion were a little scary to go into at first. But this giant old building had good bones and we found pallets of materials covered with cloth that we could use to begin the remodeling. These dreams happened throughout my life but have been more intense over the past 12 years. Sometimes the “remodel” to a room included clearing energetic congestion. For there was something about flow with each of the rooms, as if they were energetic carriages across the veil. 

Some nights I was handling color coded work task sheets. I used color for task priority and distributed them to others. These nights I was like a supervisor or contractor. There was a sense of urgency during some of these engagements, though these “tasks” were energetic in nature.

And yes, I raised a family and created a business that lasted 25 years. But I never really had heart for creating a large company. I had opportunities to do that, but stayed at a level that allowed me to travel and hold the energetic workings of the soul. Recently, I have realized that as I hold the energetic pattern in my waking state, I am allowing my soul energetic access to the 3D planet. My human mind was not sure what this was about because it cannot hold the vastness, the full essence of self. But the compass felt true in those moments, so I just did what seemed like a natural thing. I did not understand why others were not also compelled to do this conscious holding of energies.

Energetically, what was being held in the other realms was being anchored by a human on the Earth. Grounding is a good but overused word. I have been allowing my divine self access to the world through this human by simply being aware of the energetic pattern and holding it in my body. To me this is why humans were required for the rebuilding of the mansion. 

And it was turning out to be not just a mansion, but a palace that a French aristocrat would be proud of. Beautiful. Elegant. Long gardens with reflecting pools. Flowers and plants in a pleasing manner that stretched to the horizon. And I was certainly not alone in these workings. Some of the others I recognized energetically, and I felt a kinship with all. A common purpose. 

What follows is a dream I had about the ocean in March of 2023, interspersed with a short story from my childhood. The dream of the ocean came out as a sort of poem upon my waking. 

I am the sand, the beach
I build castles of wonder and of grief

I am the shore of a vast ocean
I am every particle of sand

I am the beach
All that I create on this shore of self

is gently caressed by the waves of the sea
And I create wondrous castles of beauty

And I create worrisome castles of grief
And the waves of the sea are there

gently washing these castles of wonder 
and pain

Relentlessly melting the human creations
back to the sea and its depth of wisdom

They are the same to the sea of my soul

I remember as a child building sand forts against the incoming tide. Busy sand buckets dug a nice hole and created a wall against the tide. As I sat in my hole, I realized that the nest I created for myself was being swamped from the bottom. A wave ran up my wall and back down. Ha! The wall held! While my attention was drawn forward, the sea sent a wave up behind me and I was floating in my little pool. The water was warm and inviting. My castle melted with each wave, so I lay there letting the gentle waves fill my swim trunks with sand and my heart with gladness. 

And I am simply the beach continuously
Caressed by the communion with the water

Flowing around me with each breath

A saturation of self

And as I breathe, I am aware of being
The essence of the wave too

I am the wisdom

I am that presence that caresses the human
The shore


Flowing in and around

Saturating the sand
Becoming one with

I am aware then that I am the both 
The Human
The Sea

And I breathe in the knowingness
of being seemingly separate
yet not
Human and Divine blended anew

I am that I am
I exist

The Final Dream

The last dream occurred two days before the opening on March 22. In this dream the final touches are being put on this mansion, this palace, this doorway, this unveiling. I am in the grand hall with the doors open wide and light streaming in. Out in the gardens there are multitudes of flowers around a long reflecting pool. The pool and the water continue off into an uncharted distance. I am standing over a newly installed piano. While the piano had been tuned after its installation, I am with a woman who is checking the placement and the tuning. This woman’s soulful presence is extraordinary and beautiful. She is an evolved being of music and especially pianos. A perfect ear to check out that everything was perfect. I was greatly relieved when she nodded her head and indicated that everything was fine. My heart was gladdened because that was the last detail I was responsible for. It was not until today, which is March 25th, that I realized that the theme music chosen for Heaven’s Cross did indeed include a piano. I know that the piano was an energetic representation of the music we listened to. Pure music to join the energetic flow. I find an infinite sweetness in that memory.

After that dream I felt that the dress rehearsal for the big event was complete. The set design was all complete. The image of the grandest of all one-act plays was ready to begin. The vast audience were finding their seats in this magnificent, palatial theater. The house lights began to dim. I found my place in that vast and glorious gallery. 

On March 22nd, my wandering self turned up in a National Forest in the shadow of a volcano. No other humans for miles around me. The ground is covered with black cinders from the long ago eruption. No other company besides the cedars and the jackrabbits. The single bar of service on my cell phone provided just enough connectivity to live stream the event.

During the event, I cried when we returned to the planet. Afterwards I went outside and lay down on the sun warmed cinders. I dug my hands deeply into the loose cinders. And I wept. I felt myself walk back in. I am so glad to be back in this body. (It has been somewhat neglected.) Profound relief. Yes, it is real. Yes, I really participated in the event that I signed up for during the creation of the Order of the Arc. Profound relief indeed.

And traveling to the other realms just now is not my heart’s desire. All in good time. I find myself looking at this world in a different way. My perception of who I am on planet Earth is unburdened in a way that my human mind cannot comprehend. Choices seem to have a meaning that is unconnected to anything else. As I look around me everything is familiar, yet completely new. A clear sense of retirement from a yoke of my own choosing.

This completion of all the lifetimes of work engenders a sense of wholeness that these words cannot fully express. I seek now to be in this body on this Earth in a way that has never been possible before. I look to each day to unfold in a magical way. What is happening now could not have been possible without the wisdom gleaned from all the 1231 lifetimes.

This event, this opening is not just this life’s work, but all of those lifetimes too. All of those lifetimes of questing, seeking and yes, all of the suffering – this is their life work too. So many lifetimes of monasteries, meditation, and holding onto the frequencies, thus anchoring the energies of the divine. Lemuria, Atlantis, lifetimes underground, the life with Yeshua and many others. Times of aching loneliness and quiet joy. As I sit and write this, I feel the invisible strings of all of those lifetimes also sighing their sigh of relief. Because I am that I am. I open my arms to all of those selves that are also basking in the glow of an infinitely compassionate and wise soul. Yes, we have done this. Yes, to it being only what I felt I was called to do. Not for anyone else, but I could “do this work” because I have claimed my place at the banquet in my sovereignty. For that place at the banquet table has a placard with my name on it. In my own handwriting. 

During the event I had those things to offer to the gold bowl. I am still offering them as they arise. And I loved the image of the large chalice (okay my Catholic roots can call it that). It was very reassuring to me. For putting all burdens in the bowl and allowing them to be brought to wisdom is the most potent elixir I could imagine. Holy Grail indeed. 

piano in a big hall by the water

Looking back at this life through this new lens of self, many things become clear. I see the choices and how they played out in a new way. For much of my life I thought I was broken and needed an elusive cosmic fixing. I have never fit in. I have always been focused inward and now I know why.

There was a grand party in the other realms before the event. We arrived at the party venue in busloads. The evening’s entertainment included costume skits. Four people to a group came and performed a skit before a raucous crowd. Mostly comedy. There was a lot of rowdy and ribald jokes afloat. I conversed with the soul of a human client, and thus I missed my group’s performance. But another group gathered me up and I realized that I did not have time to get into my costume. So I turned my shirt inside out and backwards and went as a clueless human. I received many guffaws.

Lots of dancing and rejoicing. It was a happy event. 

And yes, there has been a bit of disorientation. A loss of purpose perhaps? Eh. I cheated and did a practice run in my 3D life. I closed my business of 25 years and relinquished a building that has been my home. I dropped the identities that were associated with it. I am no longer a business owner, a vendor, a customer, a boss. My human self went through about a year’s worth of disorientation. The angst and disorientation were brought to wisdom by my soul, so I have that source of wisdom that my human is drawing off of now. It is the same as dropping the identity of Realm Worker. An identity that I was thankfully unaware of. Clueless human indeed. There is a freedom in that release and completion. 

My human life is a metaphor for what has been happening with the opening. I put stuff in storage and loaded the rest into Angel my camper in February. Every day I have woken up and said, “What’s next?” I get an answer and I do that. These past months have been a magical flow. I have met some wonderful people. And this sounds strange, but I keep falling in love with them. I see in them a divine mirror.  Some I have spent time with, and some have been brief encounters. And as I wander and wonder if it is myself I am falling in love with. 

One of my final takeaways is that the knowingness of this event, this energetic shift in consciousness lives within me. There are the select few with whom I can communicate much with a simple nod of the head. I am grateful to have done this consciously with others. There is no other validation besides what I hold in my heart and my simple presence in the world. I don’t need anything else. I am complete. I exist. I am that I am. 

I am writing this out in the desert near the border of the US and Mexico. Ah, it is warm here and there is no snow. Angel did well in the snow (and the ice in the tunnel, but that is another story), but I did not wish to stop where it is cold. Simple pleasure of the sun on my face and chocolate in my coffee. What’s next is to turn off the connectivity and just be here for a while. My best and heartfelt wishes to all in these apocalyptic times. 


  • Jerry Sweeten

    Jerry Sweeten has had many identities this lifetime. He has been a teacher, parent, business owner, shaman, minister, and many more. The unknown identity of a Realm Worker is closest to his heart. He can be found adventuring in his campervan or via email.



  1. Thank you Jerry so much, it was a delight to listen. I recognized that beautiful building in other realm, I was there and it’s stunning, l drunk some coffee on one of terrace with a view of amazing gardens. And while reading your article I noticed myself to prepare it for visiting. Hugs and blessings!

    1. Jerry Sweeten

      Hi Lena, I have talked to several folks that could relate to the grand terrace. A coffee there sounds wonderful! 😊 J

  2. Dear Jerry, your beautiful and also so exquisit story touched me deeply. What a life of strange and also
    so interesting experiences. Have a very joyful time now exploring new territories.

  3. I’m so grateful to have recently found Crimson Circle. All the personal stories are validating my recent Aha about being a realm worker. I’m attending SES next month on my birthday! I think it will be a great gift to myself. Just bought a VW Vanagon. I’m so tired. All I want to do now is ride around and glow. Thank you for the gift of your work and story. Rene

  4. Suzette Stone

    I have always enjoyed your writing Jerry, but this was truly awe inspiring. When will the book come out? 🤩

  5. a great description of my first love….
    And as I wander and wonder if it is myself I am falling in love with.

    thank you for all the words…

  6. Thanks Jerry. My heart was leaping and my head nodding in recognition of your beautiful words.
    Being fully present in my human for me is like the beginning of a new relationship that you just know is your perfect partner. Bless

  7. Gracias Jerry!!! Maravillosas palabras. LLoré leyendo, desde el principio al fin. Tocaste cada fibra de mi cuerpo y alma. Me encontré en tus escritos. Arazo y bendiciones. Viviana-Argentina

  8. Your words are a heart song that resonates in my own, spreading waves of joy as its wake. Giant hugs for the gift of YOU ❤

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