By Jean Tinder

Cheat Codes for a Good Life

“Cheat codes” – Commands which can be used to change a game’s behavior, alter a character’s abilities, skip levels, or access other hidden features.

In this game of life, when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Whether in the field of medicine, psychology, wealth, religion, spirituality, or something else, if some magical cure-all is being promoted, I am exceedingly skeptical. Because there is never a one-size-fits-all, of anything. 

Well, almost never. An exception to this rule and a truly effective cure-all is love for self. 

I don’t mean a reactive, insecure, narcissistic preoccupation with self. I’m talking about an absolute and unconditional dedication to returning again and again to love for oneself, no matter what. In fact, I have not found a single issue that cannot be resolved by deep, true, unconditional love and acceptance for oneself. Although the expression of this love will be unique for every individual in each moment, I am certain there is nothing it cannot cure. 

Of course, there are countless overt and covert reasons to dismiss the idea of loving self, along with plenty of active opposition to the whole notion. But why? (Side note: In my opinion, the principal redeeming feature of Christianity is that it opens the door for love of self, if only because Jesus loved me first.) Innate resistance notwithstanding, if loving myself really is a cure-all, wouldn’t it be worth the persistence required to cultivate it? 

Unfortunately, as Tobias and Adamus have both stated, loving oneself is the most difficult thing a human will ever do. 

Fortunately, Tobias and Adamus have also provided the cheat codes for this life changing, incarnation-completing, reality-shifting experience. 

The best of those cheat codes are offered in the Sexual Energies School. By wholeheartedly diving into the experiences and wisdom of this class, you can indeed change this Earth game’s behavior, alter your human character’s abilities, skip obsolete levels of suffering, and access other hidden features, such as embodied mastery.

What issues is your human still wrestling with in this game of life? Whether problems with other people, crappy emotions, confusion, manipulation, victimization, hopelessness or anything else, the answer to each of these issues ultimately comes from the same place: love and acceptance of yourself.

This coming to love yourself is inevitable. It’s going to happen eventually, even if it takes a few more millennia. But why not give yourself the cheat codes to the good life, release the issues, and become your true Self? 

Sexual Energies School – return to love.

Where: Online

When: June 16–18, 2023

Who: It’s a date with yourself

Why: Because you’re worth it

How much: $595 (50% discount for graduates)



  • Jean Tinder

    As Crimson Circle’s Content Manager, Jean is fulfilling her life-long dream to shine her light in the world. On a spiritual journey since childhood, she found Crimson Circle in 2002, joined the staff in 2008 and never looked back. Her first book is called “Stories from My Last Lifetime”.

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