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ONLINE • JULY 79, 2023

The journey of an angel from first arrival on Earth until their final emergence as a realized Master is very long and winding, filled with experiences, joys and heartaches.

Getting lost on Earth and forgetting oneself is the “fall from grace” for which humans eternally seek redemption, having accumulated layer upon layer of guilt and shame along the way.

And yet, these things simply cannot be carried into Realization, so the dragon comes in to dig up and release every shred of guilt and shame still borne by the human. Hosted live by Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe. 

Includes live Q&A session with Adamus!

ONLINE • AUGUST 11–13, 2023

If you’ve ever wondered about the nature of your soul – what it is, where it is, and how to allow it into very moment of your life – this Cloud Class will bring you to a new level of awareness. Adamus answers some of the biggest questions about the soul, as well as staying on the planet as an embodied Master with energy serving you in grace.

The premise is simple: You are in the midst of a beautiful and natural process of reuniting with your soul, but oftentimes it seems challenging or elusive because of the human perspective and conditioning. Hosted live by Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe.

Includes live Q&A session with Adamus!

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Once a year for the past nine years, we have joined our Merlin energies in celebration of our journey to mastery on Earth. With the unprecedented level of changes happening around the world this year, the 2023 Light of the Merlin Online event has the potential to be one of the biggest and most transformational ever.

This inspiring 2-day event will feature channels from Adamus Saint-Germain and friends for more than 8 hours of inspiration and celebration. 

ONLINE • December 8–10, 2023

This opportunity for profound transformation and healing is offered twice a year. With benefits that can include better health, the end of energy stealing and power games, balanced relationships, enhanced creativity, and true enlightenment, it is ultimately a return to Self.

Hosted live by Geoffrey and Linda, includes multiple sessions with Tobias and Adamus, as well as guided personal experiences.

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Kona, Hawai’i • October 22–26, 2023

Each Masters Circle event is more of a gathering than a workshop, and will be tailored to the specific group of Shaumbra in attendance rather than a more structured workshop format. Adamus will talk about the issues of importance to the group, with plenty of interaction between group members and Adamus.


Kona, Hawai’i • November 8–12, 2023

During a recent workshop Adamus Saint-Germain made first mention of “The New Light.” The physics are simple: As a result of Heaven’s Cross, there is a new level of divinity and consciousness with many humans around the world.
The “light” from the soul’s energy that provides the personal life-force in this 3D realm refracts in a different way when it lands on a highly conscious or Realized person.

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Kona, Hawai’i • November 18–22, 2023

This wonderful workshop is about staying here on the planet in grace, as a Master, at this Time of Machines, even when faced with the challenges of everyday life. This event will be held at Villa Ahmyo in Kona, Hawaii, an ideal location for experiencing grace with the natural beauty and peaceful energies of this remote Pacific Island.

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