A Thousand Dreams
– Come True!

By Olivia Morales Zenteno aka “Aberdeem”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain have both talked at length about the importance of dreams and dreaming, assuring us that dreams are real, valuable, and even highly creative. During the June 2023 Shoud, the topic of dreams came up again, which brought to light a wonderful creation. 

 It’s been one year since Adamus Saint-Germain made A Thousand Dreams visible and gave an interview with Aberdeem that ended up being DreamWorlds. So much has happened since then, and now we are ready to welcome your participation! 

A Thousand Dreams is a portal for dreamers around the world. It is currently divided into two parts. 

  1. The conceptual framework and offerings, which include:
    1. The Dreamer Quiz – find out what kind of dreamer you are!
    2. The Dreaming Landscapes – explore the 11 ethereal territories we visit in dreams
    3. The Dreaming Profiles – learn how we journey within the dreaming landscapes 
    4. The Essential Dreaming Workshop – take your dreaming to a new level
    5. A dreaming contest – one dream wins a prize every month!
    6. Plus, “About Dreams” (at the footer of our website), and “A Journey into Conscious Dreaming,” a blog on dreams that currently has 30 stories 
  1. The platform and app are coming soon, which will:
    1. Make it easy to document your dreams
    2. Make the analysis of dream data meaningful
    3. Make the experience of sharing dreams enjoyable 
    4. Be an inspiring and easy-to-access reservoir of dreams 
    5. Be an exciting place to connect with fellow dreamers all over the planet
    6. And much more!

Why is this project so relevant? 

Maps, archetypes, and eventually the app, are mental models that help us anchor dreams in this physical world. Their fleeting nature will finally be attuned and grounded, bridging the gap between realms, and thus helping us realize the magnificent creators we are.

TO PARTICIPATE – visit AThousandDreams.world

Here’s what you can do on the website:

  • Watch the Demo Video of the navigation journey of the app’s prototype
  • Fill out The Dreamer Quiz and find out what type of dreamer you are
  • Submit a dream for The Thousand Dreams Prize
  • Register on the waiting list to receive information on The Essential Dreaming Workshop
  • Register to help us test the prototype
  • Sign in to receive development updates on the platform
  • Browse an amazing amount of information
  • Subscribe to be one of the first to receive the app when it is complete, thus helping us fulfill our dream of building this app

Also, on August 4th The Dreaming Landscapes and The Dreaming Profiles will be available for purchase.

MORE INFO – For all details of our journey and a look at where we’re going, please check out

“Dreams are for real.”

Ask Tobias on Dreams

Dreamworlds with Adamus



  • Olivia Morales Zenteno aka “Aberdeem”

    Born in Mexico City, Olivia Morales Zenteno [Aberdeem] is a dreamer. With a passion to bridge realities spanning lifetimes, and more than 20 years of documented dreams, she explores the dreaming landscapes and writes about them on Medium. Along with her team, she is building A Thousand Dreams, a platform for dreamers to document, analyze data, and share dreams with the world.


18 thoughts on “A THOUSAND DREAMS – COME TRUE!”

  1. Veronica Zamora

    Olivia muchas felicidades me encanto tu portal, y lo que mas me gusta,aun que todo es genial, es que es un Shaumbra quien esta abriendo esta nueva energía y entendimiento de los sueños. Felicidades y Gracias🥰🥰😴😴

    1. Muchas gracias Vero! Las porras siempre sirven y son muy bienvenidas. Estamos encantados haciendo esto y todavía hay mucho por delante. Estamos en contacto!

  2. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful platform that would lead us to a NEW world!!
    I am really really excited🤩

  3. Love your project – I don’t know how much we all are connected in the dream state, but dreaming for me is one of the best entertainments 🙂
    Still there is no multi choice possibility in the research – let’s say I have sometimes nightmares but mostly not, or I have been in different places and for me its hard to choose one answer as qualitative answer to help you in your research! Anyways! Success’s to You! Great idea and I am happy to see how you have moved your vision so quick and we can see it and read about it now. And I defenetly see potentials growing!

    1. Thank you Ilona. Well, the quiz is not quite research (that will come later). And most of the question don’t allow multiple choices because then classifying profiles would turn out to be very difficult. We all of the dreaming profiles and we dream in all of the dreaming landscapes simultaneously, you see, so this is only a tool to understand different dreaming dimensions and to help anchor dreams here.
      As for the connectedness there, I am sure there is, we have this alternate dimensions that is the continuation of the events not his real life. My take 🙂 Thank you for your comment and yes, there are a lot of potentials for this.

  4. Hello Olivia,
    I’m someone whole rarely remembers my dreams. Is there a way to change that?
    Thank you,

    1. Hello Paula! Yes… in The Essential Dreaming Workshop we do an exercise to open the gate to your dreaming landscapes. We don’t have it online yet, but we will at point in the future. As of now I will be doing it with Pilar in San Miguel de Allende (September), and then some other places. We will post the calendar when we are ready 🙂

  5. ¡Hola Oli! Muchisimas felicidades por este hermoso y profundo proyecto!
    Un a brazo grande para ti.
    Erika Alvarez Finck

  6. Beautiful 💖💖💖 Looking forward to contributing and sharing… and evolving my own dream journey. Thank you for this amazing space.

  7. Francisco del sar

    Anotar los sueños es algo que hago casi todas las mañanas. Por eso, desde el primer momento en que te escuche hablar sobre este proyecto me parecio una idea maravillosa. Se notaba la pasion en tus palabras. Felicitaciones por haberla convertido en realidad. Y por muchos sueños mas!

    1. Hola Francisco, wow. Será un placer comentar sobre soñar en algún momento! Sip, mi pasión está en este proyecto. Todavía falta mucho trabajo y la app podría estar lista relativamente pronto si algunas cosas se cumplen, pero sí pudimos lanzar ya la primera parte del proyecto, que le da sustento a la app. Gracias por comentar!

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