DEADLINE – August 15, 2023

Dear Shaumbra, 

We miss connecting in person, but the next best thing is seeing each other online! To help make this happen, we’re making several new “Faces of Shaumbra” videos to share during the upcoming Light of the Merlin event. 

After the event, the videos will be published on YouTube, and the photos posted in the Shaumbra Family photo album.

You’re invited to participate! 

Here are a few ideas we’d love to see:

  • With your pets 
  • Shaumbra groups (two or more people)
  • Dressed up as Merlin (or any other character)
  • Radiating (in the park, at a café, or anywhere else)
  • Holding a sign that says, “I Am _______”

DEADLINE – August 15, 2023!

We need time to put the videos together and will not include photos sent after August 15 (they’ll still be added to the photo album).

Please send up to 3 photographs to photos@crimsoncircle.com.

A big Thank You to everyone who has already sent in your photos! 

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