Meta Changes – A Heaven’s Cross Follow-up

Meta Changes – A Heaven’s Cross Follow-up

Downloadable video, audio and text

In this important follow-up to Heaven’s Cross, Adamus gives an astonishing report on the meta changes taking place on Planet Earth since the Apocalypse began. With the New Light coming in – allowed and received by conscious humans around the globe – the gravity that holds everything together is already beginning to loosen. 

Divine light is filling the “space between” everything, and the effects of this include a new unity consciousness or sense of “oneness” with your Self, an easy flow as things naturally unfold, new things happening that you could hardly imagine, and much more. It’s magical; it’s metaphysics finally being expressed in your life!

The path before you clears. The obstacles, the distractions, suffering, they just go away. This is your light. Let it serve you now. This is exactly what you’ve worked so very hard for in so many lifetimes.
– Adamus


  • Heaven’s Cross, the Apocalypse, brought in light
  • Now physics are literally changing 
  • Extraordinary things begin to happen
  • In unity with soul, the path clears in front of you
  • Life flows in grace, ease, and understanding
  • In this ocean of divinity, all things are possible

Session 1 – Effects of the New Light (1:10:55)
Session 2 – Receiving Your Light (53:02)
Format: Downloadable audio, text, video
Cost: $33
Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe
Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, June 2023 



  1. After reading the ‘Duh’ article probably better to use the new version in the article?

    Ideal to compare both versions for people like me who missed the controversy. I am so used to the high quality of the real Adamus’ messages that the promo’s matter not much. It’s the energy conveined through the original message that makes the CC material top notch.

    Nevertheless, grateful that the team is welcoming feedback and works relentless to serve Shaumbra in the most authentic way. Well done.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with the first version. It infuses a bit of strangeness in the message, which I think should be felt due to the newness and absolute magnitude of changes that can be expected.

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