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ProGnost 2023 Update

Four Factors of a Changing World

Cost: $60 (through November 1, 2023; $75 thereafter)
Format: Streaming video, audio, and online text e-reader
Access: 90 days

In this “full Crimson Alert” Adamus asks Shaumbra to stay present and very aware of what’s happening on the planet. You chose to be here as bearers of light, and AI is the thing most affected by the new level of light. In just four months since Heaven’s Cross, the level of consciousness has measurably increased, and will expand by at least 7% in the coming 2-3 years. This means drastic changes in every area of life, with the strong potential that Earth will ultimately become a planet of light populated by beings of light. Practical 

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly expanding, and Adamus says that the power games and limitations of darkness will attempt to use it to stay active as long as possible. However, the one thing that will illuminate the darkness is allowing, receiving, and radiating your own light. This “un-battle” is the fulfillment of our entire journey and it’s happening right now.

Let your light, your consciousness, now dance with this gravity. It brings your wings back.
~ Adamus

Meta Changes – A Heaven’s Cross Follow-up

Heaven’s Cross Follow-up

Physics of the New Light

Cost $33
Format: Downloadable audio, video & text
Access: Unlimited

Humans are accustomed to slow-paced evolutionary, societal, and personal changes, but it’s like rearranging a room with the same furniture. Adamus says that meta change can only occur when the level of light changes. With the New Light coming in since the Apocalypse, the literal physics of reality are changing, bringing transcendence, magic, and perhaps temporary anxiety. It is all caused by light filling the space between thoughts, potentials, atoms, everything. Being in this divine flow brings a new level of clarity, ease, and grace. It is literally meta-physics expressing in your everyday human life!

As the New Light “backfills” the space between, it becomes an ocean of divinity connecting everything. This is the culmination of The Way that began with the Essenes more than 2,000 years ago, and an example of the new physics that are coming to humanity.

We are going cosmic. We’re going multidimensional. It breaks the old patterns. All things are possible.
– Adamus

Time Traveling:
Metaphysics of the Soul

Putting Time to Work for You

Cost $150 (through September 29, 2023; $195 thereafter)
Format: Online streaming
Access: View for 90 days after purchase

Humans have always dreamed of traveling in time. We want to see what’s ahead or change the past, always hoping for a better present. Now, Adamus explains how time traveling really works. We go beyond linear reality into circular time, where both the past and the future are changeable. In advanced metaphysics, you’ll discover that some things in the past haven’t happened yet, and some events in the future have already been experienced. 

From the illumination of Presence, you’ll discover how to change the past, visit the future, and collect the wisdom from all your lifetimes. True time traveling can literally change your life. 

The future is the past illuminated. The past is the future illuminated. It’s all about illumination, about letting the light shine.
– Adamus

Master’s Pause: I Am Receiving

Letting Energy Work for You

Cost $25 (through September 29, 2023; $33 thereafter)
Format: Downloadable audio, video & text
Access: Unlimited

The way of life on Earth has always been to work hard for what you want, and even then, the rewards seem far away. But what if life was easy? What if such struggle is no longer required? What if everything you want is already yours? Adamus says that our shifting relationship with energy is the biggest change on Earth in 7,000 years; one that brings advanced metaphysics and a whole new way of living, allowing, and communing. Rather than toiling through blood, sweat, and tears, now is the time to receive your reward. 

The question is, can you receive this much? Without limitation, control, or reservation? When you do, everything in your life becomes animated energy, actively giving to you and serving you in balance and joy. It’s a whole new way to live!

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