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Birth into Biology; Rebirth into Enlightenment

DreamWalker Birth provides deep insights into rebirthing yourself in this lifetime. At a deep cellular level, you are truly becoming a new being (even though it might feel sometimes like you’re dying). A thorough understanding of the birth transition process, as well as the death process, will greatly facilitate and ease your transformation. 

In DreamWalker Birth, you’ll learn about the close parallels between biological birth in this lifetime and the rebirth of yourself as a being of full consciousness. In this new rebirth, you can release ancestral ties and karma to allow your light body, enlightenment, and ascension. 

Adamus also gives crucial information on autism, abortion, and miscarriage, explaining in depth how to facilitate a conscious connection and birth experience for expectant parents, whether family members, loved ones, or clients. Beginning even before conception, this profound service results in high fertility and low complications rates, parents getting the “right” baby (which helps prevent post-partum depression), and a delivery marked by ease, grace, and joy.


During a recent message to the Crimson Circle Angels, Adamus asked that DreamWalker Birth be offered for half price through the end of September 2023. 


  • Incarnation is a complex process
  • Understanding it can ease your Realization
  • Beautiful parallels between birth & enlightenment
  • Remember the magic of your first incarnation
  • Assist parents and incoming children to connect
  • Discover the secret to come and go at will

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader, plus downloadable pdf support material
Cost: $495 $247.50 through September 30, 2023
Access: 90-days access to video, audio & text e-reader
Translations: E-reader translations available in 10 languages

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