By Clare Gately

My niece celebrated her birthday recently and she sent me a video of her little 3-year-old son Fiann helping his dad to carry the cake and sing Happy Birthday to her. As you can imagine, this is not the first lovely video I have received over the past 3 years of his life, so I was taken by surprise at my reaction. Feeling what seemed like a very deep emotional pain come rushing up to the surface, I burst into tears. 

For many reasons the video warranted a second viewing. As I watched this adorable little boy sing Happy Birthday, I observed how he was putting his whole being into the song. He gave it 200% all the way through. At the very end he jumped up and down, fists punching the air, shouting “hurrah, hurrah!” I don’t think I have ever witnessed such an embodiment of joy, enthusiasm, and love. 

The emotional pain remained as I completed the second viewing; but I had also arrived at an explanation. I realized that there was a deep longing in me to feel that way about my life again; to feel that way about living on Earth.

My own birthday is coming up soon and I truly wish I could be as excited about it as little Fiann was about his mama’s birthday. I would love to be able to get a cake and candles for myself and truthfully sing a full-bodied Happy Birthday to me, including hurrahs, fist punches, and jumps. A true proclamation to the universe that I love being alive and can’t wait for whatever the next year will bring. An acknowledgement to myself of what I have done here on the planet through so many lifetimes. My mind tells me I’m not there yet with that level of enthusiasm, the Master says, “It’s only a breath away,” and an aspect pops its head in and replies “Yeah, right!”

After Heaven’s Cross and the completion of my mission as a Realm Worker, I made the soul-level decision to stay to be an embodied Master, but it was not a full bodied ‘yes to life’ human-level decision. Not even close. It was more of a ‘I haven’t gone through all that shit for lifetimes just to leave now before the good stuff arrives’ sort of choice. Perhaps you may relate to that one!

I love benching and am aware that, on this planet, my presence alone is enough. I’ve always known that. However, I also know that I have a huge creative capacity that surges in me, calling out for action, and it is not happy ‘just’ sitting on a bench radiating light.

Most of the creative ideas and inspirations that have floated in over the past 20 years have, after an initial excitement, fizzled out pretty quickly. I have attributed this to my lack of energy, which in turn was perhaps due to splitting myself between Earth and the collective unconscious, taking on the clearing of all sorts of gunk (silly, silly soul)! However, this inability to create led to huge frustration and despair. I developed an aspect that, as soon as an idea came to me, would whisper seductively, “Why bother? You know what happened the last time. It won’t go anywhere. What’s the point of even trying.” 

Beneath all this turmoil over the years, there is a quality that has kept me going through everything, one which I probably share with most Shaumbra: determination. It has been with me my whole life and is what has kept me on this planet. As a child it was the determination that, when I was an adult, I would find the answers to the many questions I had that no one else could answer.

Through all the years of clearing, processing, fatigue, and frustration, it was the determination that I would figure out what all ‘that’ was about before I died; determined not to be on my death bed saying, “What the fuck was that life about?” Being a Realm Worker has answered so many of those questions and I feel much more at peace with life.

And now, determination, my oldest and longest friend is here to keep me focused on allowing a true passion and joy for life to arise within me. A passion that goes way beyond what I have known before, otherwise what’s the point? It’s not about going back to some previous measure of happiness but forward into unknown levels and potentials. After all, it is new energy, not a rehashing of the old. 

In true Shambra style, it’s about raising the bar of joy for all humanity, demonstrating to the world that joy is our inherent birthright and does not depend on anything outside of us to evoke it. Equally, as an inherent state of being, circumstances should not be able to take it away. Mastery indeed!

In truth, it is a ‘Happy Birthday’ to all of us who have stayed after Heaven’s Cross and are learning to walk and talk the New Energy. Perhaps it’s time for all of us, birthday or not, to get the cake and candles out and truly honour who we are, because no one else knows what we’ve been through to get this far.

And, while many of us may be still feeling a little ‘Humpty Dumpty like,’ splattered and discombobulated, let’s remember we are in the New Energy so we can certainly be put back together again. We don’t have to wait for any King’s horses or men. We are Masters. We do it ourselves. We do it by allowing everything to come together by itself.

I have deep gratitude to my little grandnephew for being an embodiment of joy and reminding me that it’s time for me to follow suit. And while I may not be able yet to give a full bodied “Yes!” to life and living on earth, I know my old friend determination is with me, and it hasn’t failed me yet. Hurrah! Hurrah!



  • Clare Gately

    Clare lives in Scotland. She is currently “under reconstruction” and spends most of her time in nature walking, breathing, and shining. She can be contacted by email.


30 thoughts on “SURPRISED BY JOY”

  1. Berta Rodrigues

    So beautifully written and resonated so deeply with me – of course it would as it would with many Shaumbra! Happy Birthday Clare! Hurray Hurray! 🎂😊❤️

  2. Jesus… sooooo relatable! I’ve just got out of months of exhaustion and boredom and void and now I’m waiting for life to get juicy and tasty and i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g, but… on a master level. We’ll see how that goes…

      1. Do princípio ao fim, seu artigo ressoou profundamente em mim. Obrigado por compartilhar. Feliz aniversário e muitas bençãos!

  3. Hello Clare
    I completely connected with your article!
    The last sentence especially hit home in that I have not yet given a “full-bodied “yes” to life and living on earth.” I find myself more often choosing to watch humanity and earth from my beautiful, comfy throne at the Ascended Masters Club.
    My life here is full of abundance only missing the passion to continue experiencing, even a new energy experience. So without the full bodied “yes”, I don’t feel the new energy experience will come, no matter how determined or open to receiving I believe I am.
    Thank you for your article. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer.

    1. Thanks Debbie…I love your reflection!! Yes, sometimes it feels like a chicken and egg scenario….if something “out there” really excited me I could give a full bodied yes to life….but I know I have to feel the full bodied yes before the ” something out there appears” !!! 🤗

  4. Determination! So much time I’ve felt myself like a fool with that determination. My mind used to say to me “you keep waiting for things getting better all your life, hope is all you got, this is so ridiculous”. And only this year I feel like passion is coming back. And now I have a clue about what does that mean – to give a full bodied “Yes!” to life, to feel alive again.

    1. That’s wonderful Irina!! Well done on allowing that joy to arise…I think once it starts we can’t go backwards anymore. 🤗

  5. Danuse Mitchell

    What a beautiful sharing Clare 🌺
    If I can share here my own pick on staying
    I decided to be this: “ Enjoying my life with the innocence of a child ( your cute boy at his birthday 🥳) and the Wisdom of my Master “
    Remembering our Atlanten Dream – which
    now finally came through 😮💗💗💗👍

  6. Thank you Clare, I really enjoyed and resonated with your words. I too have two young grand daughters who are a source of joy and inspiration to me, reminding me life is for living to the best of our ability everyday. Thank you again.

  7. This wonder-filled post shot through my head as reminder that when I read this articles from other Shaumbra, even though it encompasses personal experiences, the parts and insights that I resonate with are coming from within me even though it appears that I gaining insight from the Shaumbra’s post itself. A little tongue-mind twisty to put in words, but to me it’s identical when Adam-ass reminds us that the messages in the Shouds are coming from us (us channelling to ourselves) instead of perceiving Adamus to be giving us insight and information.

    Thanks Clare for the nostalgic article,

    Keep on radiating 🌟

  8. Clara querida,eu simplemente Amei seu artigo, me identifiquei muito mesmo.
    Eu sinto tantas coisas ,vivo sentindo e sentindo e não consigo colocar em palavras,GRATIDÃO!
    Beijos no seu coração!

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