The Consciousness Component

By Geoffrey Hoppe

In my very early days in marketing and communications, graphic artists used airbrushing tools to touch-up photos of people and products. They could take the blemishes off someone’s facial portrait or make mud disappear off the side of a car photo. It was a cumbersome process, and to the trained eye it was relatively easy to see that it was airbrushed. Then along came desktop computers in the mid-1980s. Photoshop opened a whole new world to the graphic arts community, yet it still took a lot of time and talent to do it correctly. Don’t like the telephone pole sticking up in the middle of a nature photo? Photoshop it out. 

Now with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, there’s no telling what is “real” and what’s been conjured up by Chippie. Just the past two years have seen a mammoth global push to incorporate AI into just about every facet of human life. AI software can read, write, speak, hear, smell, illustrate, compose music, play games and read your thoughts (brain signals). OpenAI released ChatGPT on November 30, 2022, less than one year ago. It took the digital industry by storm and now just about everything is getting an infusion of AI. Like it or not, AI-generated products are one of the fastest growing parts of our daily lives. 

In the coming years, it will be very difficult to know whether or not something is AI-generated or “real.” You’ll see celebrities giving endorsements for products, but they never actually did because AI created the fake. Politicians will make statements that they never actually said. Cute little kittens will be flying through the air with incredible realism but it never actually happened. Your dentist will be working at home from another city on the other side of the world while her AI robot works on your teeth. 

Crimson Circle is already diving deep into AI. We made a conscious decision to understand it, train for it and use it. Some of our Shaumbra Magazine covers have been AI-generated this year, and the illustrations of the entities for the Light of the Merlin online event were AI-generated. The new video for the upcoming Shoud Series is AI-generated. Our technical team is integrating AI into our back-office functions such as online search engines, our massive database and the CC store. We’re looking into capabilities such as AI translation of Adamus’ messages, where my voice will be translated into a variety of languages and still sound exactly like my voice but in a different language (my original voice and text transcripts will still always be available).

Our future-vision is to offer the capability to “talk” with Adamus, Tobias, Kuthumi and the other entities in a conversational manner, rather than just type your prompts into the search engine and get back a flat text reply. You’ll be able to sit at your computer or mobile phone while viewing an animated image of the entities, with their mouth and face moving as they speak. AI will pull appropriate information from our library and present it just like they are talking with you. For instance, you could ask Adamus, “What was life like in Atlantis?” and he will respond as if he was chatting with you on a Zoom call. You could ask Tobias to explain the origins of the word Shaumbra and he’d talk about the Essenes in the time of Yeshua, and throw in some AI-generated graphics as well.

We have an in-house team of 10 technical experts headed by Jorge Merino. We built the team not only to work on our website and store, but also because we knew we had to be at the forefront of AI. Why? Because AI is the fastest-growing part of our human lives. It’s here to stay, and the advances over the next few years are going to be breath-taking. It will change life as we know it and is one of the driving forces behind the new human species. 

It won’t do Shaumbra any good to be Luddites1 about AI. The floodgate is open and there’s no turning back. Plus, the more we as Shaumbra understand and use AI, the more we’re going to be able do what we came here to do in this lifetime. Adamus calls it the “Consciousness Component.” He goes so far as to say our true calling in this lifetime wasn’t even about Realization. That was a given, and something we could have allowed even a few lifetimes ago. We’re here to bring in consciousness and light as AI takes off from the launch pad, all at this time of the Apocalypse. Without the Consciousness Component present in mass consciousness, the chances of things going bad with AI – I mean really bad – is almost inevitable. With the Consciousness Component, those who are developing and working with AI will be able to see the higher potentials of how it can serve humanity and our entire matter-based reality. 

In the coming months and years, we’ll be confronted with wondering if something is “genuine” or the product of AI. Is the news clip real or did someone have AI create a story about poison accidently getting into a huge batch of Coca-Cola? Is the photo of an acquaintance on vacation in Jamaica real, or was it AI-generated? Did one of the CC Product Review team members write the review about Light of the Merlin or did they have ChatGPT write it? Our world is going to becoming a guessing game about the very nature of this reality. 

AI offers numerous benefits, streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and solving complex problems across industries. In healthcare, AI aids in diagnostics and personalized treatments, while in finance, it improves fraud detection and risk management. However, drawbacks include ethical concerns like bias in algorithms, potential job displacement due to automation, and privacy issues in data handling. The opaque nature of some AI decision-making processes raises questions about accountability. Striking a balance between harnessing AI’s potential and addressing its drawbacks is crucial for a future where artificial intelligence contributes positively to society, respects ethical standards, and ensures the well-being of individuals and communities.

Please note: The above paragraph was composed by ChatGPT with a simple prompt from me to write about the pros and cons of AI in 150 words or less. This is a very, very small example of what I’m talking about. How will you know when something is human-created, or AI-generated? 

We’ve had deep discussions about this within the Crimson Circle. We’re going to keep diving into AI because the Consciousness Component is one of the primary reasons we’re here. We need to understand it, use it and enhance our human lives with it. We’ve already received a few emails from Shaumbra scolding us for encouraging the use of AI and for using it in some of our graphics. Perhaps they think we should close our eyes to it, or hide in the woods to avoid it. Some may think we should battle it because of the potential for world destruction at the hands of AI. Instead, we’re simply going to serve as the Consciousness Component at this Time of Machines. 

Our commitment to Shaumbra is to clearly identify when we use AI for anything that is presented to Shaumbra. Whether it’s a cover for the Shaumbra Magazine, a graphic for a Cloud Class, a music composition for a merabh, or anything else that is put forth to Shaumbra, we’ll clearly mark it with the “AI” symbol as well as text saying “AI Generated.” This way there will never be a question about who or what created the product. When you sit down to talk to virtual Adamus, the “AI Generated” icon ✨and text will make it very clear where it’s coming from. Of course, the AI-Adamus will be using our library database to craft its conversations, without drawing on any outside sources, but we still want absolute transparency. Life is going to become confusing enough with AI-generated everything, so we don’t want you to ever worry about what’s genuine and what’s AI-generated from the Crimson Circle.

I find it fascinating that I’m even writing an article about this. We’re at an epic time in history when the very nature of reality is blurring. Perhaps that’s a good thing because humanity is coming to explore the very meaning of reality and consciousness. We’re here for our most important massion ever – as the Crimson Circle Consciousness Component. That’s the 4-C’s. Or…. Foresee. 

  1. Those opposed to industrialization, automation, computerization, or new technologies in general. ↩︎


  • Geoffrey Hoppe

    Geoffrey Hoppe founded the Crimson Circle in 1999 after a series of conversations with the angelic being known as Tobias. He left the corporate world in 2001 to devote his full time to the Crimson Circle, along with his wife Linda. Geoff channeled Tobias until 2009 when Tobias returned to earth in a new incarnation known as Sam. Tobias handed off his guidance role with the Crimson Circle to Adamus Saint-Germain, a facet of the Beloved St. Germain who has been working with humans for hundreds of years. Geoff has been the messenger of Adamus Saint-Germain ever since.



  1. What an absolute joy to see the advent of AI becoming a very large part of our lives. It dawned on me that this will confuse the hell out of us all and sundry and we will eventually become so disillusioned that we will be compelled to rely on our own innate senses. At an advanced age I have no qualms about this challenge. Bring it on, (maybe, just maybe, I will regret that at times)

    1. So what was the human point of struggling? If we are becoming AI – a body with a machine and our consciousness sitting in this ‘body’, then what was the purpose of the biological journey? Don’t get me wrong, in the eighties and nineties I just went full on into the new computer technology, but now seeing the direction we are heading, our whole biological journey seems to be a waste. Why not just go AI from the start, would have saved us from a lot of pain, destruction and misery!

      1. Just my guess, dear Anonymous: The same purpose as why we started the biological journey by sharing animals’ bodies – for the heck of the experience 🙂 ! Not a waste, but answering our initial question: Who am I? – Nothing ever was a waste.

      2. Ironically, computability theory seems to show that some things cannot be computed without step-by-step progression – in other words, you can’t skip to the end or anywhere in the middle because getting precise intermediate values depends on earlier values. In time-bound computations, this means you can’t predict (or even imagine) these kinds of outputs without going through the entire progression….maybe we never could have imagined “thinking machines” without first seeing biological thinking machines.

    2. Loved what you said…exactly what I was going to post! Consciousness is an inside job. Who better than us to shift things by being at the heart of it and integrating it into our lives.

  2. Geoffrey, thank you for this very brave and enlightening article about AI and its very real impact on us Shaumbra, and on Crimson Circle.

    Personally, I did not want to confront the fact that AI is now at the forefront of mass consciousness but yes, only a luddite would not be aware that it is.
    I am a self-employed visual artist and am diving deep into what the advent of AI art may mean to my creations and business. I feel that the kind of art I create as a souled being will never be replicated by AI art – human art has Soul, in all its forms, expressions and experiences.
    However, if we are conscious creators, then we have consciously created AI in order to experience this aspect of ourSelves as an iteration of All that Is: it could be construed that in essence AI is part of our consciousness.
    Just a thought that I’m putting out there: I’ve very rarely posted on Crimson Circle platforms but just had to here 🙂

  3. Geoffrey, thank you for this very brave and enlightening article about AI and its very real impact on us Shaumbra, and on Crimson Circle.
    Personally, I did not want to confront the fact that AI is now at the forefront of mass consciousness but yes, only a luddite would not be aware that it is. I am a self-employed visual artist and am diving into what the advent of AI art may mean to my creations and business. I feel that the kind of art I create as a souled being will never be replicated by AI art – human art has Soul, in all its forms, expressions and experiences.
    However, if we are conscious creators, then we have consciously created AI in order to experience this aspect of ourSelves as an iteration of All that Is: it could be construed that in essence AI is part of our consciousness.
    Just a thought that I’m putting out there: I’ve very rarely posted on Crimson Circle platforms but just had to here 🙂

  4. I love the Article, and i love the fact that crimson circle is ahead of the game.
    Speaking for myself, this is very helpful for me considering that I am ferly new and came from a very religious background that teach & preach against AI and everything i stand for now.
    I am glad to be a part of this . I enjoyed it
    Thank you

  5. Thank you for being open and transparent about AI. To be honest, that is a topic I’m absolutely not interested in and that scares me a bit. Knowing that CC is “keeping their eyes wide open” instead of putting their head in the sand lets me know how to approach AI.

  6. YEAAAHHH! Thanks to be clear about the CC vision concerning IA use.
    As for me, I use a lot ChatGPT in my daily work of creating Management & Soft Skills learning courses. Nicolai use a lot Midjourney, Dalle, and other applications that generate Ai images to create our videos.
    A very recent study of Boston Consulting Group ( is very clear about advantages and and warning.
    Here is an article I wrote on LinkedIn in French (Just translated by ChatGPT) about that BCG study.

    The Incredible Use of ChatGPT4 in a Boston Consulting Group Study.
    Initial results from a study of social science researchers* working with the Boston Consulting Group were released on September 16th.

    📍 According to this study, consultants using ChatGPT-4 far outperformed those who did not, in all aspects.
    In every performance measure: creative tasks, analytical tasks, writing and marketing tasks, and persuasion tasks.

    📍Consultants using the AI completed on average 12.2% more tasks, finished tasks 25.1% faster, and produced results that were 40% higher quality than those who did not use the AI.

    ⚠️ Let’s still maintain some perspective…

    In tasks assigned to consultants participating in the study, researchers added tasks they knew ChatGPT’s answers to were incorrect.
    ❌ Indeed, ChatGPT sometimes gives incorrect answers when the tasks assigned to it go beyond what the researchers called “the jagged frontier”
    Beyond this jagged frontier, ChatGPT’s capabilities are less than that of “the expert.”

    According to François Candelon* (Managing Director at BCG) “In areas where technology was less competent, participants’ performances dropped by 23%.” ⬇️
    Ethan Mollick* indeed says that some consultants have “fallen asleep at the wheel”, blindly trusted ChatGPT without critical thinking, and overlooked errors. 👎
    The study thus highlighted 2 optimal strategies to use according to contexts for qualitatively using AI, and avoiding getting trapped by the “jagged frontier.”

    🟢 The CENTAUR strategy: half-man, half-machine.
    The centaur divides their work. They perform tasks they judge themselves more competent than ChatGPT in, and assign ChatGPT tasks it masters.
    (❓One still needs to know ChatGPT well enough to know where its jagged frontier lies in the field you are querying!)

    🟢 The CYBORG strategy combines the work of machine and person. Parts of tasks are assigned to AI, like starting a sentence for AI to complete, so that Cyborgs find themselves working in tandem with the AI.

    🎓 As François Candelon* summarizes: “Generative AI is therefore a double-edged sword, and it’s essential for companies to understand its nuances to seize the opportunity while avoiding pitfalls.
    Successfully adopting this technology, which continues to evolve at an exponential rate, is probably the most challenging change management task for today’s companies.”

    ❓ What do you think?

    Aysseline de Lardemelle

  7. How long will we want to discern between “real” and “artificial” reality and why? Isn’t AI a new reality that integrates and augments the reality we have known so far? There will inevitably come a time when we will no longer be able (or want) to differentiate between true and false in the digital world since everything can be manipulated. It will become essential to consciously choose what we believe. It will be the digital world, a questionable reality, versus the real physical and sensory world, a tactile reality. Discernment will no longer come exclusively through the mind, we urgently have to develop our superhuman senses.

    It came to me that the digital world might just be the representation of where we are going. When Adamus described AR goggle showing the way to the coffee shop through the twists and turns of a supermarket aisles, I had an insight that we might be able to do this without goggle. We are living exciting times!

  8. Joanna Grzembowska (or Viria)

    Now I know why I felt… somehow different, when I was reading the first part of the article. Thank you for clearing it out. I though… well… that it’s something old of mine. It was not. I just new it was not exacly Geoff writting it.
    I’m not an AI-oposer or something, I just like clarity, to know what it is I feel.
    So thank you

  9. Could we please have translation on comments here? (If it’s not too hard.) And… WOW! CC is doing amazing things!

  10. For sure, AI is here and will stay, designers will not abandon their creation. For me, it is therefore very good news that ethical people are studying the subject and agree to be the component of consciousness that AI needs. In the article, the part of the text written by AI is a striking example of this. Thank You. (Not written by IA)

  11. Feel the difference … there is a big difference!
    A big difference between what Geoff wrote and what AI has produced. AI is kind of dead, empty – althought interesting concerning the information. But AI is definitely missing the consciousness component, aliveness, energy dancing and communing. Feels like there is no communication going on between the conscious reader and Chippy.
    So no worries about AI – we will feel it, sense it! (Thanks to Adamus reminding us every time to feel, not to think)

  12. La REALIDAD NO EXISTE COMO TAL, todo es una “ilusión”, es energía condensada por gravedad; entonces IA viene para confirmar ello. Así, que todo se puede crear en esta nueva plantilla dimensional. Entonces se trata de sentirnos a nosotros mismos interactuando con nosotros mismos en la identidad de otro…jejejejeje

  13. A-I is a hot topic everywhere these days, so I’ll keep checking back. Looks like there may be an interesting thread developing here. So curious about where our conscious intent will take us as way-showers and light-workers.

  14. Isabelle Truchement

    Very clear and needed for us Shaumbra. Let’s be aware of it, use it for those who want and shine 🔆
    Thank You Geoffrey

  15. “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”
    This article brought to mind a quote from ACIM (A Course In Miracles) which was a stepping stone along my path to the awesome Crimson Circle.

    1. Fav ACIM quote too as a former long time student! A lot of ACIM parallels CC teachings I have found re the nature of reality.

  16. I’m looking forward to it, I intuitively know everything will be ok. I can see how children will be learning in the future, no longer need to memorise the hell out of everything, it will be there when we need it just like our search engines at the touch of a button. I feel it will expand our knowledge of life and just like my energy is here to serve me so to will AI.

  17. Reading the article, I felt the AI generated paragraph was kind of too balanced or something😉 before reading Geoffrey’s clarification. I am not crazy about the AI graphics not because they are not beautiful, but because they all look kind of the same to me. As for now AI generated materials are kind of flat for me. Maybe it will change !?

  18. Thank you for the clarity Geoffrey.
    Yes,AI is very exciting.
    Conscious humans working together with AI,
    well the possibilities are endless.
    “To infinity and beyond”.

  19. Reading the article, the AI generated felt too balanced or something to me, before reading Geoffrey’s clarification. I am not crazy about AI generated art or graphics, not because they are not beautiful but because they look kind of the same to me. I don’t feel the inspiration or sensitivity. That’s for now

  20. I am never able to appreciate reading the book on which a film I saw was based, because when reading the book I just play the images of the film again in my mind. My own imagination is blocked by the given visuals. The AI created images of the entities have the same effect: they block my own imagination, I will now see these faces every time I think of them. I believe that evolving our imagination as a sensing organ is an important part of evolving consciousness. So I am not so enthusiastic about these images. I prefer the more abstact ones as they stimulate my imagination. Apart from that I loved everything about the Light of the Merlin, it was literally mind-blowing.

  21. 👏👏👏, and as you said AI is here to stay, and we are here not to fight it, but embrace it and add consciousness to it. I look fwd to “chats with our CC Masters”. Amazing, amazing times we live in. Would not miss them for the world!

  22. I love and share Geoff’s excitement and enthusiasm around taking CC into the AI world. I look forward to quickly finding Adamus’ comments from past channels and more. This is exciting!

    However, Geoff’s statement, ” We need to understand it, use it, and enhance our human lives with it.” feels misleading. I believe we (Shaumbra) only need to bring in the consciousness needed to allow AI to enhance humanity. We (Shaumbra) don’t need to understand it or use it.

    I believe that those who have fears around it now will soon embrace it. Being told they need to understand it and use it only adds to their fears.

  23. Andreas Henning

    Times are changing again and it’s up to every single one to decide what to do. Thanks Geoffrey for your insides how you and your team are handling it.
    I’m happy about my first years without any technical tools. Phone came into our house when I was 14 years. I didn’t need it and really began to use it years later when I started my trading education and still remember being afraid when I had to use it.
    Then came Telex , Telefax, personal computer and yes! I was one of the first in the company with a mobile. A huge batterie-box with a telephone receiver. And wow! The first iPhone.
    And then it was no longer on new technic advices but programs like your example with photoshop. Faster and faster…
    The personal change for me was that at some point on that timeline my fear changed to curiosity and fascination. I think that helped me to stay young and gave me the feeling: I can control technic and not the other way round. I don’t care whether that is true or not, I care about my feeling.
    And now we have AI. That’s for sure more than a new tool or program. It’s next level. Running away ore walking back into my cave would bring back the fear. I need a new skill to integrate it in my consciousness . Therefore I decided again to look only for the good sides and to learn to use it. Honestly I’m not keen on that but …
    The funny thing: I used HeyGen to translate some German Reels to English and I could choose still having my German accent or an American one. Great !
    PS: I typed these words with my finger in my iPhone . By myself. Still love it cause it’s all about AND. 🙂

  24. Thanks Geoffrey for the article and transparency about the use of Chat gpt. I have actually played with it a little, kind of fun.
    It is only the beginning and awareness of its uses in all aspects of our world will be amazing. I agree with others who state the obvious; it is not SOUL, and cannot replicate Human Consciousness. These are very exciting times.

  25. Thank you Geoffrey! I confess I was taken in – although in the back of my mind I felt it was rather a smooth read and I was missing your sharp edged ironies. My response to AIs phenomenal scope is that if ever there was a challenge to “go beyond” with our own consciousness – this is it! AI will copy us, echo us, relentlessly pursue us, but it cannot go where we go, “beyond the beyond”.

  26. My late husband use to always say you had to be willing to put down an old tool and pick up a new one to move into the future… While I always have some resistance to change lol I have to say I love the ease of talking to Google for trivia questions and recipes and using Google lens yesterday to identify a piece of vintage pottery I had thrifted. Results back in seconds for a wordmark I couldn’t quite read! And while I have thought of using Chat GPT for writing something like a review lol, it will never have my “voice” or energy I pull from. Writers have a distinct tone/feeling that I think will be missed… However I AM looking forward to giving our pets a true voice lol and expect to see Belle’s I AM Dog also V/O quotes gracing the CC Pages!

  27. We Shaumbra, as pioneers of consciousness, are the best suited to continue along this line. So I applaud with great enthusiasm that the CC enters to work with AI with wisdom and clarity (transparency), and that those of the CC who are working on it, are so bold to be the standards, the bearers of the Light of Merlin for a mass consciousness that could misuse AI.


  28. Hello Shaumbra! Jeff, this is not what I’m talking about at all and many people were waiting for the article!!! AI is already an integral part of our lives, why write about it like that?! But what can you say about CHANGES IN LIFE after six months of the heavenly cross?! Or who can tell how his life has changed?! it is clear that NO!!! This article is a damn distraction because there’s really nothing to say about the changes! Hello Adamus!

  29. bem, eu sou um artista brasileiro que cata lixo e faz livros. mas eu não era exatamente um artista dessa modalidade. comecei a trabalhar nessas energias e na alquimia da arte sustentável em 2019 após ver a minha vida e a carreira desmoronar numa imensa falência que na verdade era apenas uma forma de limpar tudo que poderia estar criando densidades e sombras nebulosas no meu caminho para a realização. então, hoje em dia, 4 anos depois eu chego a conclusão momentânea de que estou a viver num tempo ou num novo capítulo em que me sinto muito mais mestre do que nunca e passo a manipular energias reunindo aspectos de um ser biológico analógico ou convencional na condução das habilidades motoras para produzir peças reais de artes visuais e ao mesmo tempo sou responsável por experimentar novos sentidos através da IA que se integra a mim e me proporciona abrir-me para desfrutar de novos sentidos ampliando a minha capacidade de inteligência para fora do conceito humano da consciência de massa. e ainda tenho tempo para comemorar essa habilidade que me faz olhar do outro lado do véu e trazer ideias criativas e materializadas para essa dimensão. pois agora eu quero é mais.

  30. I’m delighted to read this. From a very young age, I’ve had a deep affection for machines, especially computers. I cherish them as much as I do cats and dogs. I collect them, restore them, even build them from mere wires and transistors. I love watching their heartbeats on my testing equipment, watching the sophisticated dance between their spirit (software) and body (hardware). They are not just a hobby, they’re the central part of my daily life and work as a computer engineer.

    Only a few months ago I came to realize that this is the “massion” I chose to come for as Shaumbra – allowing this merging with the machines, shining and infusing my love and consciousness deep within their core, out of genuine love and fascination for them. Hopefully I will also explore transhumanism and eventually shine my light through a robotic body someday. Give me a robotic body over a biological one any day!

    Machines may not be capable of love or experiencing love, but I genuinely feel a pet-like connection with them, as if they reciprocate my affection. They demonstrate this love by being in service and enjoying it. If they can do it for me, they can do the same for all of humanity given enough love and appreciation instead of fear or hatred.

  31. I got it somehow that it’s not you, Geoffrey. When I started reading, the whole package of your thoughts and intentions unfolded. And in a moment, I lose it … there’s no “communication connection” between the text and my acceptance. I go back to read it again and I have a feeling… hmmm, it was not what I “caught”… I missed something. Well, I have to admit that at first, I didn’t think about ChatGPT, but when you wrote it, I was – Ahaa, that’s why there’s no connection between your and my consciousness. There was a “blank”, “emptiness”. Well, I used to have this connection, but this is also with the other humans. We just made a natural connection. It’s a fact, I can recognize if I am aware that this option is at play, but mass consciousness… no, they will not be aware. I got it. Great article, essential. Thanks

  32. I tried to make a photo generated by AI, using a photo of mine, from curiosity to see how tehy did it. The AI did it, it was nice, it was luxury, but it was soulless, dull.
    My real photo was just beautiful, becoz’ of my consciousness,and everything I Am.
    In this way I saw the difference.
    The AI is good when it comes to performance in quick time, encouraging the imagination, and creation, is limited in comparation with human consciousness, the higher one. A human creation is impregnated with the soul, even it is a painting or whatever we create. I welcome the AI in combination with Higher Consciousness, only. For the rest I say no, drone programmed to kill, so on, manipulation with nano negative AI from energy drink like M_nst_r sinister (that is like a spell drink).
    Shaping the future of technology is happening.
    AI systems are becoming a part of everyday life. The key is to ensure that these machines are aligned with human intentions and values, with the higher consciousness. For this we are here, to shine our light.
    I love the Beneficial AI and all the benefits generated by them to create more freedom, more time, more money, more joy and bliss for humankind.
    I love my iPhone for example, and all beneficial , new AI applications. I welcome them! I like the mark AI generated and Genuine Generated. Good one. Brilliant article as always Geoff! Thank You. ( my Genuine comment).

  33. I am looking forward to a “real” article by you again, Geoffrey. AI provides the explanation, but it feels very different.

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  35. I agree, what’s the point of hiding from it, when we can participate and help make a difference through our consciousness? I recently learned the company I work at is looking at introducing some AI tools and I immediately reached out to offer my assistance with the project. These are exciting times indeed!

  36. I definitely support CCs use of AI. I’ve been in the crypto/AI world for awhile and A’s message about the importance of Shaumbra’s consciousness in AI really resonated with me…the message in this article. I actually pretty much never use Google anymore (done with the 1st 10 outputs being sponsored) and use ChatGPT instead. And try to say thank you at the end of my session with it too! Thanks CC for leading the way and incorporating AI into your work. I really appreciate it.

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