I Am Here

A Letter to Adamus, the Crimson Council, and Shaumbra

By Maayan Inon

I want to share with you this experience I went through – an experience of terror, anxiety, shock, and trauma combined with light and grace and the power of a Master’s presence. It’s long, but important.

I am that I am. I am Maayan of sovereign domain.

I am a Shaumbra, part of Crimson Circle from the beginning. I have taken many classes – SES, DreamWalker Birth, DreamWalker Life, DreamWalker Death, and many more – and a Crimson Circle Angel for 5 years, supporting and giving my energies to, what I feel, is our creations. 

I am a therapist and a teacher of the mystery school.

I am a woman, a mother of two amazing daughters; one is a crystal soul, the other is an ascended master in the process of growing and realization.

I am here. Choosing life, claiming my mastery.

In this life form I was born in kibbutz Nir-am, near the Gaza strip. My parents left the kibbutz and built a new home in moshav (a little village) Netiv-Ha’asara, which is also at the border. My daughters and I are currently living in the northern part of Israel, two hours away from there.

Early on the morning of October 7th, the Hamas terror attack struck us with horror. My parents were murdered and burned inside their home. 

They were simple, caring people, seeking harmony and peace. My father was an agronomist and farmer, a guide and companion to other farmers and educating generations to love and appreciate nature. My mother was an artist and an educator, a soft, gentle, creative woman. Together they raised us, five children, with love and respect, giving us the best human tools – to be independent people, responsible for our actions. We were taught not to judge people by outward appearance or belief, but by their actions. 

Their house was open to all – Arabs, Bedouin, religious, old, young – and everyone was welcomed and received with respect.

This is my experience.

Early Saturday morning, a call woke me up. I looked at the messages and saw that my father wrote at 7:34 am that they locked the house and were sitting in the safe-room, and that they could hear gunshots and missiles. This was his last message. I called them but there was no answer. I immediately called to wake up my older sister and brother, starting to feel that something had happened.

A few minutes after 8 am, I had a vivid vision of my father, standing in front of me with open arms and saying, “We went, in our way.” I felt his energy quiet and peaceful. I haven’t been able to feel my mom yet, but I felt – I knew – that they had both gone to the other side.

From that moment on, I tried only to contact their neighbors, to understand what was happening, and get news. The messages that came were incomprehensible, and I realized even more that my parents had no chance to survive.

We didn’t receive any formal information for hours, there was no one to speak to. Only in the late evening of that “Black Saturday” we spoke with someone from the village who said that my parent’s house was burned to ashes, but they were not found.

Early the next morning, my brother-in-law drove there and the picture he saw was truly apocalyptic, including traces of bodies.

Since I trusted my knowingness and understood that my parents were no longer alive, I gathered my siblings with their children at my house. My younger brother arrived from London, and we decided that we would sit “Shivaa” – a Hebrew mourning custom, seven days dedicated to the deceased and those who remain – to say goodbye.

We did this even though, according to Jewish tradition, the deceased should be buried first. We are not religious; we do not need a mediator to the feeling and knowingness of the body to determine how we act. My parents were connected to a universal natural movement that strives for harmony and peace. This is how they lived, and this is how they also wanted to die. 

So, we announced “Shivaa.” 

From the morning of the second day, people began to arrive, thousands. Among them are survivors, friends, and neighbors of my parents from the “surrounding Gaza” area. I felt the energies of my parents very present, telling me, “We are fine, take care of our community.” And so, I did. 

As a therapist and DreamWalker, I sat and helped them talk, vent, and share their moments of terror. I heard from good friends that their 17-year-old son was murdered in cold blood on the beach. Another friend whose mother was murdered on the balcony of her house. Another whose partner was killed in an exchange of gunfire when he tried to defend the house. I spoke with friends and acquaintances who hid for hours in closets, or in safe-rooms, afraid to breathe or make a sound, with their children and pets. A 77-year-old woman and close friend of my mother was out for a walk when it all started. It took her 5 hours to move 400 meters – between bushes and trees, between the terrorists, between shots and missiles – until she managed to reach a protected area.

Unbelievable stories trickled down to us. Being the only ones who announced “Shivaa,” we became a “collective Shivaa.” My home became a space for comfort and healing. Help and support appeared from amazing women who organized themselves in shifts to support us. Dear Shaumbra sisters – Rona Shafrir and Keren Gadassi – supported me energetically and practically, helped me to hold this whole thing. And my dear beloved parents – their energy enveloped us in a great light that I have never experienced before. I was given strength and inspiration to welcome and greet people from all spectrums of Israeli society – religious, Arab, Bedouin, secular, young, old – everyone. 

During these days, I felt very present. Enlightened.

As a Shaumbra, I haven’t missed a single Shoud in 24 years! During these days, I was so focused on being light on earth that I couldn’t find a quiet time to listen, but every single moment I was aware. 

I turned to Adamus. He didn’t have much to say, but he reminded me of a few things:

1. He showed me the drawing of the circle with the dot in the center. “It’s you” he said, “Keep it: a stable center, within a complete circle, balanced and safe.”

2. The call to claim my mastery.

And so, I do.

Adamus has said several times in recent years that it’s time for us humans to take our place. It’s time for us to stand on the stage, bring our full selves, and share our stories, our wisdom, our light. It’s time to bring the Master consciousness and be the Standards for new potentials.

I’m glad I didn’t hear the Shoud this month. I understood it was about the history of Atlantis and Pharaoh, karma, tribes, and such, but I say to you, Adamus and Shaumbra, loud and clear, NO MORE.

No more to allowing evil and destructive forces within me, or anywhere in the world. No more to guilt and/or shame for anything that I have ever done. No more to ancestral karmic chains. And no negotiation with these elements, as you taught me.

You tell us to “remove the defenses,” that we “have nothing to fight for,” and to “hang up the boxing gloves, the robes, the swords.” And I say, come. I’m not fighting, certainly not with you. I’m not fighting the pain and the most brutal evil imaginable. I am not fighting the dark. 

I am here to illuminate new potentials to humans on this planet in this time. New potentials of communication, dignity, compassion, ease, and grace with each other.

If we are not here for each other, especially at these apocalyptic times, it will be a very, very sad awakening for me.

I invite you, the Crimson Circle, people of Shaumbra, to be brave. To see us all as part of one tissue – not in other times, but here and now. To strengthen and not to weaken. To love and not criticize or judge. Accept, respect and shine together.

I am ready to stand on stage and talk to you, all of you, at eye level, as a Master.

I am that I am, Maayan Inon, a Shaumbra, a simple woman, choosing life.

And so it is.



  • Maayan Inon

    Maayan was born and raised in Israel, in 1973. She is the mother of 2 wonderful teenagers and a dog. She says, “From a young age I’ve felt connected to the sensations of the body and nature, exploring relationships and influences, and working to understand and create a life experience of balance, harmony, and peace – within myself and with the world around me.” Maayan is certified in physical therapy, Chinese medicine, reflexology, healing, and family constellation work, facilitating individual and group sessions. She may be contacted via email.


44 thoughts on “I AM HERE”

  1. Maayan Inon I see you, I hear you, I am you.

    Let our eternal aspects shine the illuminating light of unconditional love into the expansive existence that we truly are.

    It is time to anchor in more and more light – to be the conduit, the conductor and the chalice.

    And so it is.

    Deepest heart bow and much love and reverence to you in all the ethers

    I am that I am, Anne Marie an embodied Master choosing to shine without agenda or agency.

    1. Muito obrigada por sua coragem, por sua radiância. Obrigada por Sua Presença Magistral!
      Seu convite é totalmente aceito por mim!
      Sim, vamos brilhar! E, certamente não mais batalhas, quaisquer que sejam elas! ✨♥️🧙

  2. Thank you for being the example, inspiring me to say No more! to my own stuck stuff preventing me from living a life in joy.

    1. Thank you for being here and shining your Light. My honor and respect for your Master, facing such a difficult and sad experience as a human being. 🤗

  3. Dear Mayaan Ion your words and story touched every corner of my soul and I am so thankful that you share it with all of us.
    Shine bright like a Diamond, we al beautiful shining all together
    Thank you

  4. Words fail, just crying… and keeping on shining my light in compassion. So many levels in these lines, in this horrific and touching story. Thank you for sharing this – our light will make a difference. ⚜️

  5. Marie-José Hakens

    Thank you ❤️⚜️ a lifting of the veil from within, honoring and clear. Thank you for this sharing and putting it so compassionately and masterly into words ⚜️

  6. Namaste Dear Maajan,
    thank you..for you beeing.
    I am Here ….AND….I am shining my light as a Master, too.
    In New Ligth

  7. No more words needed ……only : You are a TRUE Standard and GRAND MASTER ❣️❣️❣️❣️Thank you for sharing and your NEW LIGHT 🙏💖🌟

  8. What a true Master’s story! Thank you so much for what you are and what you do! You are such an inspiration! And those pictures (of your parents, I suppose) are just sublime, with such a warm energy! May they be blessed travelling in the other realms and blazing their light!

  9. Maayan, I am an old Shaumbra here, in Israel. You are such a brave standard of a master! Thank you. I don’t feel so lonely anymore, Ofrah

  10. Thanks for sharing your story – and the pictures.
    I learned about the happenings monday morning at work and I haven’t seen any pictures or heard much about the war as I don’t watch the news. And to be honest I don’t want to and don’t need to. I don’t want to know about war.
    Your story is the only one that I read concerning this. And I am very happy you shared it, although it touches and shakes me up deeply. Blessings

  11. And so it is 🤍
    Thank you for sharing your experience and light with all of us. 🪷 Showing what a TRUE MASTER is able to be, and the extreme importance and urgency for all of us to fully shed our old skins and embody our true selves. NOW.
    Sending my love to you all 🩷

  12. מעיין יקרה מאוד
    נגעת בי באור שלך
    .שאפילו השקיט אצלי כמה רגשות סוערים
    פוגשת פה ושם במהלך התקופה הזאת לא מעט אנשים מנצנצים בארץ הזאת
    והורייך נראים מדהימים
    …ובעצם אין לי בכלל מילים מתאימות אפילו
    חיבוק עם נשימה גדולה

  13. Thank you for your beautiful and honest sharing from your heart 💕 💜 💕 you truly expressed the hearts true nature. Blessings 🙏

  14. My dera fellow shaumbra, physio and alternative therapist….
    Thank you for frank article…not easy to do, though very helpful for me.
    I feel for you…, Take care also of your own feelings,,,,the dark night of your soul you experience probably… I hope there will be a balance in a new energy level in your area soon…i am thinking/feeling and benching for your area every day…Be well and thank you for your article

  15. Namaste darling Maayan,

    You are Magnificent! It takes so much bravery to exist now on this Earth, especially now, and there, in the fire..
    Reading this stunning real story I am speechless.
    I See the Miracle you do there for your people, when they needed most, even you need most help now (emotionally) with such cruel event, as your parents passing.
    I see from above the Miracle you bring there, the stunning courage and light. It takes such amount of courage to exist now, and to keep the heart open and you do that! You are a Feminine Hero Master!
    We are heroes now, on this Earth. We really are! We are the Circles with the dot in the middle.
    I see the Light You shine, I see You! I admire You.
    I am sending much, much love, and may the Peace be, soon, soon, soon!

  16. Maayan Inon, a big hug from a Shaumbra sister with all my heart and soul. I am here ! Shining my light with all of you. Namaste! (the God in me see the God in you)

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