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How to Create World Peace, Starting with Yourself:

The Goddesses’ Guide to Giving up your Battles

By Kim Seppälä

It has been speculated that if women were to rule the world, political and economic disputes between countries would be solved through cordial discussion and a cup of tea – without breaking so much as a fingernail. As opposed to the highly destructive (somewhat masculine?) custom of starting wars. Just imagine the difference!

Yet women are just as responsible for fighting battles, though many of them may be internal or social in nature. On the level of energy, a battle is a battle, whether it is fought with a sword or with judgment. (This is not to invalidate the immense suffering that a physical war causes.)

There comes a point in the experience of enlightenment when it is time to give up the battles and lay down the swords. All of them. The battles fought out of anger, but also the battles fought for protection. The battles fought in the name of darkness and the battles fought in the name of light. The battles fought against others and the battles fought against yourself. Enlightenment, after all, is a state of allowing and acceptance, and it is incompatible with things like resistance and effort. The advice to ‘lay down your sword’ is not new. In fact, I remember Archangel Michael giving an arresting speech on that very topic during the first Shoud I ever watched. But who was ready to give up their battles in 2012? Maybe now we would be more ready to hear Mike’s message (from August 4, 2012). 

As I’m reluctantly laying down my own sword and dissolving some of my cherished aspects – like the mediator, the feminist, the warrior, and the rebel – I decided to seek some divine council from the goddesses. I was especially interested to hear what the feminine warrior archetypes had to say about this topic. Are the goddesses of war still “pro-war”? 

The first archetype I called up was the Greek goddess Athena, known both as the goddess of war and of wisdom. Next, I communed with the Nordic goddess Freyja, known as the goddess of love, sex, and war. That’s an interesting set of domains to specialize in, but who am I to question the job description of a goddess. I was also curious to hear what the Egyptian deity Sekhmet had to share. It’s not that I’m not interested in talking to the gods, but having been embodied as a woman for so many lifetimes, I feel closer to the feminine archetypes. I feel especially close to these three archetypes, perhaps because I spent much time on the battlefields during my realm work.

It turns out that these ladies are peace-loving pacifists. After talking with the trio, I collected their wisdom and assembled a short guide to support anyone in the art of de-battling. Or, in Athena’s words: how to create world peace, starting with yourself. (If you’re wondering how I ‘talk’ with these non-embodied entities, I simply cast a wish to connect with the specific entity, open my inner ear, and write down or record any inspiration that flows in. I wouldn’t call it channelling but more like chatting with entities that are familiar to me.)

  1. Wisdom traditions throughout the ages have taught us that the only way to stop external battles is by ending the battles within; in other words, through integration and self-acceptance. If you need motivation for this, remember the words of war strategist Athena. Her logic is simple, but sharp as the tip of her spear: “If you don’t want to lose, don’t enter the game. The only way to ensure victory is to not battle in the first place.” 
  2. When I asked the goddesses why humans are so drawn to battles, Freyja responded: “The ego has a need to be right, and many of your daily battles are simply about that: the need to be right. But do you really need to be acknowledged by everyone? And whose opinion matters so much to you, anyway?” (She asks, while lounging next to her two pet lynxes. I suppose if you have her level of confidence, you don’t really need to care too much about the opinions of others. Clearly, she doesn’t agree with Kuthumi about acknowledgment – unless it’s you acknowledging yourself.)
  3. While I see her point, there are also other reasons for engaging in conflict, such as the need to protect or defend your ideals. Athena answered with the following message: “You cannot engage in duality without strengthening it. Even if you enter a conflict with the sole purpose of defending someone, the very act of defence strengthens the reality that there is something to defend against. In other words, the moment you step into the role of ‘defender,’ you have already given your power to fear. 
  4. So is there a way to support a cause you believe in without playing into the dynamics of duality? According to Athena, you can discern the difference by asking yourself: am I for something or against something? “The moment you’re against something, you have entered the realm of resistance. It’s a thin line, but if you’re honest with yourself, you will be able to discern the difference.”
    Sekhmet adds: “Many people suffer from guilt, and the fear that if you don’t help someone by fighting with them, then it means that you abandon them. This is a learned belief that traps entire families in suffering. If you are affected by guilt, consider if there are other ways of showing support that don’t involve getting caught in the battle. For example, by using your voice (which can be done without blame), by inspiring hope and by being a Standard for a new way of living. Guilt is not love, it’s just guilt.”
  5. Then how do we deal with anger caused by conflict situations? Sekhmet shares the following advice: “Anger is an emotional reaction and a natural part of the human experience. Anger can reveal things that have been suppressed or ignored. The best way to deal with anger is to feel it and acknowledge it. In fact, it can be helpful to view anger as your bodyguard rather than the decision-maker of your internal system.” 
  6. How about dealing with other emotions? Sekhmet says: “Allow your emotions to flow through you. Get out of your head and into your body! You can do this by taking deep breaths as the waves of emotion wash through you. Whenever you notice yourself overthinking, get back into your body. Dance, sing, shake your hips – that’ll get you out of your anxious mind.”
  7. Any advice on how to deal with the wars happening right now on Earth? Athena speaks: “Don’t take sides. I know this can be triggering for anyone who is directly involved or affected in a conflict, or if you have loved ones who are suffering. But whenever you ‘take a side,’ you are energetically fanning the flames of the battle. Instead of taking a side, try to observe the energy dynamics with compassion. If compassion is too difficult, it is better to disconnect from the energies as much as possible.”
    (I hear Freyja shouting in the background: “Compassion is the new fashion!” She would have made a great cheerleader.)
    Athena continues: “Notice if you’re addicted to the energy of drama. Many people say they are anti-war, yet constantly consume news that focuses on war and conflict, play violent video games, or watch movies where the good guys fight the bad guys. What kind of media do you consume? Do you delight in gossip? Pay attention to the quality and quantity of content that you consume.”
  8. What else can we as conscious beings do right now to create more peace in the world?
    Freyja answers: “Joy is a more effective way of causing change on the planet than pity, fear, or anger. It might not seem as effective at first glance, because it doesn’t cause the same shock reaction in the body. Joy, however, is just as influential as fear or anger, and feels much better! So if you need to be a rebel, start a joy revolution. If you need to protect, inspire others by showing how you set healthy boundaries. Dare to be different, hold a high frequency, and show others how they can raise their frequency, too.”
  9. Got it! Any other advice?
    Freyja adds: “You might think the hippies came up with the slogan, “Make love, not war,” but of course many Masters have taught this principle before the 1960s, including me. Releasing your sexual wounds is a service to yourself and to humanity that leads to significant transformation. You can heal many deep imbalances through balancing your own sexual energy, not to mention the effect that it will have on your relationships. (Side note: You don’t need a partner to heal sexual wounds.) When you balance your own sexual energy, you are ending the battle between your inner feminine and inner masculine. Making love to yourself is a practical and joyful activity that will lead to more peace within your universe.”
    Sekhmet wants to share another reminder: “When you remember who you are in divine truth, fear has no power over you. The only way to be truly fearless is to remember your true nature.” 
    Athena ends with the following note: “Look for the wisdom. Whatever situation you find yourself in, whatever your experience is, squeeze the wisdom from it like you would squeeze lemon juice from the fruit. Then throw away the parts of the story that don’t serve you. Wisdom can be found in every situation if you look for it.”

The trio explains that war mythology was important at a time when so much of humanity was experiencing war; now humanity is going through a steep transformation into a new age, where physical wars will not be tolerated by humans for much longer. Despite current events, consciousness is rising on the planet at a fast rate. 

With this significant shift in consciousness, archetypes also transform to reflect the changes. Athena, Freyja, and Sekhmet assure that they are still here to play with humans through storytelling and mythology, but with an update in their image. You can always call upon Athena if you need help with relationship disputes or communication issues; call upon Freyja if you want support with self-confidence and self-love, especially after a heartbreak; or call upon Sekhmet for courage to face your inner demons. 

These celestial ladies also want to remind you that there are legions of angelic beings and non-embodied Masters willing and able to support you, whenever you are going through a tough time or if you’re looking for some angelic company. 



  • Kim Seppälä

    Kim is an explorer and expressionist of consciousness. If you’d like to read about her metaphysical adventures or contact her, you can visit her new website.



    1. Carmem Lucia Kuhn

      Tanta sincronia das suas palavras neste texto maravilhoso com o que estamos percebendo também por aqui. Hora de ficar atrás atrás da mureta e conectar -se consigo mesmo.
      Ressonância perfeita!
      Muito obrigado por irradiar sua Luz! ✨😃🧙

  1. Wow I absolutley love this post❤️ so precious and clear and loaded with wisdom✨ thank you so much dear Kim🌹

  2. Wow I love that idea of the revolution of joy!
    Reading your article feels like chatting with all of you at a ladies night
    Thank you so much
    💫 Jay (of Joy) 💫

  3. Carmem Lucia Kuhn

    Tanta sincronia das suas palavras neste texto maravilhoso com o que estamos percebendo também por aqui. Hora de ficar atrás atrás da mureta e conectar -se consigo mesmo.
    Ressonância perfeita!
    Muito obrigado por irradiar sua Luz! ✨😃🧙

  4. Tant de bons moyens de faire la PAIX, je vais en adopter, les répandre aussi généreusement que vous l’avez fait et oser a mon tour communiquer avec les déesses. Grand Merci!

  5. This is exactly the type of material that makes this magazine so special! What I loved most about it is that you give these entities the floor and at the same time don’t hide behind their authority: it all goes through your own perspective. It’s like a talk “between us, goddesses” that you share with the reader.

    All points are precious, and even though they are stated very simply and almost lightly, each of them has tremendous wisdom in it and can be a topic for a discussion (or a debate for those who still like to fight :)). I love the point that supporting others in their fights used to be a form of “active compassion”, and now that we are learning more about true compassion, we can see the quilt that it used to be built upon. Absolutely agree that anger is natural, but it doesn’t even have to be an “emotional” reaction: I have gotten angels to be angry with me more than once 🙂 and I learned that anger is perfectly fine, but it only becomes an emotion when it causes the being to get imbalanced.

    An awesome point about being discerning about your consumption, whether it’s physical, mental, intellectual, or emotional. Anything that doesn’t agree with us is going to cause overload, stuck energy, and other forms of imbalance. I’ve gotten frowns on angelic faces for gossiping at moments when I wasn’t aware of doing anything wrong. A lot of things look like such innocent human activities or actions that it’s really hard to see the underlying energy dynamic, we are just not used to even looking that way.

    And my favourite advice is about the sexual balance. Once the feminine stops judging her creations, she stops sending masculine to fight. Many years ago I asked my soul self to explain how to balance the feminine-masculine, and she stressed that you can’t do it just by adding “feminine”, “creative” activities (like doing art, cooking, etc.), that if you keep holding on to control, you can sing and dance and wear flowers in your hair, but it’s not going to cause change: you need to let go of limitations and judgement. Moving sexual energy through breathing (which automatically balances the energies) is the easiest and, from my experience, the best way of balancing (this would be an energetic equivalent of making love to yourself). It can also be an ultimate tool, “an adrenaline shot” when you feel you’ve depleted your energy and you can’t function anymore.

    Although my preference would be honey squeezed out of a honey comb to enjoy the wisdom rather than lemon juice :), I really enjoyed the concentrated wisdom in this material. (Some of wisdom that Adamus shares can sometimes be as sobering as a hot tabasco sauce!) I’m looking forward to reading more!

  6. Thank you Kim, such a insightful and inspiring article. Reading along I experienced a strong feeling of gratefully being proud of the beauty and worth of feminine energy. My soul yearns for this to be my daily inspiration, a sling shot for being real and joyful.
    The AI-generated illustration doesn’t really do justice to what you wrote, sorry guys.
    Blessing from Monique

  7. The link to Archangel Michael speaking on putting down the sword of battle is incorrect. The link goes to the e2012 series Shoud 1 on August 6, 2011. The correct date is August 4, 2012, which is Shoud 12 of the e2012 series.

  8. Compassion is the new fashion! I love Freyja 🙂 Great conversation. I used to talk with the Goddess before. Maybe I have to re-connect again. Thank you for the “Goddess calling”, so to say…

  9. Dear Kim and dear Anastasia!
    Thank you so much to sharing your inspiring wisdom and insights!
    Looking forward to feeling into it all and talking to goddesses again!
    Much Love to you both, Bettina Maria

  10. Thank you. I agree. But as far as I know, Athena in real not a goddess (or other mythological characters) but a member of infamous elite ruler society of ATLANTIS. Those were having technological and energetical power to affect people while regenerating their bodies to be immortals then transforming later to Greek Mythology as Gods and Goddesses.

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