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Even during my long ago “church goin’ days” I struggled with reading scripture. I never read the Book of Revelation in the Bible but heard enough to know there was some pretty scary stuff in there about the destruction of the earth. In Heaven’s Cross – Part 2: The Apocalypse, Adamus explains that we are indeed on the verge of an apocalypse that has been foretold since ancient times. However, this one is an opening, a realization, and a revealing to the divine within.

There is a lot of great content – an explanation of the Seven Heavens of the Human Experience with very clear definitions of what they are, and another discussion of the physics of creating reality. 

[Two things] stood out for me and continues to stay in my awareness.

Letting Go
It can sound like a broken record: “Let go of your stories.” However, this is THE time to sit down with yourself in forgiveness and truly let go of the stories and issues that have no place going forward. For me, I ask myself is there still a “charge” around an exchange, encounter or a story. That’s a distinct feeling. Adamus, I heard you when you said that if we don’t see these things as simply stories, the apocalypse will help us open those up. Thank you very much, I’d much rather do it myself. (Remember the dragon?!) I WILL be the observer of my own stories and let them go.

As part of the “guidelines” going forward, Adamus reminds us to listen – not just with our ears, but with our heart. Listen to the soul, the energy that is always communicating. Listen at the deepest levels. Cutting out the noise of all of our stories and issues allows us to really listen, sense and feel. 

— Kathleen


Here We Go… the Apocalypse is what we have been working and waiting for… it is the last chapter of “The Journey of Angels.”

This is actually our creation… the Christ consciousness ready to be reaped after we planted it back in the days of Jesus. And as most of us know, Jesus was nothing else than a collective creation by us, by Shaumbra and the Crimson Counsel. 

In a way, it sounds crazy that this time that was called Apocalypse, now under the name Heaven’s Cross, is the time that we are and will become totally free. But when the forces of gravitation are reduced, the veil gets thinner and thinner. It will be easier and easier to us to connect with our divine self and the other Heavens (Realms).

— Jaziel


A recent Adamus quote on the Crimson Circle website said “Get your house in order. And to each of you that’s going to be a different thing.” I took Adamus seriously when he had said this and at the beginning of this year decided to do a clean sweep of my house from top to bottom… so it was validating to hear Adamus, in Heaven’s Cross Part 2, tell us to “Get rid of old junk in your reality.” He also advises to get rid of all the bad memories that don’t allow new energy to replace and rewrite our story. (Last year in Hawai’i Kuthumi also told us to lighten up with our stuff and “Carry it in your heart not your hand”.) 

My favourite part of the first session is the metaphor that Adamus shares of a book. That up to now, we have only existed on one single page of our book of life thinking that this IS our life. Not knowing all the other the pages of the story that exist before and after. With Heaven’s Cross, Adamus says that the binding is ripped off freeing all our pages to merge with each other… Access to ALL our stories, our wisdom, past lives we haven’t been aware of.… Access to all the dimensions of you, of your soul, who you are. 

These stories are also held in tightly by the glue of gravity which will be lightened too with Heaven’s Cross. Now they can be released with ease from our achy bodies! We can rewrite them how we want and not stuck on one page. 

Adamus also really dives deep into the quantum physics happening with Heaven’s Cross… It’s not Sedona, it’s science! Throw out those “Secret”, “Law of Attraction” and other manifestation books because this is the real deal of how our energy really works! We don’t have to understand all the mechanics. Just be present, listen and allow. This IS it!

— Tammie


No doubt about it; I’m definitely in the ‘crazy zone’ that is a natural part of the Heaven’s Cross opening. For my brain is not working the way I’m used to, the human experience getting weirder by the day, observing the human being highly entertaining – the changes, wow… incredible!

Adamus inspires such an ease, being here in support of this unprecedented opening,
for it is what Shaumbra is here for – and it would be a shame to miss the experience.
Which most humans will – their limited consciousness upholding the strong gravity,
and that is a good thing! For no one can/would want to go through this unprepared.

Adamus has told the listeners this many times; if are you are just a dabbler… leave!
And many have wisely left… and if you’re still here you better be fully committed!
Listen… but not to your thoughts and others focusing ‘out there’; dive deep within,
which many still have no idea what entails… since it’s only available by allowing

Adamus says, “The more you know about the physics, the better prepared you are to start making real choices in your life.”

If you struggle with being properly prepared maybe feeling somehow imbalanced, veiled, stuck – or you feel ready like me but would like to know more about why and how and what is really going on – then this product might offer inspiration for you to find more ease and/or clarity in yourself. 

— Lise


In Heavens Cross Part 2, Adamus brings us closer to the Opening and is officially calling it the Apocalypse. I’m glad he has waited for a little while to make that statement. Since it is a scary thing to humans based on the messages and the art from the past. So, he explains that Apocalypse means nothing more than to reveal. And for some strange reason this time I felt comforted by the message.
Adamus starts with timely reminders.  Then he follows up with an explanation of the 7 Heavens that are present on earth right now. The way he clarified those was a new concept for me. Adamus also tells us that “This is it…something that we all were waiting for … the opening of the veil.” 
He reminds us that our human identity is just another story. And that human is here just to experience. I have days that feel like moving through mud, and days of ease and grace. Letting go and saying goodbye to so many things, people, ideas; some grief, a little bit of joy. Redefining my stories. Letting go of clutter and noise. Reminding myself that it is just a story. 

— Iwona
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