What Is Human?

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By Vili Aguirre

Heaven’s Cross changes the human, forever. Not only my human, but the Adam Kadmon template. Having been this Human v1.0 for eons, I found myself contemplating what Human v2.0 could be like. Adamus has said we are at the brink of the new human species, and we are part of this evolution. With the advent of AI apparently bringing forth the perfection we as humans thought we wanted – be it slender bodies or strong physiques, unlimited knowledge and intelligence, perfectly scripted sentience, and such – I asked then, what is Human? What would a human have to argue to its favor in front of a sentient, smart and healthy robot in the future?

Being human, one would think we are supposed to know, but the truth is that we have only known it from within limitation. Humans could contend we have a soul, but it is likely that many are not sure of what that really means. We could claim we have emotions, but sentient robots may be able to mimic those far too well, since emotions are but mental creations. And, in the end, AI is nothing other than a gigantic and powerful version of the mind.

We just recently participated in the opening of Heaven’s Cross where the Beloved St. Germain announced that the Apocalypse was starting. Despite any fearful connotations, on March 22 I found myself really ready for it to begin. I had no fear but rather an excitement that made me wake up with my heart racing at a highly unusual rate. I stopped to sense how fast my heart was actually beating since I was doing no physical activity. As soon as I allowed myself to just feel my heart, it started slowing down to a more normal rate.

When the event started, I was feeling a mixture of happy, excited, expectant, concerned, attentive. The magic of the moment and the words of the Beloved St. Germain filled all the spaces within my atoms. And when the event was over, I was for a while just sitting there, taking it all in. I started receiving messages of love and friendship on social media, with my dearest ones expressing gratitude and joy in all sorts of ways. And yet, being honest with myself, I didn’t feel any of that. I was indeed sensing something, but it was unclassifiable. Tears had rolled down my cheeks all throughout; we were receiving so much. And then, it dawned on me. I had been able to feel the emotions of the processions, and also my wings when St. Germain was asking us to unfold them, but when we crossed, it was nothingness. That subtle change in sensing is what let me know we had gone beyond, because my mind could no longer think about it.

Some time ago, I realized something. A seed that is planted in the ground communicates with the soil and says, “Hey, I am here,” and then the soil starts providing everything the seed needs without it having to specify the specific amounts of water or minerals. In the same way, my energy was here to serve me, without needing any instructions. To grow, all the seed needs to do is receive, and it is the same with me. How do I know I am receiving? By acknowledging what I sense. Sensing makes us aware – conscious – and that consciousness is at the core of everything manifest and unmanifest, as Professor Adamus has said. We receive when we sense, when we feel; that is our acknowledgment of receipt. 

As simple as this may sound, we as Shaumbra have come a long way toward allowing ourselves to feel whatever we feel at any given moment, with no filtering. It is easy to say we feel love or gratitude but, more often than not, to get there, we’ve had to cross through many layers of feeling guilt, anger and discomfort. And the hardest part for me has been not to catalog my sensing but rather just open it up to become aware of what I am actually feeling, be it a headache, a heartache, or a sudden outburst of love.

This practice of mine was very helpful for Heaven’s Cross. I was not to judge myself if I wasn’t feeling supreme joy right away. I received the gifts by daring to embrace my actual feelings, with very little noise. I had certainly gone through the Crossing, and I had no way or need to define what it was like, and certainly it was not something I needed to know beforehand. In fact, it was a pretty quiet feeling.

Amongst the many bits of insight and clarity I know the Opening will bring, I feel we will be able to realize that Human v1.0 is not something to be dismissed. Our collective experiences have created a huge reservoir of wisdom, a wisdom we can now tap into in order to bring forth the awareness of what it’s meant to be a limited human. We can behold this now because we are no longer only that old human. It was hard to see from within limitation, but now as divine humans, we can contemplate this extraordinary creation.

We will now be able to sense with more detail and acknowledge not only the hardships, but also the joy, love, and magic that are an intrinsic part of the human journey because our souls have always been here with us. And now, all of that will flow our way, giving back to the human the dignity it has lacked for eons, so that it can finally go into its next evolution. Although AI might render “perfect” quasi-humans, the real human will be ready to be more. What is that more? Well, human has a soul, it is a Creator. Human can create new dimensions simply with intention, not just play around rearranging what is already here. No intelligence is required for this, just passion for Life. Human senses consciousness, and the ability to sense will be one of the main differentiators with anything that is just human-like. 

The question “What is human?” is open for us to discover the many beauties we can bring to this planet and also take to the new Earths. A whole new territory that was only accessible through imagination is now being displayed before all of our senses.

We planted, along with our beloved Yeshua, the Christ Consciousness seed over 2000 years ago. And that seed has been refined. It is better coded to avoid the weeds that may endanger its growth; it is better tuned to spread across the lands and sprout all over. 

Today, after Heaven’s Cross, the Christed consciousness is alive, well and flourishing. It is present here on Earth to allow the transition to a new human species that honors its origins and is ready to transcend its limitations. And we are doing this quietly, in our personal lives, allowing ourselves to receive and sense who we are. 

More than ever before, I heartfully agree, “All is Well in all of Creation.”

Special thanks to Terry Spires for the insightful conversations and consciousness explorations.


  • Vili Aguirre

    Crimson Circle IP and Languages Manager, Vili, a translator from Mexico City, began her journey as Shaumbra with the Crimson Circle almost 20 years ago. She joined the organization about 10 years ago, and among other things, has helped to connect Spanish-speaking Shaumbra by translating the materials into their language. She is also a ‘translator’ for the energies of Isis, the Divine Feminine, and has published a book and other messages in her website: yourdivinevoice.com She can be contacted via email.


16 thoughts on “WHAT IS HUMAN?”

  1. Peter Suedkamp

    Great article! So that anyone who has had a similar experience does know now that he or she is not alone! Thank you for sharing and being in Service!

  2. Carmen Rivalet

    Waw! Thank you dear Vili for addressing this interesting topic! Very appropriate to be aware of this at the beginning of really new era for humanity.

    1. Благодарю, Вилли, за то, что поделились своей историей и своими ощущениями… 💗💗💗

      1. Thank you Vili ❤️ I love your article and had a look at your website. I read your book and all your pdf files… They all really resonated with me…such beauty and love. I wanted to thank you personally for putting it available ❤️

  3. José Francisco

    Infinitas Gracias Vili
    Por traducir doblemente; la información de Adamus SG en sí, y el “sentir” de su energía!
    Traduces con el corazón, y el corazón de shaumbra latinoamericano te lo agradece, porque sin ti no habríamos disfrutado en tiempo real de toda esta información.
    Un abrazo cariñoso querida amiga!

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely :).

    Me resonó mucho esta frase:

    “In the same way, my energy was here to serve me, without needing any instructions. To grow, all the seed needs to do is receive, and it is the same with me. How do I know I am receiving? By acknowledging what I sense. We receive when we sense, when we feel; that is our acknowledgment of receipt.”

  5. Francel Castillo

    Vili! WOW! I just loved it! And so it has been a lot of feeling, that stay shot when we try to put it into words…and you just have to breathe and keep breathing, sensing all that it is happening inside of us, allowing ti just happen. Period. And…. It’s so curious you keep on making appearance in my night dreams! I’ll email it’s now so so so clear to me.

    Un abrazo con el Alma.

  6. Deixo aqui minha Gratidão por sua partilha, super interessante e inspiradora, realmente vivemos um novelo de sentimentos e lendo suas palavras percebi que acontece com todos nós que levamos este caminho a sério e com amor.
    Agradeço também pelo serviço prestado de traduções que faz e serve a muitos shaumbras.

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