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Heaven’s Cross Part 3:
Questions & Answers

Reconnecting with Self

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As the veil between Earth and the realms beyond begins opening, the implications are profound. While the reduction in emotional, mental, and physical gravity will eventually affect every part of human life, the most meaningful outcome is the divine access that humans have yearned for since the beginning of time. For those who allow their energy to serve without limits, the result of this magnificent time will be a life of joy, happiness, abundance, ease, and grace. 

Answering questions from Shaumbra around the world, Adamus speaks of potentially miraculous changes in health, a lightening of the physical density, the impact on our human lives and relationships, and much more. It is an inspiring picture of the profound change unfolding on planet Earth and the perfect time to let clear and pure energy serve you without limit.

Heaven’s Cross – Part 2:
The Apocalypse

The Heaven’s Revealed

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Humanity has always dreamed of access to the divine, of seeing beyond, of mysteries revealed and a lifetime of grace. But the physics of this planet blinded the senses to our true state of being. Now, because of humanity’s strong desire for change and your radiant light, an unprecedented level of consciousness allows the clouds to begin lifting and the veil to begin dissolving. Although the implications go far beyond this planet and physical creation, for humanity it means a quantum change that will evolve into every part of life. 

Adamus talks about the physics of creation, and how the atomic structures on Earth will be affected by changes in time, space, gravity, and electromagnetics. This apocalypse or opening of the realms is the core reason for why you’re here. It is the time of harvest, when the Christ seed planted so long ago finally bears fruit. This is what you came for.

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ProGnost 2023

The Glue of Reality is Dissolving

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Adamus states that gravity, the glue holding this reality together, is now lessening due to rising consciousness on the planet. This causes things to get weird – quantum weird. The good news is that your divinity, soul, and dreams become far more accessible, and releasing stuck energy from your body, mind and emotions gets much easier. “Moonshots” become feasible, technology speeds up even more, and quantum mechanics demonstrate the act of consciousness that literally creates reality. While life feels in the “crazy zone” for a while, the lessening of gravity also brings freedom, easy manifesting, and a synchronistic life.

ProGnost 2023 is closely connected with Heaven’s Cross, and Adamus talks about the physics and metaphysics of these unprecedented changes, and their effects on every part of life on Earth and beyond.

I Am Potentials

Into Your Secret Garden – Featuring Kuthumi lal Singh

Health, happiness, abundance, love. While everyone wants to bring the best potentials into their lives, most people are limited to the probabilities of yesterday. But even in Realization there are new things to learn, choose, sense and experience in the unlimited energy of the soul. In this beautiful “walking story,” Kuthumi describes a Secret Garden in which every potential exists and explains the human sense that can help you find the ones you want. 

After staying on Earth for more than 20 years after his Realization, Kuthumi became an expert on living as an embodied Master. Now, he shares deep wisdom about the journey and accessing the potentials that are always available to you. In this humorous and delightful story, he tells of the search that led to his breakdown, the blissful silence of completion, the relationship with his soul and the learning that still takes place after Realization.

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