It’s a Wrap

portrait of adamus saint germaine

By Adamus Saint-Germain (channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe)

Excerpts from the recent Masters in Communications workshop at Villa Ahmyo in Kona just days before Heaven’s Cross, plus a few additions at press time.

It’s a wrap. Everything you came here to do as a human, over all your lifetimes, is coming to a conclusion.

Even though the soul is saying, “Okay, we’ll move on; we’ll go off into our sovereign domain,” it’s time for the human to pause and say, “Hang on a second, not so fast. Not so fast. I just want to enjoy my life for a while. I want to stay here to enjoy ME during the closing years of my lifetimes here.

You get to choose. The soul won’t interfere. The soul won’t say, “Well, no, we really need you back here.” No. Instead, the Soul says, “It’s up to you. Stay and enjoy.” But now it’s not about having to learn something or gain wisdom. As a matter of fact, the soul’s okay with it, because it can kick back and say, “Ah, good! I don’t have to bring all that stuff to wisdom now. I can just sit back and enjoy the human enjoying their life.” So, the soul is fine with it. 

It’s a little difficult for the human to say right now, “Okay, what do I want to do?” I think the answer might be genuine joy, relief from pain, clarity and inner love. But what to do, in particular? Where to go? How to it? I wouldn’t even think about it right now before Heaven’s Cross, because it changes so much. It’s a quantum change, even just 47 hours beforehand. The human would look at it from a very human linear standpoint. Whereas, if you wait a couple of weeks or months, it’s all going to change. The perspective changes. It’s a quantum change in perspective. Don’t even think right now, “Well, I need to do this. I want to do that,” other than just feeling, “Damn it, I just want to enjoy my life. Just enjoy it.”

Let’s take a moment to feel into staying on earth as a Master. It’s a wrap. You’re still experiencing, but it’s time to put an end to lessons. Oh, you’re so used to that – all these experiences, all these lessons, all these things to learn – and now you let all that go. You can let all of it go.

Now, you’re still going to be surrounded by mass consciousness. There are still going to be ominous news headlines and annoying people at the store. But you’ve chosen to stay here; you’ve chosen to be walking amongst them, but now do things for yourself. You’re still going to have traffic and other annoyances, and all of the energy noise that’s out there. 

But you can be with yourself, with that sense of completion, knowing there are no more hills to climb, no more valleys to fall into. Just enjoy.

It might seem surreal, almost impossible, but it’s not. “Really? I’m wrapping this all up?” you might ask yourself. Yes. Absolutely.

And this, my dear friends, is the very best way to radiate your light…. When the work is done and you’re now living as an embodied Master.


  • Geoffrey Hoppe

    Geoffrey Hoppe founded the Crimson Circle in 1999 after a series of conversations with the angelic being known as Tobias. He left the corporate world in 2001 to devote his full time to the Crimson Circle, along with his wife Linda. Geoff channeled Tobias until 2009 when Tobias returned to earth in a new incarnation known as Sam. Tobias handed off his guidance role with the Crimson Circle to Adamus Saint-Germain, a facet of the Beloved St. Germain who has been working with humans for hundreds of years. Geoff has been the messenger of Adamus Saint-Germain ever since.


53 thoughts on “IT’S A WRAP”

  1. Gitte Malling Sjælsstjerne

    Hele mit liv har jeg ventet på netop dette øjeblik. Jeg har hele tiden troet på at livet var andet ind at være menneske. Da jeg mødte en shaumbra første gang græd jeg. Jeg græd fordi jeg vidste at jeg ikke var alene. Siden har jeg lyttet til alle kanalisering. Og det har været som at lytte til en ven som forstod mig. Og som vidste hvad jeg havde brug for at høre for at komme her til hvor jeg er i dag. Tak for at I ville være en del af min rejse. 🙏

    1. Благодарю тебя, дорогой Адамус!!!… Благодарю, дорогой Джеффри!!!… Благодарю, дорогая Линда!!!… Благодарю всех!!!💗💗💗 Пришло время просто наслаждаться жизнью, да!!!… И как это приятно….💗💗💗💖💖💖💞💞💞

  2. Such good advice, to wait a while and get comfortable with the new feeling before making plans. It certainly does feel different. There is an absence of a certain driving pressure which was always there before. It feels nice. I can just be.

  3. Thank You Geoff! It`s been a few days since Heaven’s cross, and some body pains keep coming, as well as some issues I supposed to let go… but still there. I know I have the choice right now more than ever to get them over with. Not there yet.
    Many changes coming to surface but generally feeling joy and happines.

    1. Hi Diana and to any shaumbra who still experience pain, my book, written 3 years after a deep awakening,
      and after a year of going within a lot, guides you from your Oneness on how to scan the pain or anger or anything, and have it lift.
      It is a simple process, so simple I call it a game. On amazon.com, books, Jeannie Alvin
      Search for the title “Awaken to Life! Better Than You Ever Dreamed!” 8 games that can pull people into the Oneness
      in that gap between thoughts, using awareness and the mind. This is a how to for that often stated “allow,” or just
      be with it. It guides you on how. Games can be played alone or with another.

  4. Наталья

    Отличный совет: просто быть. Не переживать, не искать решений на кучу вопросов. Всё приходит само в нужное время и в лучшем виде. Спасибо Джефф и Линда!

    1. I agree! I am sure it serves a purpose for some, but I enjoy everything presented all at once and I can scroll through the pdf as needed. Now it’s just back and forth, no preview, exasperatingly far more time consuming and for me, not user friendly as far as a magazine goes.

  5. Amazing that we are actually here. I remember when 21 years ago my Shaumbra Mom asked me to translate the Tobias materials for her and I joined the CC and now we are finally here, we did It. Words cannot describe the feel of this. We are truly amazing. 🤍

  6. Sorry, it looks like I’m going to be one of the few that prefers the last outlay where the magazine could be saved on my laptop and I could just read it at my leisure without the internet having to be used while reading it… I found more pleasurable to read and follow….

  7. I dislike the new magazine layout.
    It is cold, miss the turning pages….
    The warmth of artistic flow.
    Too mechanical.
    Love the content of articles, not tempting to go to next…
    not a magazine feeling, just a site.

    1. The experiences of this life, always leaving me feeling that there was some more meaningful than what was going on around me, are now fulfilled. What a joy. Being with Shaumbra for the last two years, I felt it coming incrementally. But I also had many doubts. Now there are no more worries and struggles. Mass consciousness is a tough customer, but I, we, have an experiential reality in the Apocalypse that is unshakable. I remember choosing to stay here more than once when times were tough or I could not make out a way beyond my prisons. How slow and dense matter can be! How slow and dense I can be! There is a good laugh in that one. It continues to dawn on me what we have just accomplished, witnessed, indeed “incited” into this life. Our light, our benching, it was and is a joint venture. It worked. It still does. So blessed are we to have worked together. I only know personally one other Shaumbra, my precious wife. When we met I somehow knew that we came here, after losing each other long ago, to help each other. I had no idea it would lead to Heavens Cross. Neverthe less, if I could have seen a movie of this life beforehand, I would have bailed out. I am so glad that the next lot of masters will have it easier. It makes the journey that muxh more worth it all. Shaumbra is my community. I love you all. We are here together.

      I also really miss the magazine style. It was so much warmer and easier to read. This format is cold and plain.

      Live in heart, joy and above all, in beautry

      1. Если бы я знала, каким долгим и трудным будет мой путь, я бы тоже отказалась…☺☺☺ Но теперь… Мы это сделали!.. Спасибо всем нам!!!… Благодарю саму себя и всех за то, что мы ЗДЕСЬ…💖💖💖

    2. Que hermosa imagen,revela la belleza,serenidad y grandeza de Adamus, 💜 es una muestra palpable de lo que somos, al igual que Geoffrey y linda, somos realmente lo que queremos mostrar y reflejar, simplemente las batallas infructuosas del desequilibrio mental juegan un papel que elegimos para entender de una vez por todas por que elegimos estar aquí , gracias Adamus Geoffrey y linda 💜💜💜💜💜

  8. Really miss the beautiful warm personal experience of reading the magazine.
    The articles are a pleasure to read as always, but the radiation is missing for me


  9. I think it might be a thought for consideration to return to your “creation” center to review the new magazine format.
    It feels “cold;” not visusally inviting; somewhat like AI directed; and lost all attributes of being a magazine. It feels like a long newsletter.
    Thanks for all your efforts; would love to go back to the original format.

  10. Merci pour ces mots en parfaite synchronicité avec là où j’en suis : “‘il n’y a plus de collines à gravir. Tout simplement profiter.” Etre là, humaine parmi les humains, parce que c’est juste génial d’être sur Terre.

    Je préfére l’ancienne version du magazine. Merci.

  11. Yeah, the new format magazine does feel a bit “cold”, like an unwelcomed guest – I don’t have that energetic connection to it anymore.
    But I am giving it a chance. As time progresses, hopefully that feeling might change.

  12. Mary Rose Chisholm

    Yes, I too struggled to sort out what stuff to click on just to read the material. And I always give my self options as to what I will engage with… my EASY button is very close at hand. I AM whole and complete. Much gratitude!

  13. I like the new layout. Easy to read on my mobile since I am mobile. I am enjoying wandering from place to place in my campervan while my soul lounges in the hammock.

  14. I really liked the way our magazine was before. Somehow, I gave up on this one on the first page. It seems cold and distant> I miss the pages and the flow from one article to another. This seemed to be written by a robot. But having said that, I always go with whatever is best for the Crimson Circle staff. Thank you for all you do.

  15. Peter Frank Huizinga

    New format is a nice attempt to easy access. It partly works, mentally, but the emotional/spiritual, almost physical bond is lost. The beingness of the magazine, the organic living feeling. It feels as a uninviting mask. No magazinistic feeling. No warmth. As an index, efficient but empty, disconnected. Mental. Nothing wrong with the content beneath it. though….. Love you all and I really appreciate the ever-wanting-to-improve-approach of the cc-staff!

  16. Dear Jeff & Linda & CC Staff,

    Thank you for taking the time to create this new layout for the Shaumbra Magazine. You all do so much! How do you have time to do extra curricular activities with all that is happening!?????

    Change is good! The new layout on the ARCHIVE, tab has a great layout and its a great addition! However, if I personally had to choose between the new layout vs the original, I would choose the original/previous layout hands down. The new layout feels fragmented, disconnected, lacks clarity and artistic flow.

    The original magazine felt connected with ALL its creative and content aspects. Graceful! The original layout was an interactive magazine, classy, alive, and flowed seamlessly, very organized, very creative and fit into St. Germain style. Elaborate and grand! 🙂

    If anything, I would add to the original magazine is the “ARCHIVE” tab option for people to review previous post.
    Thank you!

  17. Not going to sugar coat it , I find it horrible . Others have expressed it in a much more polite and diplomatic way and I agree with the cold and complete lack of connection with this format. I attempted to search every inch in the hope that there was an option to view and download in the old format with no luck . Change is a constant , yes , however , I find this is more like what middle management does to justify their position , they just toss anything out there without forethought.

  18. Людмила Нужная

    Для меня не имеет значений в каком виде читать журнал. Важно содержание.Ощущение связи с Шамброй всего мира. Чувство единения. От этого тепло на душе. Спасибо Вам всем сердечное. = For me, it does not matter in what form to read the magazine. Content matters. Feeling connected to Shaumbra around the world. Feeling of unity. It warms my heart. Thank you all very much.

  19. Людмила Нужная

    Для меня не имеет значений в каком виде читать журнал. Содержание важно.Ощущение связи с Шамброй всего мира. Чувство единения. От этого тепло на душе. Спасибо Вам всем сердечное. = For me, it does not matter in what form to read the magazine. Content matters. Feeling connected to Shaumbra around the world. Feeling of unity. It warms my heart. Thank you all very much.

    1. Связь с Шамброй по всему миру и… легкость, да… 💗💗💗 Легкость и простота – это и есть НОВОЕ…💖💖💖

  20. Благодарю тебя, дорогой Адамус!!!… Благодарю, дорогой Джеффри!!!… Благодарю, дорогая Линда!!!… Благодарю всех!!!💗💗💗 Пришло время просто наслаждаться жизнью, да!!!… И как это приятно….💗💗💗💖💖💖💞💞💞

  21. Связь с Шамброй по всему миру и… легкость, да… 💗💗💗 Легкость и простота – это и есть НОВОЕ…💖💖💖

  22. I am starting to feel this , more and more every day : ease, grace, lack of conflict within and without. I feel i am in the world but not of the world. Thank you for everything : Adamus, CC and ,first of all, Myself 🙂

  23. Would it be possible to enable the download of the contents in pdf or txt format? I often like to read the magazine on my tablet without distractions or in places without available Wi-Fi.

  24. I have to say I like this new format!
    I have never read the magazine due to the inconvenience of needing to sit at a computer.
    Yes my hand held phone is my go to.
    It is user friendly for me.
    So glad to have this extra Shaumbra time and enjoyment 🙂

  25. Wahoo! So happy, so many years (lives) to wait for this, to dream about it. It is certain that I will enjoy this last life on earth, as the Master just for the joy of living an Amhyo Life at least once ;P Thanks Lynda, Geoff, CC Staff, CC Team humain and Masters.

  26. Gayatri Patel

    About blooming time !!
    And thank you for conveying this message. Very grateful.
    btw, I appreciate the new magazine format and it’s advantages for the wider audience however, I do prefer the PDF.
    We can have both?

  27. Pleeeeeeeeeeeze… can we at least have an option for the PDF version.

    I don’t like this new format at all.


  28. Hello wonderful Staff!
    I know that change often requires a bit of time to adapt… I do agree with many of the comments that the new format (personally) lacks the warmth and appeal of the previous format.
    Perhaps both? The AND that we love so much?
    Best wishes, Caryn

  29. Querido. Geoffrey,isso é tudo que eu quero, viver a vida verdadeiramente,porque desde alguns anos,percebia que eu não vivia só sobrevivia,sempre no piloto automático e as cobranças mentais,que eu tinha que…
    Gratidão por tudo!
    Se eu não tivesse encontrado o CC,acho que tinha surtado.
    Beijos no seu lindo coração!!!!

  30. vielen lieben Dank, wie wunderbar, dass ich den Weg zu Euch/zu mir gefunden habe… Die neue Aufmachung des Magazins finde ich toll, ich danke Euch sehr für die tolle Arbeit.. Herzliche Grüße Annemarie

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