Heaven’s Cross: The Opening

The Apocalypse Begins


In September 2022, the Beloved St. Germain announced Heaven’s Cross, what he later noted was the long-prophesized Apocalypse. Subsequently, he honed in on the exact date of March 22, 2023, the time when the amount of consciousness on the planet would allow the veil between the physical and non-physical “heavens” (or realms) to start opening.

Apocalypse, meaning “to unveil” or “uncover” in Greek, allows the deep reunion with one’s own divine Self and the inherent joy and freedom of this expansion. With new levels of consciousness on the planet, the Apocalypse will eventually mean the ending of power games, wars, suffering and karma, true ancestral freedom and thus the ability to live in abundance, ease, and grace. 

The Heaven’s Cross ceremony was conducted at Crimson Circle’s Villa Ahmyo in Kona, Hawaii on the morning of March 22, 2023. Tens of thousands of humans from around the planet gathered online for this unprecedented event. In the presence of all the Ascended Masters and with deep acknowledgement for the rigors of our human journey, the Beloved St. Germain ushered in a new era. It is the ancient dream coming true, the culmination of a long and arduous journey.

The Crimson Council, a teaching Order that has offered its light and support to awakening humans for many ages, solemnly moved beyond the realms of Earth into a new phase of their work. Then after entreating all to release their stuck and wounded human issues before venturing into the opening between the realms, St. Germain invited us to “reveal our wings” and expand beyond the veil, beyond the gravity that has kept us separate from our own divinity for so very long. 

The earthly implications of this opening will unfold in the coming months and years. But for all who take part, the blessings are immediately available. 

And so it is that the Apocalypse begins. 

So it is that the work that you’ve done on this planet to bring this light and consciousness, it is here. 

And so it is that it’s time for you to enjoy the fruits of all of your work, to remember your angelic origins, and to live a life of joy, of abundance, of love and of soulfulness.

– Beloved St. Germain

BONUS: Includes downloadable music track.


  • The veil begins to lift
  • Divinity is here
  • Humanity is no longer lost
  • It’s the culmination of lifetimes
  • A self-chosen destiny
  • It is our dream come true

Length: 1:04:10 (plus music 55:40)

Format: Downloadable audio, text, video 

Cost: FREE

Featuring: Beloved St. Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at Villa Ahmyo, Holualoa, Hawaii, March 2023 

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