Heaven’s Cross Merabh

A Deep Personal Journey into Your Own Heavens

cover heaven's cross merabh

This is a deep inner journey into new realms of your Self and is perfect for bringing more personal depth and meaning to the opening of Heaven’s Cross. In this guided experience, Adamus Saint-Germain helps you expand into the other heavens and bring back newly available energies, wisdom, and consciousness to serve you in daily life. Infused with the illumination and grace of the Apocalypse, this beautiful encounter with your soul will help dissolve the barriers between the realms of Self, making your divinity, light body, past, future, and dreams, fully accessible to your human self.

The veil, the innate separation between human and divine that has caused feelings of isolation and exile, finally begins lifting with Heaven’s Cross. This long-foretold Apocalypse will eventually change the world, but first, it can change your life. Limitations no longer need apply; struggle, study, and effort are not required. This is the time to listen – listen with your entire being – and simply allow this integration. There’s nothing more to do now but relax, allow, and let the energies flow in this time of grand unveiling. 


As the heavens cross within you, absorb now the wisdom and divinity that are already yours.


Now let your light, your wisdom, and your wholeness be present in your human reality.


Feel the constant flow from the human to the other heavens of your Self, and back again to this realm.


  • A deep and personal guided journey 
  • An experience of your own Apocalypse 
  • It is the unveiling of All That You Are
  • Discover and explore the heavens of you Self
  • No healing, no effort, no struggle
  • It’s You, flowing through the realms

Length: 1:09:54

BONUS: Includes downloadable music track (55:41)

Format: Downloadable audio, text, video 

Cost: $22

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Shaumbra Pavilion, Holualoa, Hawaii, March 2023 


3 thoughts on “HEAVEN’S CROSS MERABH”

  1. Jean Evans:
    Given the incredible substance of all that this is and means to all of us, I hesitate to be niggly – but my mind keeps on correcting the
    word, “prophecized” – Shouldn’t it be “prophecied”? Or is the former an American alternative?

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