Coming April 12:


Adamus has a special message and merabh for all Shaumbra who have been serving as Realm Workers in this lifetime. With the opening of Heaven’s Cross, your work is done in the other realms and now it is time to fully return back to your human life. 

This heartfelt message from Adamus will be available as an audio and text download on April 12, 2023. 

From Adamus Saint-Germain, Heaven’s Cross message, March 22, 2023:

I call on all of you who have been Realm Workers to return now. Your work is done. 

You’ve been in human form in this lifetime, you’ve led quiet lives, you’ve led inner lives, because so much of you has been working in the other realms to help prepare for this day, to help build the way.

It took humans on Earth to also work in the other realms to create the necessary balance for Heaven’s Cross to occur. I call on all who have been Realm Workers. Your work is done. Come back now. Come back to your human life and your human body, and bring with you all of the light, all of the wisdom and all of your soul.

Watch the Crimson Circle store and social media for the announcement of this new message from Adamus.

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