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Much more than just a fancy evening, “le Grand Soir” (“the big night or big day”) tracks back to the French Revolution period when people, exhausted by deprivations, hoped for a “big day” when hunger and misery would be no more. It’s about social revolution and is quite a big deal.

Heavens Cross Mantradala by Patricia Eberlin

By Patricia Eberlin

It was last night, the Heaven’s Cross celebration. The opening of a portal, the lifting of the veil, human and divine coming together. At long last, it was the moment long-awaited for so many lifetimes. I lived it in connection with thousands of other human beings on the same quest for meaning. Le Grand Soir, then, was last night.

And this morning is a morning like any other. Ugh!

No unicorns outside. No rainbows. People don’t hug each other and say “I love you” with tears in their eyes. 

But who is really speaking in me? 

Well, hello, dear “carrot” Aspect who feels one more betrayal, yet another disappointment to be added to aaalllll the others. We really believed it; it was a nice big carrot. Even though a while ago we had decided to stop believing in carrots, we felt it was different, because THIS TIME, it was the right one! And this morning … everything is the same as yesterday. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. After all, at this point, my life is fine and it can go on like this. 

Take comfort, dear Aspect. I know, it’s a little hard, because this hope was beautiful: the return of the dialogue with the soul, reality — the real one — in all its splendor, the unlimited potentials. So yes, big disappointment, but come, sit down here, we’ll console ourselves. You know what, dear Aspect? We’re going to stop the mad hope, stop expecting better-singing tomorrows and thus avoid the pain when the choir is not at the rendezvous. From now on, we stop the projections, and we savor the present moment. After all, over the years and the journey, we have managed to reach a standard of sovereignty and freedom that is quite acceptable, for ending this last incarnation in style, right? There, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the day. All is well.

It’s funny, yesterday I felt the need for a big spring cleaning. I tidied everything up and cleaned the house, even the windows. I took a shower in the evening — I always take it in the morning — and was very close to putting on a nice dress for the 8 pm Heaven’s Cross webcast. I was alone in front of my computer, and at the same time in the middle of my Shaumbra family, when you discreetly joined with your skepticism. I had sworn to myself that I would have no expectations, so I didn’t notice you at first. The celebration began and when it was suggested to us, I consciously placed you in the cup on the altar of my soul before crossing the threshold. I followed the crowd and I found myself in the other realms. It was fine, nothing more. Nothing really new, no big burst of light, no big apocalyptic revelation. A bit of a strange atmosphere, but no more than life on Earth these last few months. Everything felt quite natural; it was only later that I realized how extraordinary it had just been. But at the time, it was easy and graceful, nothing stunning.

Then you spoke up, dear Aspect – “I knew it! Another bullshit” – and I had a bitter taste in my mouth. What? Is THAT the Heaven’s Cross?

This morning, I felt heavy with your disappointment. So, like every day, I got up and made myself a coffee. It tasted the same as yesterday. I began to write to you in my journal, consoling you for all the similar disappointments in all my lifetimes, because I felt that your wound was profound. A big wound. How many times have we believed it, huh? Thousands? In this lifetime alone: first, there was the announcement of an E.T. landing; they were coming to extract us from a dying planet in their gigantic spaceships. I really liked this one! And then Y2K with its possibly disruptive bug. Then the Mayan calendar ending on 21.12.2012 – the end of a world and beginning of the new. Each time, we swallowed the disillusionment and continued on the road, but it was hard to keep having confidence. So, after a while, you and me, we agreed that it was crazy to wait for a specific date. That was the problem, because yes, certainly the world is changing, but it’s doing so incrementally. We’d better stop waiting for Le Grand Soir because we would be constantly disappointed and wounded. And after a while, such bitter disappointments make holes in the heart that leave nasty scars. So, there we were. Fine, lucid, awake, we moved forward hand in hand, always believing in an evolution towards more light and doing our part.

Everything was going really, really good when Adamus started in with his 3/22/2023. At first, we thought “yeah, yeah,” but we had never seen him like that, our dear uncle A. He who only rarely and reluctantly makes prophecies, now has talked of nothing else since the beginning of the year. A little obsessed, certainly very excited. I saw that you liked it, dear Aspect, and I told you not to get carried away. Even Adamus told us that we should not expect drastic changes overnight, but it was too late. You had already let yourself get caught up in one more mad hope. Let’s admit that it’s good, this hope in a radiant morning of radical change, and Adamus was prophesizing EVERYTHING we had always hoped for. I kept repeating that the change would only be colossal on the subtle levels and that we would surely not see any real changes on Earth for quite some time, but there you were, warm, hopeful, and oh so happy.

Yes, I crossed the heaven’s threshold and found myself in an elsewhere of divine order. But hey, it wasn’t the first time I had traveled in the cosmos, to be honest. And I saw nothing that could validate Adamus’ enthusiasm. Maybe I missed something? There was no real difference between before and after the celebration, and this is a morning like any other.

For example, in the cup on the soul altar, I had left, among other things, my slight physical problems and this morning I still hurt all over. But I’m just hearing my light body saying, “It’s me, it’s my fault. I am integrating and it shakes up the biology. Hold on, everything is going well!” Okay. This wasn’t transformed overnight. Carry on.  Earlier, looking at photos of the crew in Kona just before the webcast, I found them all so beautiful. They all lost weight and looked great, while my feeling of being old-old-old is still confirmed in the mirror.

Well, again, it doesn’t matter. It’s a morning like any other, sure, but my life has been very good the last two or three years, and I will continue like this, completely happy. I feel sovereign in the center of my human, my aspects are healed for the most part and have become friendly facets with whom we laugh a lot, and when a wounded one appears, like this morning, I know how to take care of it. With the aspect called “Faith in the big night,” we agree to keep “faith” and to let go of “the big night.”

Life is still very beautiful on this morning-like-every-other of March 23, 2023.




Listen carefully.

No, really listen!

And observe.

This joy in the heart, sweet and sturdy. This angelic jubilation of a baby when it smiles with its whole belly. The joy of being alive. The jubilation of human incarnation, whatever the experiences, especially if they are intense. Intense feels so good! Intense feels enjoyable – that’s why I hang on to my dramas for so long.

This joy is the supreme enjoyment made of human and divine reunited. It is new indeed on this day after Le Grand Soir, certainly not at all thunderous, but undeniably persistent. And if I listen carefully, I realize it’s always been there and has never been silent. I just couldn’t hear it anymore because of the noise all around – and inside. This morning, I perceive its benevolent permanence. When Adamus recently spoke about the Realm Workers, I knew I was one and everything finally made sense in my life. Since then, the joy has become more audible. 

So of course, Heaven’s Cross is not likely to flabbergast us because it’s just rediscovering who we really are, recontacting the source from which we emanate, and this return is incredibly natural. Yes, it’s a first on Earth; this I can believe. What is new this morning is the intensity of the melody of my soul. It vibrates in my cells, it makes me slightly float, a contact almost lost for so long…

Am I dreaming or is it more “daylight” than usual? Yesterday, my sight was completely blurry. No glasses did the trick to help me read. I never worry anymore, all my little aches and pains are assigned to my light body integration by default, but if this lasted, I would consult someone. This morning, my sight is amazingly sharp.

With that new joy that doesn’t even let your sadness affect me, dear Aspect, don’t you think that, maybe, it was Le Grand Soir after all, but just not quite the one we expected? You know the measure of those expectations, right? They create deceptions of the same size. 

We were well told that if there was any discombobulation, it would be internal. Honestly, dear Aspect, what did you want? Why such a disappointment?

“It’s not the disappointment that hurts,” she answers. “It’s the loss of faith wound. Each time in the past, the disappointment caused a denial of the faith. When the prophecy did not come true, the rejection was total, including the most intimate beliefs. We threw the baby out with the bathwater and that caused useless and unnecessary deserts of ice and darkness.” 

Useless, certainly not, answers the wise soul. That’s how you learned that the light is inextinguishable.

So, yes, a Grand Soir indeed. Smooth and powerful. Completely unexpected — and THAT should be expected, by the way.

What comes next is going to be very interesting. So, dear Aspect, let’s be quiet and … listen.


  • Patricia Eberlin

    Patricia Eberlin has retired from mostly feeling burdened by life, and now lives in the happiness and joy of Realization in Geneva, Switzerland. She shares the wisdom of her thousand lifetimes through her Mantradalas: a mantra embedded in a mandala in her very own free style. Each design carries its particular powerful vibration, inspiring the new aesthetics of conscious living.

    You can live without a Mantradala – but you don't want to! You can visit Patricia’s website, Mantradala.com, or contact her by email.


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  1. Love your Mantradala 🙂 It spoke to me. I experienced very similar pinkish-violettish colors during the ceremony of Heaben´s Cross. Thank you!

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