Am I doing this right?

There’s no right or wrong anymore, not for you. 

Compiled by Carolina Oquendo

Dear Master, I keep wondering if I’m getting everything right. Is there anything else I should be doing to improve my chances? My mind and body are not cooperating and I’m afraid that it will keep me from opening up to my true self, my divinity. How can I do it gracefully and not get distracted?

There is no right. There is not anymore, not for you. 

There’s maybe right and wrong for people out there, but you get to this point and there’s nothing about right or wrong anymore. It’s a very difficult thing because your mind will scream out. Your mind will almost insist, because it’s used to judgment-based life, right and wrong. 

You get to this point and it’s a very frustrating one. You want to do it right. You want to do so many things right. You want this thing called enlightenment or embodied realization because you know it’s there. But you don’t know if you’re doing it right or not

And then there is that desperate attempt by the human to try to do it right. It cannot, and I want you to remember that point until it’s so realized within you. It cannot. That human cannot, at all, (…) whether it’s spirituality, whether it’s your job, whether it’s your health, whether it’s aging or anything else.

Life and humans have gotten to the point of being pathetic. There’s all this talk – “Oh, we should love life. We should love other people.” Screw that. I mean really screw that, because what I see constantly is people trying harder and harder and more desperately to make the little selfish human life better. And you know that it doesn’t work. 

You’ve gone beyond that point saying, “I’m just going to clean up the little box that I live in. I’m going to try to make it tidier. I’m going to make myself happier. I’m going to keep taking happy courses and happy pills.” It doesn’t work. 

For so many years now you’ve lived in a state of great inner conflict, great battle with yourself, trying to do the right thing, trying to be spiritual; all at the same time, whether you realized it or not, trying to simply embellish your old identity. And it doesn’t work.

You always say that I can’t go into Realization with my baggage, with my health issues. Isn’t that something the human needs to fix?

The health problems, the focus on health is psychotic in itself – neurotic, both – and there’s no blame in it at all whatsoever. And you’re not going to fix it. It will get worse. It’ll get worse, as with all the other things, because you keep immersing deeper and deeper. The gravity has got you right by the legs and it’s dragging you down in. 

You’re not going to get there through your humanness

So once you realize that, once you’re ready to let go, once you realize this is one great big crazy world and you’re not going to fit in, you’re not going to stop your aging or stop your health problems or stop any of those other things from within the cage in the zoo. You’re just not. 

Once you realize that, then all of these things suddenly clear up on their own. Not because you’re working on your health or because you’re working on your aging or your money or anything else, because you’ve gone beyond. You’ve walked beyond all of that. 

But Master, it keeps hurting. How can I go beyond the discomfort in my body? It’s not like I can ignore it.

It’s pretty easy. So you take a deep breath and you just realize, ah, this physical being that’s been kind of the source of a lot of bad feelings, bad thoughts – you even consider it kind of a bad aspect and you have kind of a strange relationship – well, sure, it’s going to be in some pain going into the integration, because it’s trying to shed all the stuff that’s been placed on it. So your body is going to be in pain. Your mind’s going to be in chaos. 

But the more you resist, the more you try to figure it out and do all sorts of strange ceremonies and other things around it, the more it’s going to hurt.

(Feel) compassion for your body – because your body, when it was in its old ancestral DNA, could not have handled that rapid of a transition, transformation. 

I ask you to invite those changes and allow those changes (…) You go through a period, a phase where you’re disconnecting from the old fuel source, let’s say, an old coal burning plant, and now you’re going to be connecting to a very new energy efficient, clean source of energy.

Every cell in your body, and there are billions of them; every neuron in your brain and there are billions of those also, are responding and reacting right now, so obviously there’s going to be some pain and confusion. Own that right now, because it’s real. It’s important. If anything, it’s telling you that, yes, you are going through this change as just a regular biological human now into an embodied Master.

Allow yourself the experience.

Source: Discovery 7 | Kharisma 2, 7 | Walk on series: 3 | Passion 2020: 12

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