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Tobias’ Final Gift with Updates from Adamus

A Core Crimson Circle Class

 Journey of the Angels, tells the story from our angelic roots in the other realms to the epic event that happened a few short days ago on Planet Earth: Heavens’ Cross. We finally answered the question, “Who Am I?” and now not only does a new era come to the planet, but it also affects the entire history of our Journey of Angels. If you’ve never seen this essential Cloud Class, now is the time to connect the dots from our angelic past into our embodied Mastery.

You are here for exactly this time on Earth, for the future is truly the past healed. By understanding where you came from, future potentials open into freedom and you realize your purpose on the planet in this very moment. In this epic experience, Adamus Saint-Germain adds his profound and incredibly timely insights to Tobias’ beautiful story of creation. You will be deeply moved, inspired, and reminded of who you really are – a star player in the epic saga called Journey of the Angels and its sequel!

Remember the Oneness of Spirit from whence you came, revisit the origins of duality, the heartbreak and adventure of leaving Home, the discovery of Self, the Order of the Arc, and the beginning of Creation. Understand the purpose of your life, why you’re here on Earth, and the joy of the love of self.

With the exquisite realization of your own existence, you set out to experience, discover and learn. Through the many adventures of becoming hopelessly lost, forgetting your roots and trying to find your way Home, the eternal flame of Spirit within has always burned deep within. It has brought you through countless experiences, relationships and conflicts, the greatest doubt and the deepest love. And now, it all comes together in this Time of Machines in the greatest consciousness shift of all time and creation.


1. Backstory (Adamus); All That Was (Tobias) (1:22:21)

The Oneness of Spirit split into duality, the “King and Queen,” who then burst forth as the Children of God, infant creators who set out on a journey of discovery and experience.

2. Leaving Home (Tobias) (52:05)

Saying goodbye to Spirit, you embarked on a profound journey of discovery. For the first time, you experienced creating for yourself, a frightening glimpse of the future, and profound separation.

3. The Wall of Fire (Tobias); Wisdom (Adamus) (32:31)

Shattered and torn into billions and trillions of pieces, every knowing of self was ripped away. It was the end of existence.

4. Awakening (Tobias); I Exist (Adamus) (50:45)

Lost, alone in the Void, aware of nothing but a menacing Shadow. Yet with that awareness, you realized “I Exist” – the most beautiful awareness ever known – and the question, “Who am I?”

5. Star Wars (Tobias) (1:04:37)

You went forth on behalf of Spirit to learn and discover – without shame, guilt, judgment or rules. You discovered others and began playing, fighting, and trying to find the way Home.

6. Order of the Arc (Tobias) (58:55)

As creation slowed, you helped form the Order of the Arc to find the solution. The plan of Earth came into existence, and you volunteered to be among the first. Would you become lost?

7. Coming to Earth (Tobias); Your Name (Adamus) (1:12:25)

Gaia prepared the way for you, bringing life to this rock. Then you took one last breath on the other side and plunged in – tossed, compressed, restricted – and then incredible discovery.

8. Lemuria and Atlantis (Tobias) (1:09:07)

Life on Earth – there’s nothing like it in all of creation. In Lemuria you learned how to stay embodied, in Atlantis you learned to collaborate. Power games returned, Atlantis fell, humanity went dark.

9. Out of Darkness (Tobias) (1:06:031)

Taking a deep inward look at the question, “Who Am I?” we slowly learned and healed. Humanity began to emerge, and eventually discover Spirit within. This is why you’re here.

10. The Future is the Past Healed (Tobias); The Sequel (Adamus) (1:39:15)

There is nothing more beautiful or challenging than being in physical form. To feel lost, to love, to remember – it has all been an incredible journey of grand experience.

  • Understand the current dynamics on Earth
  • Remember who you are and why you’re here
  • Are you still in the Wall of Fire?
  • Did you ever really leave Home?
  • There was never any mistake… ever
  • It’s the greatest story ever told

Format: Streaming video and online text e-reader

Cost: $195 $165.75 through April 30, 2023

Featuring: Geoff & Linda Hoppe, Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded in Breckenridge, Colorado June 2009 and Kona, Hawaii March 2020

Translations: Text translations available in 12 languages, including:

  • Dansk
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Français
  • Français
  • 日本語
  • Português brasileiro
  • Italiano
  • Pусский
  • Português
  • ελληνικά
  • Polski
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