By Sandra Roggermann

When we began creating this documentary, we wondered what title would be catchy, representative, and cool at the same time. We sat with different ideas but finally realized what’s been staring us in the face all along: 

The journey of awakening is rude… 

There’s no sweet talking or sugar coating it. It ain’t called “the dark night of the soul” for nothing. Once you made the choice to go down the rabbit hole of the question “Who am I?”, it’s already too late and you’re barreling towards the abyss. Or maybe you want to call it ‘the blissful realization that there’s so much more to discover,’ if that makes you feel better. 

Either way, the roads to awakening are many. Some have extremely traumatic experiences. Some feel a strong pull to explore the mysterious worlds of magic, while others feel drawn to conspiracies, aliens, esotericism or all the various trips of psychedelic exploration of the mind.

No matter what your starting point is, if you’re like us, you’re very likely to become a wise-ass-know-better-do-gooder that will piss off your friends and family to the point that they will arrange for an exorcism, therapy, or simply want nothing to do with you anymore.

You’ll possibly start googling things like: “How to become a hermit” and “Who has the better quality of life, the top of the mountain Guru or the Robinson Crusoe with a loyal but silent friend called Friday, living on a deserted island.” 

Eventually you’ll find that because you just lost your job and inheritance, you don’t have the financial abundance to make big life changes and will start binge watching the show ‘Friends’ to know what social life you’re missing out on. (Which you will presumably judge yourself for, because it’s not a very spiritual thing to do. But hey, nobody will know, because you’re all alone anyway.)

You’ll traverse between the old boring version of you and the new fantastical angelic embodiment. Maybe you’ll become a vegan called “Broccoli Moon Angel Wing,” always one step behind the golden carrot of enlightenment.

I could go on and on, but I guess you get where this is going. 

Finally, there comes a point where you will have no other choice but to look at the monsters in your cellar. They have funky names like ‘Unworthiness’ and ‘Self-doubt’ and “Guilt,” and they run a successful but shady business called ‘Coping Mechanisms & Co United LLC’. 

In a nutshell you will take a deep breath and hand in their notice with immediate effect. It’ll feel empty and odd for a while, since you’ve grown quite fond of their company, but now you understand that you’re the boss and you get to decide yourself what’s in your reality.

And then, here comes the plot twist my friend; then you come across the Crimson Circle, the Rude Awakening movie, or other weird stuff. 

You pick yourself up one last time, dive into exploring this strange ‘cult,’, you laugh (and judge a little), you cry… and you feel. 

You feel the beauty of this journey and the deep knowingness that everything is beginning to make sense. You find out there are other crazy people out there, even ones that outshine you in what you thought was your unique trademark collection of flaws and insecurities. And you’ll pull yourself together once more, take a deep breath, leap, and trust that now you’re safe. 

Welcome home dear friend!

We made the Rude Awakening Documentary in celebration of all of our journeys, our trials and tribulations, and decided to gift it to the world for free, so that everyone may know: “I’m not crazy and I’m not alone” 

On paper it doesn’t seem to make sense and it’s probably the dumbest business plan ever submitted, yet we strongly believe that its energy will do the work. Much better than using the very limited ways of trying to sell it, convince a distributor of its immense value or negotiating the living daylights out of this project. 

The ultimate goal was always to leave a love letter to all humanity as a reminder that we’re so much grander than we can ever even begin to imagine.

In case you have any friends, family or social life left at all at this point in your journey, please share this film big time! We’d promise you a spot in the eternal bliss of heavens, but you’ve already got that.  😉

We thank you for being a Rude Ambassador!

You can watch and share the Rude Awakening Documentary from the website rudeawakening-film.com.

The Rude Team also has a weekly podcast, published each Friday, that unpacks quotes from the film and takes the conversation further. You can listen on Spotify HERE and most big podcast sites.


  • Sandra Roggermann

    Sandra is one of the Creators & Lead Producer on Rude Awakening. She’s passionate about writing poetry, telling meaningful stories, connecting people, spring time and dogs. In her previous career she was a holistic coach, but felt nudged to expand her sphere to reach a bigger audience, ready to embark on the journey back to self. Sandra describes herself as a hopeful romantic that refuses to take off her rose tinted glasses.


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  1. Hi Sandra
    I so enjoyed this article. You said it all in a few minutes and with more clarity than the movie..

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