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This truly was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Never before have I felt such a profound sense of expansion. You really helped me to get my mind out of the way which allowed me to deeply feel into the experience of Heaven’s Cross. Thank you so much.

— Peter


That is to me the essence of the Merabh… Never again being “just a human,” but seeing my humanness as a part of a much bigger picture and recognizing the value of it. It is such a relief. Although I have done a lot of releasing for years now, there was always this feeling of it was not enough. Something was missing. The true and deep connection with my Soul.

This has been such a deep experience. The feeling that the only thing that matters is the connection with my Divinity. Everything else has no importance.

—Anne Maribo


This is indeed a beautiful creation and gives the opportunity of having a beautiful experience. Adamus takes one by the hand and gives time, time, and time to go deep within and allow you to feel and integrate all of you to here and now. This whole event is built up to make you ground yourself, relax, and allow yourself to expand, to meet your soul … AND it works. The funny thing is that there is nothing new in this, but what shows up is the rest of resistance that you “might have” within with regard to letting go and allowing the meeting/integration with all of you… 

It feels like coming home. Now I am home. 

— Finn


Wowza! Truly blown away by today’s new release Heaven’s Cross Merabh and honestly more so actually than “the live HC event” last week… this merabh really “grounded” it for me in spades… I loved this and feel like it is the missing piece from last week to help the true integration of Heaven’s Cross. Like the “extended” version! 

— Tammie


THIS is the real one – the other opening event felt like a joke to me. I felt angry about it, so angry, that I called Adamus and St. Germain in for that. And to my surprise, they appeared immediately and sat beside me…. 

But this Merabh here, goes deep within and into the expansive realms / heavens, a very beautiful experience for me. At the beginning I was a bit impatient about this long introduction with these different names and explanations about Free Self, Soul, Higher Self etc. etc. But then suddenly I realized that this Free Self IS me, it is me in my free state of being, always here, never been somewhere else. With this realization, I felt how the last pieces of separation were gone.

— Britta


Simplicity is the first thing that comes to mind when writing a review of this product. It gifted me with the understanding of how much I, as a Human, have complicated everything. In the beginning, I could nearly hear Kuthumi’s laughter at this silly, silly Human. But thanks to Adamus patience with me as the fucking Human I am, I slowly, slowly let go, opening up to all I That Am to come in…

My little Human is not that small anymore; now I know that without this Human, nothing of this would ever exist, nothing of this would ever have been created, and that is the main thing experienced. So a big Thank you to Adamus for reminding me of all of this, but the most enormous thank you is going to Me, to my Soul that helped me create this little Human. But first of all, to me, my I Am most certainly exists, not only here but in all of my Creation.

This is the most personal Merabh I have ever experienced. So, from the bottom of my Heart, I recommend this for everyone to listen to when you are Ready.

— Jaziel


It’s now all about patiently, naturally opening and allowing – so simple, isn’t it. 

It took this human several times of listening, but suddenly I was there, in an experience of my divine flow, in a way that according to Adamus has not been possible while in human form before now. The Apocalypse had to happen first with its easing of the mental-physical gravity and dissolving of the veil. 

Words fall short, for it’s such a new and different experience. A personal opening of consciousness. This Merabh inspiring patience, without doubt getting in the way as my senses open and expand, including the sense of freedom as I relax into this natural shift knowing it serves me perfectly.

— Lise

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