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Shaumbra, have you heard the news? We have enabled the new Graduate Spaces in the Online Connection Center for live-hosted Cloud Classes!

The new Graduate Spaces are for the following classes:

SES | Aspectology | Threshold | Kasama | Master Code 

You can now access your Graduate Space from the ease and comfort of the Connection Center, the online platform that hosts active Cloud Classes and the Keahak Program.

We used to host these spaces on another platform (Ning), but now you can access them directly from the same place as your Cloud Classes. These Graduate Spaces are designed to help you connect with the materials of live-hosted Cloud Classes you’ve taken as well as with other graduates, offering a unique opportunity to share insights and continue exploring the potentials presented in the Cloud Class in a safe space. 

How to access the Graduate Spaces

There are two options:

  • Option 1: Log in to the Connection Center and scroll down to the bottom of the main page. There you will find all the graduate spaces of the live-hosted classes you’ve participated in.
  • Option 2: Log in to the CC Store, then go to “My Events & Cloud Classes” under your name. Mouse over or tap the red icon in the lower right corner to see your Graduate Spaces.

Once inside the Graduate Space, you will find different features available on the top menu for you to explore. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The NEWS tab keeps you up to date on upcoming events related to the Cloud Class.
  • DISCUSSION is a space for asking questions, sharing insights, and engaging in meaningful conversations with other participants. You can browse through previous topics or start a new thread. This is a great way to deepen your understanding of the material and connect with others who are on a similar journey.

  • Under the RESOURCES tab, you can find a variety of tools to support your growth and learning. This section includes the Cloud Class’s session outlines (to help you with the main topics and insights discussed in the Class), as well as any other documents, videos or audios related to the Cloud Class to help you integrate the teachings.

The Graduate Spaces are there for all graduates of live-hosted Cloud Classes to provide a supportive environment, stay connected with other participants within a safe space, and hold yourself accountable for your own inner journey. 

We invite you to explore these spaces and make the most out of what they offer.  And don’t worry; we will frequently monitor these spaces to ensure that the discussions stay focused and meaningful.

To find out more about these spaces and how to use them, please go to our Service Center and explore the articles we have prepared for you.

We look forward to seeing your valuable contributions in these new spaces! 

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