Memoirs of a Born-Again Shaumbra

Artwork by Marc Ritter

By Joep Claessens

You are on the planet right now to enjoy life for yourself, to show others that life can be joyful and loving, and you are there on Earth right now for any human who should want to hear more.

Words spoken by Tobias in April 2008 that spoke to my heart. Yes! Sign me up, I remember thinking. For years these words, rewritten in the first person singular, graced my Facebook profile, thinking that would help make them come true somehow. It didn’t. I never really felt I was able to live up to that motto, despite all the ‘aspects’ I integrated over the years, not to mention practicing Aliyah until the cows came home, which is supposed to bring back the joy in life, as Tobias insisted. Well, no cow ever showed up on my doorstep. So at some point I let go of it all and chopped up all the carrots the spooks kept dangling in front of us and made carrot cake. That’s when things finally began to change.

But before we get to the good part, let’s back up a bit to February of this year, when Geoff’s Realm Workers article appeared in the Shaumbra Magazine. Reading the article was my come-to-Jesus moment, as the saying goes. And then there was the more recent ‘The Realm Workers – Call to Return’ channel in which Adamus elaborated on the topic. 

Especially reading Geoff’s article hit me like a ton of bricks. It was like I had been stumbling around in the dark all of my life and someone all of a sudden turned the light on. So many things in my life made sense all of a sudden, things I struggled with, that I’ve been wondering about all of my life. My perspective on who I was and what I had been doing all of my life changed completely in that moment.

It made perfect sense now that the practice of Aliyah wasn’t for me, for it requires you to be present. The practice will reinforce that and anchor you more and more in your physical body. The reason that so many people feel a resistance to the practice – they don’t really want to be in their body; too many painful or even traumatic memories stored there! In my case, it would have rendered me useless as a Realm Worker, becoming too grounded in this reality. If only I had known, it would have saved me a lot of frustration back then!

Of all the personal characteristics Adamus gave of what he called a Realm Worker, I could check off almost all of them: living a very quiet life; needing lots and lots of alone time; sleep, naps and daydreaming being favorite pastimes; introverted, contemplative; not that interested in family, career or social activities; sensitive to the harshness of the 3D world; an avid reader; lover of a good hike in nature; too much talent, that I could never find a way to express; and totally clueless about what I was doing on Earth and what the point was of me being here (except that I was getting ready to leave for good, that is; that one I figured out at least, thanks to Adamus).

Let me elaborate, so you get the picture.

I come from a line of nappers (or should I say space cadets?). My paternal grandfather, no matter how many of his twelve kids and countless grandchildren visited him and my dear grandmother on those lazy Sunday afternoons, him sitting in his easy chair in the midst of it all, when he got fed up with it all would turn off his hearing aid, close his eyes and be gone, oblivious to the ruckus around him. Then there was my dad, who was infamous for being able to nap at any time of day, in any position – lying down, sitting or standing. He worked a short stint as a coal miner before he started his own business, and when they had their break he would be sitting at the table, put his head down on his arms and take a nap there and then.

So I guess I was destined to follow in their footsteps. I remember one day as a university student in the early eighties, I came home after a long and grueling day of classes and laid down to take a nap at five in the afternoon only to wake up at nine in the morning the next day. That must have been our Realm Workers bootcamp for all I know. For I woke up exhausted, turned over and nodded off again until noon to finally get some rest.

More recently, during the COVID-pandemic, I set a new personal record with three naps in one day: one after breakfast, one after lunch and one after dinner! Only to follow-up with a good night’s eight hour sleep. That’s when we must’ve been putting the finishing touches on one thing or another in the other realms, for sure.

The pandemic was a blessing in disguise for Realm Workers, of course. There were lockdowns, social distancing, masking up, working from home – an introverts’ wet dream come true! I like to call the pandemic ‘The Revenge of the Introverts’ (except for the casualties, of course, those were not our doing.) The world finally marched to our beat for a change. Instead of us having to force ourselves to live the extraverts’ way, they had to live by ours for a while. Not to mention that it freed us up to do the final preparations for Heaven’s Cross as Realm Workers.

Another thing I had going on, going back to my childhood, was that at times I simply wasn’t present in my body, even during waking hours. This happened on and off and usually went on for a few days before I showed up again. I’d walk around, but there was no one there to answer the phone. It was hard on my partners, the two that I was in a long-term relationship with. Both of them took it rather personal and didn’t take kindly to it. After having taken the Sexual Energies School, it made me feel guilty, wondering if it was some kind of energy feeding game, making them chase after me. Still, it was what I did. Now I know why. But I didn’t know that at the time. Honey, I’m off to work, is what I should have told them. I’m building a bridge to heaven. Don’t wait up for me!

Then the solitude, the joy of being alone. I have always been very happy with my own company, even as a kid. I would trade off spending time with my neighborhood friends out on the street with lots of alone time at home, reading a book or just daydreaming. My mom worried about me, as I was such a shy and socially awkward kid. In my teens when other kids started going out, I just stayed in my room with my music, my books and my little b&w tv. When I was younger it never bothered me. It was just what I did. Only later on did I start wondering about it; was something wrong with me?

For the longest time I envied other people that seemed so much more present. They had purpose, something in their life into which they could channel their energy. I tried to find something like that. As a kid I told my mom once that I wanted to be a dancer. That came totally out of nowhere, as I didn’t know anyone who was a dancer nor danced in any capacity myself at that point. It wasn’t until I went to university that I started dancing myself, but only for fun and self-expression. I still do to this day and it’s definitely been a lifesaver for this Realm Worker. The perfect way to keep my energy moving and get out of my head!

Also, there always was music in my life, trying my hand at different instruments, listening to music a lot, and later on singing, using my voice. All the teachers I worked with told me I had talent, but I never was able to turn it into something lasting.

An astrologer once told me, based on my chart, that I would make a great therapist. Something I pursued too, but to no avail. In the end I always knew instinctively that it wasn’t meant to be, at least not as a career. I didn’t understand why. And I most certainly didn’t have a clue about what then to do with my life. 

When I started working, my career was pretty much non-existent. I turned down promotions, simply because I wasn’t interested in the working hours and pressure that came with the positions offered. I always felt like what I did was below what I was capable of, but I simply wasn’t interested in making the effort to strive for something more challenging, something that put to use what I knew I was capable of.

Then there was my biological family. I never was much of a family man. I always felt like the cuckoo’s young in my own family – dropped in a random nest among strangers that didn’t look or feel anything like me. When I started my own family, I went to live on my own again after ten years of marriage and we turned our relationship into a Living Apart Together one. Our kids stayed with me half of the week and with their mother the other half and the weekends we would spend together. That was a lifesaver at that point when my realm work really started ramping up in the early nineties. At the time I only worked four days a week, had every Friday all to myself and spent the weekends with my wife and kids.

I don’t regret starting a family, having kids and working a 3D job. It was what kept me anchored in this reality, kept me grounded and brought me joy in many ways too. But it sure was hard at times, navigating my personal journey of awakening while trying to live a ‘normal life.’

The only snag was that this time around I didn’t come into this world to have a normal life. So I got to the point in my awakening journey where I had to let go of it all. That’s when I decided to move across the Atlantic, leaving my family, my job, my ‘normal life’ behind, to focus completely on my realization, with my newfound Shaumbra love. But even that didn’t last, for around 2015/16 – when according to Adamus we kicked up the realm work a few notches – that too started falling apart. I ended up living out of my car for a couple of years, traveling around while I tried to find some solid ground without a partner to lean on. It was time to finally becoming sovereign, after 35+ years of co-dependent relationships.

A few times in those years I got to the point where I was ready to throw in the towel. After my last, especially challenging dark night of the soul, little me told all of Me that I was ready to be done with it. If things weren’t going to change for the better soon, I’d rather check out. That’s when I got a number – 2023 – and feeling into it I could feel light at the end of the tunnel. No further details were given, but 2023 was only a couple of years away at that point, so I agreed to stick around to see what it would bring.

And here we are, with Heaven’s Cross in the bag and my job as a Realm Worker done. My ninja days are over! I never resonated with the pirate label that so many Shaumbra embrace. And it makes total sense now. I was one of the stealthy ones, working under the cover of darkness. You never saw me coming, never knew what hit you! I’d be in and out before you could take a good, deep breath.

Heaven’s Cross gave me an incredible sense of completion, of relief and a feeling of great pride in what we accomplished. The knowingness that no one will ever have to go through what we Realm Workers went through (well, at least not on this Earth). I also feel excitement and anticipation about what will happen when all that blocked creativity of hundreds of thousands of Realm Workers will finally be put to use on this old Earth.

I will give myself all the time I need to get used to the idea that I have been released from my duties and that the time finally is here to truly incarnate – probably for the first time ever AND for the last time – and to decide what enjoying life on Earth really means to me. I still have plenty of carrot cake to keep me going, so that’s okay, no rush. But I sure am looking forward to finally getting to the point where I can live up to Tobias’ words; to learn more about what our role was as Realm Workers; to bring the wisdom back to Earth that I gathered in the other realms doing this work; to go out there again, but now taking the human me along for the ride in a conscious way; and perhaps even to teach others how to navigate those realms. 

All in all, I am pretty sure I ain’t seen nothing yet!

…when we find what we’re looking for
we’ll drop these bags and search no more.
It’s gonna feel like heaven when we’re home.

Heaven When We’re Home – The Wailin’ Jennys


  • Joep Claessens

    Joep Claessens was involved from the start with this planet of free choice, but after 1,327 lifetimes is ready to call it quits. In this one, his final lifetime, he agreed to be one of the Realm Workers and is very happy that the job is done and the real fun can finally begin, hallelujah! He may be contacted by email.



    1. Peter Suedkamp

      Indeed beautiful. And now I also know why my life was the way it has been. I have had taken on a lot that truly wasn’t mine but now I know and have also gained wisdom from it. Aliyah also wasn’t really mine and I also even did attend SES twice. First teacher presented and then the Adamus Update online and although I learned much wich I appreciate very much I could not really apply Aliyah. Nonetheless I have all my best doing good things for myself but it’s been a tough time too. Now I am feeling much more passion for my life and career not in a usual way like others would say. I have much more clarity and wisdom about it and know it’s just an act and I can enjoy it rather than see it as an obligation. So thank you for sharing your article about what happened to you. It’s a beautiful clarifying article.

  1. Joep, Thank you. I so enjoyed your story.It truly is wonderful to finally understand what the hell has been going on.And I agree, the best is yet to come.

  2. Susan Jacobs PhD

    However off-the-wall some might discern, reading those memoirs were as close as most could get TO BE-ing ma’ own…

  3. Marion Stirner

    Thank you Joep, I enjoyed your sharing, and had a couple of laughter, especially with the Aliyah. Now I understand why it didn’t work out for me either.

  4. Indiana S.D.

    Thank you for your stories. The hardest thing for me was the boredom from the blockage of my creativity. And knowing that I deserve a much better life than I had. 😊👍

  5. Hi Joep, thank you so much for sharing your story. I liked it very much and in between I had some good smiles. And yes, I can find a lot of parallels.

  6. Thank you joep! I love your Story!😃❤
    I just did remember that often I sing” I am your Angel undercover…..I am your help”.
    This is from a song.
    Interesting……I also never felt that I am a ” pirate”.
    More like a Black Panther…….😉😊” the secret agent”.

  7. Joep thank you for your story… o man what a ride this weird human life was❣️ Lets see what unfolds from here coming into human form completely.. All the Best my friend

  8. Jeez, all these wonderful stories are validating my weirdness. I’m a newbie. What’s Aliyah? The Realm Worker role is explaining my life and all my beautiful and weird dreams. So exciting! Thank you for sharing. Personal stories mean much more to me. In the stories I find it hard to tell the gender of the author. That truly speaks to a balanced inner masculine and feminine. Looking forward to SES in June. Thank you again. So grateful to find the group.

    1. Hi Rene, you’ll find out everything you want to know and more about Aliyah when you take the SES. And being released from your realm work it might even work for you, where for me it didn’t.

      1. thank you Joep, I took SES 6-7+ times and always knowing there was an authentic experience of Aliyah that I was just not getting to, but when life as I knew it ended in 1987, in one breath, it was like 99% of me left, and the 1% remaining in excruciating pain, like a cat on a hot tin roof, like every cell was on fire, at least taking SES did end that “inhuman” pain after about 18 years. The brain fog, chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, the inability to express myself remained though until fairly recently. I had no feelings of sleep, but I had “lost time”, I blinked at 1:11, and it was 2:22, blinked at 3:33 etc. I lost all family and friends, aware that I was in a different dimension than they were. it was not a pretty one, but it was quiet and alone and that was all I could handle and so I was grateful. I took ADHD meds as a teenager and figured I was finally unwinding all the buried energies from flatlining my life force and deserved the hell I got. I kept saying, I can get out of this, health is just a half a dimension over, but could never get myself there. I was obsessed with bringing my dualities back together, creating neutral energy, and the resolution of paradox consumed me. I lived in my car at least 10 years and another 10 in the basements of people who did not like me at all. I had precious exasperated mentors, one a banker who yelled at me…you should be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, what the hell are you doing in all these minimum wage jobs? What is wrong with you? I had no words to explain the inflexible brain damage ADHD meds cause nor why I was not in their dimension. My wise little brother though saw….and nick-named me cloud, added cloud 32 & rising, which forgave a lot of my unpresent moments, as most people in my farming community only know me as cloud, off someplace else. Magically Tobias seemed to get me to some workshops somehow but I was always in shock and fragile, amazed I got to them and through them. When I doubted if I was a realm worker, my cc friends were quick to say….. yes you were, so I bought it. and finally my failure of a life made perfect sense. and now I can actually sleep for real, no lost time.

  9. Thank you Jem for your Memoirs. I recognize the patterns, I was there too. Except I didn’t see myself as a Stealthy Ninja. But, for all those John le Carré books I read in my lonely room, I was Secret Service. Take care, fellow worker!

  10. Jutta Specht

    Dear Joep, Thank you for sharing your great and well balanced article. I like your balance between your enthusiasm about this incredible realization of who you have been and the calmness of letting it unfold and giving time to this process. Many new realisations about our experiences in the last decades will follow.
    During the first weeks after HC I found myself in pure intoxication. Now very old issues come up with intensity, but due to the lessened gravity, they bid farewell after only short intermezzi. Yesterday my 23 year old daughter revealed how constantly lost and lonely she felt beside me in all of her childhood (we have been a 2-person-family, only she and me). I have not been present and I was always exhausted, often sick due to intense stress-feeling, always sleeping like a RealmWorker ;D, far away …
    This very bitter issue needed less than 24 hours attention… now it has changed already. Things want to be felt but they can go easily …

    I still don´t take a “pirate-button” because pirates are robbers, murderers and hostage takers (=energy-feeders), aren´t they? Okay, the outlaw-aspect is what fits …

    1. Check out “An Open Letter to the New Ones” (December 3, 2020) for an explanation of a Shaumbra pirate. We aren’t the stereotypical bad guys. It’s just a fun way to describe our spiritual journey.

    2. Lainee Hartsel Freidhof

      You’re not wrong about pirates but the AND of that lifestyle is that pirates brought the energy of democracy before governments did! Additionally, not all of them were awful – some captains operated under their own strict rules of morality and their crews obvi followed suit. 🙂

  11. Georgia Sanderss

    Thank you for your story Jeop, I enjoyed reading it and connected with much of it. I, however, pretty much knew the other realms, I felt comfortable there. I just had a difficult time with this dimension. Why was I so different? I felt others were confused by me and I couldn’t figure out why. When I tuned into the shouds I felt very comfortable with all the channeled entities like they were speaking my language. Hurrah! I dropped out of CC for a some years while I took care of family members in need. I’m sure Heavens’ Cross called out to be paid attention to. SO appreciate that! Yes, I AM a realm worker and I believe I still am wrapping up some issues. I’ve been with Geoff and Linda since the beginning. What a team! THANK YOU both for your dedication and love for Shaumbra.

  12. Hi Joep,

    Thank you for sharing your story! I can relate to lots of aspects, for being in ‘gangster’ mode for years.

    And now we have free time, the days of being a Realm Worker are over 🙂

  13. Thank you Joep! I recognize so much. The introvert, always prefering being alone, so talented but not feeling the urge to do something with it, always feeling you’re different, not knowing why you should stick around except for the strange feeling you are needed somehow and you’re time (human time) will come. Not having big plans, or careergoals. Yes, that sounds as me as well.
    And now.. it’s time for the human to really be able to start enjoying herself, enjoying life, although I haven’t got a clue how to do that yet. Just trusting that ease and grace will lead the way instead of bump & fills.
    Nogmaals bedankt Joep, fijn zo veel herkenning te vinden in de verhalen van mede Realm Workers.

  14. Well said and well written Joep! I could ditto just about everything. Reading your words offered some comic relief after all the emotional release that came from reading Jeff’s article.

  15. Thanks for all your words of appreciation, fellow realm workers! It was fun to write what I wrote and even more fun to read your comments!

    By the way, one of us created a Facebook group dedicated to us realm workers, called “The beautiful retirement of Realm & Earth Workers”. If you’re on FB and feel inspired, check it out! => http://www.facebook.com/groups/556390109954927

  16. Dear Joep,
    thanks so much for sharing your stories. I had to interrupt reading so many times to smile and reflect. Aliyah? It never worked for me, either. I even forgot about it until I read your lines. Sleeping? Oh, yeah! Bring it on! I even slept at techno events for an hour or two. No problem. Tools and methods to ground me? Never worked. I was never fully here and always “here and there.” Finally, all the pieces came together—time to anchor in.
    By the way, I never resonated with the “Shaumbra pirates,” either. Or any pirate. No offense, folks, I love you! <3

  17. Shikaiyana Nelson

    Joep your sharing makes so much sense to me SES and realm worker AND the scientific energy work, that was always there but I couldn’t word.

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