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Exploring the New Light

Adamus on Keahak XIII

Keahak is Adamus Saint-Germain’s annual program for advanced metaphysics. As we enter into our 13th year of Keahak, Adamus continues the tradition of discussing the deepest and most fascinating concepts related to the nature of reality, and our journey as souled beings here on planet Earth. 

We gather in the House of Keahak twice a month for the latest information from Adamus. There are no prerequisites and no need to have participated in previous Keahak sessions. Subscribers get full access to all Keahak XIII recorded sessions with no expiration date. Plus, each month Dr. Douglas Davies and Linda Benyo Hoppe offer the Living in Keahak show where they review the latest channels, offering additional insights and humor. Keahak is Crimson Circle’s preeminent program, for those wanting the fastest and deepest track. 

Here’s what Adamus said recently about the upcoming year of Keahak XIII:

I Am that I Am Adamus of St. Germain.

We’ve entered into the Apocalypse. Now comes the time of the New Light for Shaumbra. 

The New Light will be the basis of our explorations in Keahak XIII. We’ll explore the metaphysics of the New Light, how to use it in your everyday life, and the ultimate effect on mass consciousness.

In Keahak XIII we’ll also explore how the New Light affects everything from time, space, gravity, and energy flow. Plus, we’ll continue to discuss how to live in joy as embodied Masters in this post-Apocalyptic era. 

None of this has ever been done before by a group of humans, so the word “exploring” is the key to our Keahak sessions. 

Keahak has been about spirit and consciousness in motion, as well as experience. Now we’ll add the variable of the New Light. 

Keahak is the classroom for exploring advanced metaphysics and how it applies to your everyday life.

Join me, the Ascended Masters, and thousands of Shaumbra around the world as we open the doors of Keahak XIII on July 2, 2023.

It is the place to be for consciousness explorers. 

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