The Role of Realm Workers in Lifting the Veil


  • Many Realm Workers have felt:
           – Tired all the time
           – Unsuccessful at life
           – Like they got something wrong
  • You were doing important work in the other realms
  • Now you can finally enjoy life!

The Realm Workers played a crucial role leading up to the opening of Heaven’s Cross on March 22, 2023. While living their human lives on Earth, they also worked in the other realms to help lift the veil that for so long has separated the human from the other heavens, or realms. Their work helped facilitate the easing of gravity, electromagnetics and other forces that kept the human consciousness from going into the “beyond.” The Apocalypse has begun, and conscious humans around the world are now able to embody more light into their lives. 

According to Adamus Saint-Germain, it was necessary to have dedicated human angels working in the other realms – often in their dream state – to create a balance between the realms and weave in familiar human harmonics to greet all of those ready to expand beyond the limited human perspective. Many Realm Workers lived relatively quiet lives on this planet in order to focus on their work in the other heavens. A common attribute of Realm Workers was feeling tired and low-energy as humans because of their intense and prolonged work in the heavens. Now the work is done, and the Realm Workers can come back to full presence as honored Masters in this reality. 

I ask you to acknowledge yourself as a Master – as a Master in service, as a Master in realm work, as a Master of dark energies and as a Master of being human. Take a good deep breath and let that sink in, acknowledging yourself as a true embodied Master on the planet.
Adamus Saint-Germain

BONUS: Includes downloadable music track.


1. Realm Workers – Questions & Answers (56:13)

Adamus answers questions about the Realm Workers, including what they’ve been doing (working with “dark energy”), why they have to be embodied humans, how many and who they are, the effects of realm working on their human lives, and more.

2. Call to Return Merabh (41:08)

Saying it is now time to return to live fully on Earth, Adamus guides this merabh to bring the Realm Workers back home. After putting in such a tremendous amount of work and being unaware of the details at the human level, now is the time to receive and enjoy the very personal rewards in your life.

Merabh music (39:57)

Format: Downloadable audio & text 

Cost: $33

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at Villa Ahmyo in Holualoa, Hawaii, April 2023 

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