Mission Accomplished

By Geoffrey Hoppe

I can’t think of another topic that has touched the hearts and souls of Shaumbra like the Realm Workers has. It took me by total surprise, perhaps because I was not one. I didn’t see it coming. Adamus mentioned it a few times to me at the end of 2022, and then asked me to write an article about it for the February 2023 Shaumbra Magazine. It’s been the hot topic with Shaumbra ever since.

The Crimson Circle Facebook page has been more active than usual, partly due to the new people coming in, and a lot due to the incredible postings about life as a Realm Worker. In the recent live workshops here in Kona, Hawaii in March and April, over 80% of the attendees identified as Realm Workers. We had some fascinating discussions with Adamus about their “re-entry.” 

The whole idea of realm working put the pieces together for so many Shaumbra around the world. For many years, they have wondered what they were actually doing to affect consciousness on the planet. One of the attributes of a Realm Worker was leading a relatively quiet life, away from the frenzy of regular human existence. They were too pre-occupied to take on busy or demanding family or career roles. Oftentimes they felt like part of themselves was off somewhere else, but didn’t know why. Many were physically tired in their human’s lives for unexplained reasons. 

Bingo. For so many, the idea of realm work put the final pieces of the puzzle together. At the recent Staying in Grace workshop, Adamus explained, “Your realm work was an important element leading up to Heaven’s Cross. Some of you were doing it for 30 years or more. Somebody took issue with me in our last gathering because I call it realm work. They said, ‘Well, no, it’s not really work. We’re doing it for a reason, and it’s all joyful and happy’. You can call it whatever you want, but it was work for the human. It took a toll for those of you that were doing it, because part of your human consciousness was literally in the other realms doing the work. There were many sacrifices by your human self.”

Can realm work just be an excuse for bad behavior or not accomplishing much in life? The question came up during the recent workshops. Surely it could be, but for the Shaumbra I’ve talked to and the posts I’ve seen in social media, it’s a deeply valid explanation rather than an excuse. Their reactions were more like, “Wow, I finally get it!” rather than “I must have been a Realm Worker because my life is a mess.” With only a few minor exceptions, I haven’t noticed any makyo related to realm work. You either get it and identify with it, or not. 

Adamus posed the rhetorical question, “Why didn’t we talk about the Realm Workers five or ten years ago?” and then answered his own question: “It’s very, very challenging. It’s lonely. You’re not aware of it while you’re still here on the Earth. It wasn’t something we could talk about prior to this because it would have disrupted a balance. Let’s say we talked about this five years ago. Everybody would have claimed to be a Realm Worker. There was an agreement not to disclose it, an agreement that you would do the work quietly in the other realms and try to live a life here on this planet. The emotional stress and confusion was enormous. But you’re a hearty bunch and you said, ‘I can do it. I can take it on. It’s no problem. This is the thing I’ve been preparing for, for many lifetimes.’”

Adamus talked in more detail about what the Realm Workers have been doing all these years. “The general concept was pretty simple. It was equivalent to being a human sitting on a bench and radiating your light but the Realm Workers went into mass consciousness itself. Mass consciousness is like a big cloud surrounding the Earth. Every human thought, every human experience, everything is in mass consciousness. You went there as Realm Workers and the idea was to bench in the midst of mass consciousness. You went right into it and parked your butt and radiated your light. Pretty simple. I mean, who couldn’t do that?! Pretty simple, until you start feeling everything in mass consciousness. Mass consciousness builds and grows and gets even more dense. It’s not like there’s a machine up there that cleans it up and spits it out as nice clean energy. And you can imagine over eons of time with humans on Earth how that cloud of mass consciousness has built up.

“You started to realize just how dense it was. It was a burden. And then what did you do? Instead of just benching and radiating your light, you started to absorb those energies as your own. You felt that to effectively do this work, it was important to dive into those energies that really weren’t yours, whether it was energies of lack of abundance or health issues or just battling the demons, that you had to dive in and shine your light at the same time. This can be overwhelming. It’s different when you recognize, ‘This is an outside energy. This is not my stuff.’ But once you start getting into the game of letting yourself immerse and even believe it’s yours to even a small degree, then it’s really tough to get out because you’re taking these on as your own.”

Adamus continued: “Here we are now, just a month or so after Heaven’s Cross. Many Realm Workers are weary after their deep work. They wonder if it had any impact because they don’t see any immediate changes in the world. What they don’t see yet is the new light has activated the Christ consciousness seed that was planted over 2000 years ago. The seed has been deep within mass consciousness and will now start germinating. Then one day very soon – boom! – the seed breaks through the surface and everything changes.”

wings hanging in the entry way

The subject of Realm Workers could make for a fascinating sci-fi fantasy movie. The main actors (Shaumbra) lead double lives, one as humans coming into Realization on Earth, and the other shining their light deep into mass consciousness and the other realms to help bring about the Apocalypse.  By day, they lead relatively quiet, inward lives amongst the muggles, but by night they put on their wings and venture into the other realms. They shine their light into some of the toughest places, even pretending that it’s their own reality in order to help transmute the old energies. 

The closing scene of the movie shows the character walking back into their house at sunrise one morning. They look over at their human self still sound asleep in bed. Soon the human will wake up to the new day, but the Realm Worker knows that today will be different. The work is done now. It’s only a matter of time before the new light starts changing everything on the planet. The Realm Worker smiles, knowing that the human doesn’t yet realize the impact of what has been done. The human is still very tired and disoriented from the long ordeal, but the Realm Worker knows this will soon pass. In this final scene, the Realm Worker take off her wings and instead of hanging them up on the usual hook in the entryway, the Realm Worker brushes the grit off the wings and carefully places them in a storage box and tapes it shut. Then she puts a label on the box – “Mission Accomplished” – before crawling into bed with her human self. 


  • Geoffrey Hoppe

    Geoffrey Hoppe founded the Crimson Circle in 1999 after a series of conversations with the angelic being known as Tobias. He left the corporate world in 2001 to devote his full time to the Crimson Circle, along with his wife Linda. Geoff channeled Tobias until 2009 when Tobias returned to earth in a new incarnation known as Sam. Tobias handed off his guidance role with the Crimson Circle to Adamus Saint-Germain, a facet of the Beloved St. Germain who has been working with humans for hundreds of years. Geoff has been the messenger of Adamus Saint-Germain ever since.



  1. Satu Karjalainen

    I am so greatfull for what you are doing. When you Geoffey wrote that article about Realm Workers first time, i started to cry and got shivers. I knew it immediatly that it was me! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️ i always thought, that there’s something wrong with me, but now i know! Can’t thank you enough for the work that you do! 🥰😘

      1. Henriet Heskamp

        I also was a realm worker.
        Somehow I am releaved that I am not weak and useless. But now I am still sick. Can’t seem to get out of it.
        Dit I mis the boot?
        I am even more tired and stressed.
        I feel lost. I give up.

  2. Thank you Geoffrey. I so appreciate your article.To finally understand what was going-on all for all those years and to know that the mission was accomplished.

  3. Nancy H Beaven

    It DOES explain a LOT! I got teary-eyed reading the last paragraph. Thank you, Geoff. Thank you, Linda, Jean, all at Crimson Circle, Crimson Council and all my fellow Realm Workers. With Love and Appreciation.

  4. Raigo Kaljus

    For past twenty years, me and my wife have been literally clearing, changing, renewing old patterns of mass consciousness. She has been channeling all the necessary info and I was holding the space for that to happen. It has been challenging at all levels. I can’t say that it has been a pleasure or fun, but something more like that was needed to be done. I am relieved that it’s done now. My personal realization finally manifested 4 years ago. I still remember it so clearly. Since that moment I feel like a lot has changed and at the same time it feels like nothing has changed. But I clearly see, feel and experience how my spirit, my I AM THAT I AM presence is anchoring itself every day and every moment and it is absolutely wonderful. Thank you to you all my dear Shaumbra family!!!

  5. It does feel that, for the first time, I am experiencing my life from the inside. And its beautiful.

  6. I would like to know the age range of the Realm Workers.

    My only child (born in 2004) was so detached as a person until there was a recent shift. When he was about to start school he demanded to be homeschooled. Since I was already home I went ahead and continued to until he graduated High School in Oct 2022. His sleep patterns were to be awake at night and asleep during the day. No matter how much I attempted to switch his schedule he would not, so I shifted his school lessons to match his wake-sleep pattern. He would rarely brush his teeth, take a bath, he ate very little, but drank (and still drinks) lots of water. He was not interested in being around the other students or involved in any activities away from our home. In the past couple of months he is now starting to be awake during the day and sleeps at night. He has not yet completely made the shift but it is shifting. He cleans himself up more and is more actively communicating with me. When I ask him to go places he agrees now.

    Is it possible that he is/was a Realm Worker?

    1. Hi Sandra!
      I am not able to provide an answer, but one of my brothers showed exactly the same patterns than your son, and he is one. Just he was born much earlier, in 1986.
      And his old patterns started changing recently as well.
      I don’t even know if he realises what he has been doing…
      But my mom knew and kept it secret.
      Until she got ill and she asked me to watch over him, to protect him.
      By that time I hadn’t had my awakening yet and I was faaaar from anything spiritual.
      I had no idea what my mom was talking about, him being an angel that came to shine his light.
      By the end I am as well, just a different kind, a light worker 🙂
      Sending you love!

      1. Thank you for letting me know. Loved received and sending it back to you along with many blessings!

    2. Steiner Veronika

      Dear Sandra,
      you asked about the age … i´m 63.
      But if I remember the time around 2004, then the night was more inviting for me! During the night, the mass consciousness was calmer, more bearable. Possibly your son felt or feels the same way. Since Heavens Cross, my sleep/wake rhythm shifted more towards “normal”. In all that time before it was mostly impossible for me to fall asleep before 2 a.m. … sometimes even 4 a.m. Even if I lay in bed with my eyes closed…my body being terribly tired … i couldn´t sleep. Just breathing, breathing, breathing … In this state i experienced phenomena of mass consciousness … and i breathed through. It was an altered state … neither sleeping nor totaly awake.

    3. Droga Sandro, mój wnuk (2005, poród domowy) cały czas “dawał nam popalić” – łapał pierwszy promień słońca, działał na zasadzie “cel – pal”, dyskutował z dorosłymi, no i nie pasował do środowiska rówieśników, choć się w żaden sposób nie izolował.
      Zainteresowania bardzo szerokie i potrzebował mikroskopu, lornetki a w komputerze poruszał się jak znawca i sam sobie poskładał…
      Jednak szkoła i cała edukacja nie pasowała, nie chciał słyszeć o szlaczkach i odwzorowaniu. Najpierw było nauczanie domowe, nieakceptowane przez tutejszą społeczność. I… przydarzył mu się tzw. atak padaczki niewiadomego pochodzenia, przyznali niepełnosprawność i nauczanie indywidualne w domu. Spał kiedy potrzebował i nie było z tym problemu, choć jego zasięgi były coraz większe i coraz bardziej nie radził z emocjami. Na etapie szkoły średniej zaczęło się życie na krawędzi i ostre starcia z systemem: próby samobójcze, narkotyki, alkohol, palenie, tabuny uganiających się dziewcząt a w recepturach stał się ekspertem, no i gry…
      Był ośrodek odwykowy, wzywanie karetek ale przewalał wszystkie mury ograniczające i odsłaniał nam coraz większe gówno… trzeba było zaakceptować chlew na poddaszu w jego pierdolniku, mnóstwo pustych butelek po wodzie, zaschniętych talerzy i wszystkiego jak na wysypisku śmieci.

      Od Krzyża Niebiańskiego i mocnych akcentów wcześniej codziennie jaśnieje “dziecko we mgle”. Wrócił do szkoły jako ekstern i już zdaje sobie sprawę, że nie jest mu to do niczego potrzebne.
      Dla mnie i dla córki prawdziwa szkoła życia, bo każde ciche uwiązanie grzmi z całym impetem. Obydwie zostałyśmy nakierowane i były ostre szlify, inność od tego wszystkiego gówna. Często pytałam, czy jestem normalna. Teraz nie pytam a 8 schoud to potok łez. Nie dało się słuchać, bo coś nie działało a o czytaniu nie było mowy. Czułam to wcześniej jak nadchodzi nie tyle smutek, co wdzięczność i ogromne wzruszenie.
      Dziękuję, dziękuję, dziękuję.

  7. Susan Wally Thicke

    Thank you for your beautiful, detailed, clear definition of a realm worker. Years ago I wondered why I did not fit in and grew to accept I was different. No matter what I tried the outcome was the same. By the time HC came around I was so exhausted that I knew my body would not support me if that level of fatigue had not ended. Since March 22, 2023 through today the quality of my sleep has improved and I no longer wake up feeling more exhausted than when I went to sleep. My entire life feels different. I am grateful and appreciative for the information that both you and Adamus have shared. Now, I am beginning to live my dreams.

  8. It was a such a flabbergast for me to understand both at the same time that I had been working my ass off on other realms and that it was finished. The first feeling was a relief, so many things suddenly made sense: I was not a failure in life, it’s just that my big project, my massion, was not mainly on Earth. And second one was a post partum moment of “what now?” hard to overcome. I think I did some overtime, just because I was used to go wherever I went at night for quite some time.

    So thank you Geoff and Adamus for the explanations and all Shaumbra’s for sharing your experiences, it really really helps. Now I need figure out what’s next, but I am granting myself a few more (well deserved) weeks of vacation. 😎

  9. Lone Fjord Kristensen

    Hi, I also cried when you mentioned the realmworkers in the shoud. I still cry a lot, and feel my dignity coming to being, step by step. I know it was the right decision to not mention it earlier, as it would have jeopardized the whole thing. My busy brain would be too occupied with it. I have experienced a nervous shaking of my head, uncontrollable, like I have been tense for a few years leading up to heavens cross, and now I am convinced, it is my body telling me how tense I have been, and now I can relax again, though it will probably last a while, until it is totally relaxed and certain, we succeeded.
    Congratulations to all of us, physical and non-physical, we did it.
    And thanks to Geoff and Linda, you have been the safe haven, home , the lifeline when you thought you were way out there again.And the way you talk was just what I needed to hear, through 23 or 24 years. Wow, that is really something. A lifeline.
    Love you..

  10. Well Geoff-you’ve got me crying again! Tears of joy, tears of relief, tears of exhaustion…deep breath.Thank you for bring even more info to us from Adamus and our role as a realm worker. ❤️✨

  11. Tere Ruiz Rodarte

    Oh, I loved this article, it made me laugh, it brought tears of excitement to my eyes! It has been a little bit hard to ground after the mission has been accomplished, but the light is definetelly shining and I am loving to be back to Earth, discovering how to be back here feels, and allowing and receiving a grand life! Let´s just rock and roll! Thanks Geoff for this wonderful article!

  12. Thank you so much again Geoffry and Adamus for bringing even more clarity and meaning to these last 30 years or maybe even more. I too have been touched to tears to be able to acknowledge that all these years had meaning as I was so hoping they did. Shining light always seemed like the most natural and meaningful thing to do yet I had so much doubt because I was so utterly exhausted. Literally some days felt like a thousand years and the nights even longer and harder. I always wondered “How can this Be?” “I must be doing something wrong” Yet, it was the only thing that made any sense in the depth of my being. Phew! However, now I am one who is still very tired most of the time and wondering if I will ever recover.
    I have to believe I will simply because I am still here and that is what I choose. One day , hopefully very soon , everything will truly go new! Thank you all for what you have done and continue to share.

  13. I’ve always been wondering why I’m so tired even if I do nothing?)) I convinced myself that I’m just that, and my energy level is lower than other people’s are.
    I’ve always felt that I’m not actually living a human life. It would be correct to say I was just existing: no relationships, no children, no career, no fame, no money, no property, no business. At the same time, I have a huge number of ideas, I easily and quickly learn new things and have many talents. But each of my undertakings ended in nothing. Each time I started, I realised that I was not able to bear the load.
    I fell in love many times, but never had relationships. In fact, I ran away every time it got serious. It felt so heavy to have any people around.
    From the human perspective I’ve felt myself as a looser, and it hurts so much. But at the same I’ve always had other perspective: that all this mass consciousness stuff is not so important, and I’m not like these regular people, and I do make a big difference. I’ve always felt some kind of superior, but in human sense I had absolutely no reason for that.
    So when I first read Geoffrey’s article about the realm workers I immediately sensed it is about me. I read and reread it so many times. The information about the Realm workers put everything in its place. I feel great relief and inspiration.
    For the last month, I even feel how passion is slowly returning to my earthly life. What a thrill to be fully present in your life, in your body, to feel the returning taste for life. I definitely stay. I have accumulated so many ideas, so many dreams have not yet come true! And so much is yet to come!

    1. Dawn Anderson

      You describe my life as well, so perfectly. There was always a chasm between what I was seeing could be my life, and what was allowed to become my life. Anything that would have created a “normal’ human life was either blocked at a certain point, or I ran away from. All those years of self-help and confidence-building – not wasted – but, distractions from doing what I came here to do. Thanks to Geoff for writing this article, and for everything else of the past 20+years.

  14. Hello. I sincerely thank you for your article. I am very glad that you were not a Real Worker, it’s a pity to waste your extraordinary talent and potential in communication in all fields where you used it and still use it. Your articles combined with Adamus’ messages (in which you are also present and speak quite often) have become a permanent element of my reality … it is its unquestionable foundation. I agree with everything you wrote about. I was a Real Worker… I’m tired again, I’m so used to the job I’ve been doing that sometimes it feels like no matter what Adamus says, there’s still work to be done…. But only sometimes… Even though that I’m quite young – I’m 52 years old – I feel like a pensioner …. But only at times …. and I know that it will pass soon (regardless of what my mind thinks about my “soon”). The most important thing is that the awareness of who I was and the way my destiny was programmed was very important to me, because I found a whole lot of answers, what my life turned out the way it did …. Now I know why I didn’t become a professional athlete, why I had injuries right away before the championships, why my career in business stopped at a certain stage, why I worked in such and not other places …. why my career as an excellent coach ended …. and so on … Once again, thank you very much. I’m glad you’re here!

  15. On March 23 I had anticipated waking up to a world of excitement and new expectations but to may consternation that morning I felt a deep sadness and kind of this hollow feeling and to my surprise just a little bit irritated or aggravated. I totally had not anticipated these feeling, I had expected to feel just the opposite of these.

    I put off listening to “The Realm Workers Call to Return” for some time after it came out, didn’t know exactly why, there was just this resistance to it, like maybe there was something I needed to know but yet a deeper part of me really didn’t want to hear it, resisted it.

    But alas the desire to know the details got the better of me and I felt myself weeping like a little kid as the whole explanation poured from the Masters lips. It explained so many reason why my life had been as it had. What a tremendous relief as the aha’s kept sweeping over me as I listened till the end.

    At this point I realized the reason for the sadness, the emptiness and the reason for feeling kind of pissed off. All those sojourns into the other realms, all the excitement of opening up the boulevard, the safe passage and the anchoring of un-gravity/dark energy in these realms was suddenly over.

    My perception is, I had simply loved doing that work, and to me it was anything but work, it was soooo exciting so satisfying, and I really didn’t want it to end. In fact in my day life I had been feeling that so strongly, trying to hold on the realm work so hard that I develop an extreme stabbing pain in my shoulder that finally climaxed to the point I figured I needed to seek medical attention. At that point I think I realized I had to just let it go and get on with my regular earth life and allow myself some of the experiences and adventures that I had put off for most of my life.

    Now a few short days after allowing this to really sink in, the pain has almost completely subsided, thank GOD.

    Thank you Jeff, thank you Adamas I feel such gratitude, can’t help but wonder where I’d be right now without the information and experience you have gifted me/us with over the years, especially now more than ever.

  16. I feel still there. Every night. Working hard at living another life somewhere else. I can only get flashes of what I’m doing and it’s gone. I grapple during the day to remember but I can’t. During the day I sleep. I can’t keep my eyes open at times. When I am awake I am lost, confused, depressed. I’m completely at odds in my human life and just don’t want to be here. I am filled with a longing to be done here. I really need someone to help.

    1. Nicole DeRose

      Aloha Margaret! How are you my dear? I totally feel what you are expressing. Tired of it all so much. In the void. Sad, angry, confused, depressed, lost. All the feels especially this week. I had an experience the other day that reminded me of the moment in labor called the Ring of Fire. (when the baby’s head starts to emerge) It is the most painful violent horrific sensation, like you are being ripped in two, And this happens AFTER the hours and hours of labor you have already been through. So I had this emotional Ring of Fire where all the rage, grief, bitterness, confusion came bubbling like lava to the surface and i just EXPLODED. So sick of feeling lost, of serving, sacrifice, pain. I put on Pantera and raged through hours of Ozzy, Metallica and others. I let it all come up and out. More than anything I reclaimed my power, my presence and let myself FEEL again. Opening back up to LIFE and being ALIVE. It is safe now. I despised when I hear “let it go”, but it’s true, but more like move through it, beyond it. It’s over. Forgive. You deserve a beautiful happy passionate life and that is what is waiting for you to meet it. For so long our hearts have been numb due to disappointments and failures in the human sense, but it’s YOUR time now. I promise, move through all the residue, feel it heal it forgive it and ALLOW the NEW to come through. Because we DO have a plan for this moment when you come back to life. I am aligning with mine slowly, still moving through some muck, but it’s there I promise!!

      1. Dear Nicole, I am very grateful for your response to Margaret!!! I appreciated your explanation on “the Ring of Fire”. Never have given birth but I could feel the experience through your explanation. Also the FORGIVENESS is big!!! Thank you for the share!

    2. Hi Margaret,
      Yes, I have felt exactly what you described. I am responding to you after watching the Shoud so my response or how i feel at the moment is much different than yesterday. YES, yesterday i felt exactly what you described. However, today during the shoud I was crying none stop. My human released a lot and feels lighter. My skin around my eyes are raw from rubbing my eyes from constant crying. The pain had been overwhelming. Wanted leave many MANY occasions. My human feeling lost, angry, conflicted, doubtful, depressed and much more. These feelings were growing stronger and stronger every day! nothing of this world coincided with my knowing and my tangible experiences or made sense anymore.
      NO MORE!!! I am DONE!
      Today During the shoud I realized I held enormous amount of anger and resentment with it all. Forgiving myself and for accepting such brutal task has been big! Even having to ask my human for forgiveness is needed. I feel lighter.
      Nicole DeRose, responded to your post and I am very grateful for her response!!! She helped my human grasp the feeling of forgiveness.
      In the past I use to say, there will come a time when the human will have to go through the biggest forgiving process! I believe this is it.
      Allowing the human to rant, yell or even curse out loud for the pain it has felt. Not holding back. letting it rip will help move the stuck energy in your body. some do it through exercise. find what will bring you the gratification and recognition for the self!
      Also yo can give your emotional experience to your soul to carry! The human no longer needs to keep it!
      Hang in luv!

  17. Dearest Geoffrey AND Adamus,
    There is So much here within me coming into a new balance. From the 1st mention of ” realm workers” I’ve connected so deeply with it’s unveiling. It immediately made sense of this lifetime for me. So many feelings,that went beyond others comprehension. The heavyness of the ” burdens ” is lifting. There are tears of joy, knowingness, and tears of sadness and also completion. In recent shouds, as well as the ” call to return” I just feel the deepest honor, and honoring I’ve ever felt each time I’ve seen Adamus put his hand to his heart as he so lovingly speaks of the works we’ve accomplished. There is great unfolding magnitude here! Words don’t do justice to the depth of gratitude I feel for myself, and each one of us, weather realm worker or beloved connectors here.
    I am so excited to truly live this new unfolding life! 💜

    1. Thank you dear Geoff and Adamus!
      Now my job is done……..I asked myself ” now what?”
      Just have fun……..it is Strange just to have fun……and no job anymore🙃😉😊
      Like ” First job……then fun”.
      I realy need to get used to JUST HAVE FUN.
      And what fun means to me right now.
      Sounds really funny!😉😃

  18. Mission accomplished! It gives me goosebumps. The article and especially the ending are delightful.
    We did it!!!

  19. Paula Corredor

    I had concluded that I was simply bad at all the regular human stuff and much better at the more non human/other realm stuff, since this was the lifetime where I became realized and had to remain focused. Ok, fair exchange, I thought, but it was still hard for the human. But the moment I heard about realm workers, it all made sense, and the more I learn about realm workers, the more and more it makes sense. Please keep the information coming! It’s so helpful! Thank you for helping us come back from our realm work ❤️

  20. Nicole DeRose

    I’ve gone two decades not being able to truly relate to the majority of humans I’ve come across. I used to say. “Even among the aliens, I’m an alien”
    On the surface i knew it was all about ascension but why did so few others understand what was really going on? Waking up from so many “battles” shellshocked over what I witnessed and felt. Many times shook for days over what I bore witness too in the astral. And like so many have said, feeling like a complete loser as a human. A classic over achiever with a go big or go home attitude, I had major problems with being forced to sleep my life away and endure tremendous physical pain for two decades. I was blessed with a “traditional” marriage and children whom I was abruptly taken from in 2012, requiring a complete sacrifice of my entire life as I knew it. It’s been one HELL of a ride indeed. But that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. It wasn’t until Feb 2023 that a friend sent me the channeling about Heaven’s Cross and the Realm Workers. And like most of you, I cried and hung my head low, knowing this is exactly what I have been living through and FINALLY someone was putting words to it. I have been moving through deep anger and grief as all of this is released, thrilled to finally have my life back. For me staying was never a bad thing, I have so many things that i feel like i was robbed of as a “human” and I can’t wait to see my dreams come to life here in the physical. I’m just so so glad it’s over. And to all of you, the biggest CHEERS and job WELL DONE!! Perhaps our paths have crossed while on assignment and perhaps they shall again for celebratory purposes only. No one can understand what we have gone through. Much like being at war and now we have returned home to put our lives back together again. I won’t lie, there is a level of PTSD i am moving through but having you all, Geoffrey, Linda and Adamus and all the Crismon Circle Ohana makes it a lot easier. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. xo

  21. Hi, before reading this article i was thinking that although you have written many amazing pieces in the past, your initial article about realm working was probably one of the most significant for me for various obvious reasons. this was also one of those articles. it provided flash backs of the journey which encouraged a good cry. in the article Geoffrey referenced an individual that claimed that the work was ” Joyful and happy” i would not use these two words to describe realm work. claiming as your own, thick, sticky, dark collective consciousness was not at all pleasant. it was as described in the article, “confusing” and riddled with “emotional stress.” walking in the dark experiencing varying degrees and depths of mass consciousness was mostly horror. walking through this dark mass felt like it was years because it actually was years, it was decades. the word “work” does best describe what was being done. look up the word work in the dictionary. i would in addition use the words emotional and spiritual to further describe the word. Geoffrey, Linda and the cc”s in honour of you, thank you for all that you do

  22. Juan Carlos Reyes Périz

    It has been very hard for us Realms Workers, since we were babies, hypersensitive, alone, misunderstood. And these last years when the work has increased even more, working intensely with the Collective Consciousness without being aware of it and that often meant serious physical problems for us. Many left the physical body, exhausted. Now the great challenge is to overcome that dynamic to delve into what we never knew, a life full of joy and happiness. We deserve it !

  23. I know now why I know now why , thank you Adamus you finally gave me some answers , for years I asked and asked what’s going on within and without.
    Okay my story is long to share and very tiresome to do so, one day maybe.
    I am Light is all about.
    i am shining like the sun.

  24. Thank you !

    I feel such a relief and peace now. <3
    Since February 2023, when I learned about Realm Workers, I have experienced many feelings. This is an information, which at first I could not believe. Then – yes, it's me, then…. tears. Then I got my human's regrets, because my human life was too poor and closed. Just to survive for many years. But now, I'm at peace, despite still exhausted. I let go of regrets and accepted the greatness of all that we have done. I am expanding into my human's life now. Hey, this is a new and wonderful experience!!

  25. Like all the other comments… tears are running down my face again. Since I knew I was a realm worker it gave me so much rest and peace to know. And so many tears….
    Thank you so so much. 🙏 Thanks for making me cry again today. I always said ‘I live close to the water’ when the world made me cry. But these tears are filled with so much gratefulness, grace and joy! With love to you all 🧡

  26. Steiner Veronika

    In the last 10 to 12 years it was in a way like in the film “La vita e bella” from Roberto Benini (a father and his little son in a nazi-concentrationscamp … and the father told his son that they play a hide-and-seek game … so that the son keeps quiet und hidden) …
    … a grand-me taking lovingly care of my human-me to keep me safe and giving the RealmWorker-me space and time to do the work! It was kind of lonely … but you see … in an other way: i wasn´t allone! I was with me!
    But there were times when i was realy angry about Shaumbra, Adamus … all talking about things we already “learned” with Tobias. At the same time knowing that it would have severe consequences to talk publicly about it.
    There were times when I felt like I was standing in an open door between the realms and I was putting all my energy into holding that door open…so the pent-up fear could drain. There were so many phenomena i couldn´t talk about … because nobody else experienced anything similar.
    It is a bit strange now reading from other Shaumbra experiencing the same!
    Thank you … for all!!!!

  27. great thanks for this article, from deep within. even my human part is thankfull, having some answers to my lifelong questions. as a child I wished to tell people that there is something else, much bigger, nobody wanted to hear me, so I was retiring into myself, but blaming me , to not be as I should, to be wrong, and the same time I knew , so yes it was tough to always be the one, that is wrong. and I knew that I was myself creating this reality . I decided to put my longing and knowing into Paintings, this is the best thing I daily love to domy whole life long. and only very few human wished and wish to understand or to feel them or to breathe them in. I am not complaining, but starting to understand, why this all happened or dont happen. It is a huge relief, and also sadness and the question what now? I watch daily this new emptiness within me, feeling the fear and lack in the society. Not yet being the New Me, magnificent and calm. where is my compassion, my joy . painting helps me to expand into My greater Me. What an adventure, Thank you Adamus, Geoffry, dear Linda and staff. I honour you so much, with deep reverence for life.

  28. Jeff Gendron

    I was among those that upon hearing the term Realm Worker it was like a thunderclap in my whole being. So many pieces fell into place. So many things made more sense. THANK YOU.

  29. Siempre que despertaba le comentaba a mi esposa , Tube una pelea con demonios porque me siento cansado . hoy fui a un lugar muy oscuro donde solo yo era la luz ..sin contar el despues de haber Trasminito el mensage de adios al poder a las elites del planeta, personalmente . Con la Cruz del Cielo la mission termino !

  30. Cuando leí la palabra trabajador de los reinos la mente podía dudar pero el saber interno estaba ahí y no hay duda. Yo prefiero hablar del trabajo verdadero. Muchas veces en años pasados cuando notaba de nuevo la sensación de querer irme del planeta, un lloro profundo surgía, desde el más profundo me decía ” un poco más, sólo un poco más” . Ahora me quedaré un poco más aunque todavía es desafiante, pero siento que ya no está esa sensación agobiante de que falta algo.
    De todas formas jamás hubiera cambiado esta vida por una vida “normal”, las experiencias vividas ahora ya con la perspectiva más amplia de todo lo que había son difíciles de describir. La destilación en sabiduría empieza a devolverme la perspectiva del alma en esta elección de vida cada vez más.
    Siempre quise vivir, vivir más, siempre estaba la sensación profunda de que había más. A pesar de todo he vivido cosas que con “un trabajo normal” y una “familia normal” no hubiera experimentado. Me sorprendo de estar todavía aquí. Puede que como se haya dicho no haya unicornios ni polvos de hadas pero sólo experimentar por ahora la sensación de que ya se ha
    hecho y que la mente ya empieza a estar en servicio, ese tipo de paz vale por todo .
    Y ahora me doy las gracias por haber atravesado todo con los matices que se han presentado.
    Y os doy profundamente las gracias, y también por vuestros artículos agradezco que sigáis publicando en la página, hace mucho tiempo que no estoy en redes

  31. Berta Rodrigues

    Thank you so much for writing this article about Realm Workers! It couldn’t have been more perfectly written!! It felt exactly like that “parked my butt and radiated my light” in the middle of mass consciousness and my human just kept hanging on for dear life not really understanding what was going on and of course now I do. Feel so much gratitude for Crimson Circle and Shaumbra!

  32. Kathlyn Collins

    Thank you Geoffrey for this article. My hand is raised. I am a Realm Worker. When your first article about it was published in February I instantly knew it was the answer to the questions I had about myself for most of my life. It finally made sense. I made sense. The missing puzzle pieces were finally in place. Subsequent information brought greater detail and clarity. Now old memories pop in and are seen with my new perspective. I shake my head and chuckle about the perfection of my life based on the choice I came in with to take on such a project. Somehow I’m not surprised that I made such a choice. I am grateful and honored to have been working with everyone in both the human and angelic realms. Going forward I am excited to witness the affects of Heavens Cross for myself and the planet.

  33. It was clear to me that I was a Realm Worker from the first message from Adamus in February. I didn’t cry over streams, but I filled whole seas with my tears…a feeling of relief from understanding the inexplicable responsibility for something more inexplicable…, it was more of a certainty…because despite the injuries and their consequences, incompatible with the life that I have carefully at the age of 6 , at the age of 33 and at the age of 44, she returned to life… to complete the mission that I signed with the other brave men. I, like most of them, really lost everything and I allowed my closest ones to take away my dignity and respect. What is interesting, however, is that after each return from the other side, my energy was inexhaustible. Not only that I had to systematically change PC, tablets, mobile phones and phone numbers, which technically they could not connect. I was able to throw out the electric grids in the neighborhood where I live, hospitals, even the metro in Washington after a week of swimming with dolphins in Hawaii. I worked hard physically all day for the last 6 years, showing a new standard in a country where there is the most greed, envy, hatred towards everyone who does not speak the language of their tribe. After an injury in 40 m while diving, I lost almost all my hearing. I remember how Adamus told me in Brasov that my hearing is as clear as those wild dingo dogs that came after me from the mountains. And it was true, I am practically deaf and use a mobile phone. But I could not learn the unusual language of the Huns. Nevertheless, without any help and support, I built a successful business that is now flourishing here. When Adamus announced after Heaven cross that it was time to finally do what makes us happy, I woke up at night from his kick and decided to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets by the sea, my biggest dream. My body also kicked me, which last year in March took on its shoulders enormous pain and suffering after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. For the first 2 weeks, I provided an intensive accommodation service for refugee mothers with children, they also slept in my bed, and finally I collapsed from fatigue and exhaustion. I dislocated my right shoulder, tore tendons, and bone marrow leaked through the 2.5 cm fracture. Since in the country where I live, an ambulance would not be able to come for me, I had to drive my car to the emergency room One hour in my home country. A single scan showed nothing and the doctor sent me to buy pain medication. When the unbearable pain lasted for 3 months and they didn’t want to treat me anywhere, I had to pay for a private physiotherapist who helped me for a while with a laser and showed me exercises that I honestly practiced at home because I was afraid to fall asleep. On the 3rd night, even I, who was deaf, heard a crack and the most intense pain ended. A professional MR examination finally showed how serious the injury was. And despite that, I didn’t get any help from the outside for the whole 6 months, the shoulder grew back thanks to my care. I treated myself to one more experience. The left hand spilled water from the dog bowl, and the unfocused rushing human slipped and broke the first vertebra of his spine. The fracture was discovered only after a week, and the doctor was surprised that I arrived on my own and not on a wheelchair. But all the arrogance, indifference and reluctance of the doctors to help naturally allowed for great sadness and disappointment manifested in pneumonia and repeated bronchitis. Today, while reading Adamus’s article, the waterfall of tears started like an avalanche, because I told my daughter, to whom I transferred my home last summer, out of gratitude that she started contributing to my minimum income so that I no longer had to work so hard and hard: that I volunteered to help with the pain and suffering that began to happen in Ukraine and she began to giggle uncontrollably that what
    I can’t think of everything yet. That he will definitely not agree to the sale of my house, that they will deprive me of my independence, because I change my decisions as I please. It was the last dagger to my heart and I desperately asked, sobbing my soul, according to the right of the Master, that there is no reason to stay here any longer, that I really can’t control anymore and I want to go home. Well, my wish came true a week before the Easter. I got a thrombosis and since I live alone with my 2 dogs and a cat, if something were to happen to me, rescue would not come. I only had the responsibility to take care of my pets and she gave me confirmation from May’s Shaumbra magazine from Adamus that there is no reason to doubt myrself once you know I Am That IAm I now That I know and so I threw away all the crap from others into the holy chalice of the soul and exclaimed I Am Grand. IAm GRAND-IAm GRAND. I Am Worthy for all the betrayals, betrayals, exploits, abuses, underestimation and mockery of my goodness, for all the hard work Realm works. I took a deep breath and I already feel myself enjoying all the sunrises and sunsets by the sea, enjoying true love .

  34. Thank you so much for this article! It added more comprehension to what has already been said. There were so many tears of release and relief while reading this article! Since first hearing about the realm workers, there was no doubt I was one of them. Everything started to make sense. I am 73 and had been looking at what seemed to be a life of just getting by every day and judging that I should have done something of more value. I had no interest in what other humans seemed to be interested in, had many healing type talents but could never make a living at it. I was tired most of time even though I was health conscious and doing everything that was supposed to result in a healthy vibrant life. I would wake up in the morning feeling the most awful feelings. I would describe those feelings as being every awful thing a human could experience coming to me all at once, or I would wake up exhausted feeling like I had been in a battle all night. Now thanks to the realm worker info, I understand all of this and can now appreciate myself instead of judging myself… Since the March opening so much clarity has come to me, so much relief.. I am so grateful for this understanding and all the human aspects of the realm workers who agreed to go through this without really understanding what was happening. Kudos’s to all of us… Now the question is – what next? For me, I hear the upcoming Keahak session calling me… see you there… Love to all…

  35. In GRAND gratitude to all realm workers, Geoff, Adamus, Linda and all who are part of creating this grand place for us to communicate via this format. Though I know there are many many Shaumbra around planet earth, it’s nice to gather and hear/see others stories and perspectives (am not on FB) so this new magazine format is welcomed. Geoff, your intro letters are what I always look forward to reading, and yes, I too read and reread, listened to anything about the realm workers, as a aha to how my life has played out….And now, as a realm worker, mission complete, I feel I Am on earth now even more awake than ever before, even with the days that seem out of sorts, and am deeply feeling and listening into my personal experience post HC. I know my grand life is already here, it’s simply allowing, relaxing and enjoying life in what ever way resonates with me. Which always includes grand laughter!

  36. Dear Jeff, Linda & CC staff,
    My greatest gratitude!

    To all Realm Workers and energy workers and all associated with completing our mission,
    Thank you from my heart to yours!

  37. Claudia Dorfmeister

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this article, it was the most life-changing information that ever came to me in my 52 yearlong life amongst many life-changing information and wisdom that i recieved from you, CC and Adamus. You cannot measure what it means to me. I can so feel almost all of the other comments of dear Shaumbra and agree. NOW EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE. This revelation touches me so very deeply, it goes to the very core of my being. The feelings now are changing hourly. My inner life is in a new kind of flow, overflow, with insights, relief, joy, peace, sadness, pain, curiosity, solemnity, pride … and a deep strenght because of knowingness. It gave me identity which i so desperatly was searching for. I am that I am feels different now. My human life is a bit like an unattended garden, the basics are there and there is still a lot to do ;-). Even if Adamus says, the work is done, it looks like it begins now in my human life – 🙂 but with ease and grace and based on what i joyfully choose. I would so much like to celebrate now with all of you. I feel alone. Even though i have a story now, who can i tell such a story? I started writing things down, so not to be overwhelmed inside. Maybe it is time for a book now … after having taken a good rest ! I so need it. The last months before HC were especially challenging and one day before HC i have been in Delphi, Greece, at spring equinox and felt like being held in a cosmic womb. The stars were so close as if they would all fall inside of me. I greet you and embrace you, my dear spiritual family, and wishing you all so well, so well. We are doing great. We are great lovers, great spirits, great cosmic surfers and servers ;-)!

  38. Eu enfim entendi como humana,o que esteve acontecendo comigo.
    Falta de abundância,sem vida social,muita necessidade de ficar comigo mesma em silêncio e ao mesmo tempo que minha humana sofria, uma parte dentro de mim,sabia o que estava acontecendo e essa parte me mantinha em equilíbrio,apesar de tanta frustração e cansaço para minha humana.
    Foi mais especial ainda,me ver,reconhecer o que sempre esteve no meu interior,desde criança,esse Amor pela humanidade,minha imensa e constante vontade de ajudar e num nível,sempre sabendo que existia algo além.
    Tudo fez sentido!!!
    Agora me permito viver a minha Vida e todos os sonhos loucos que me envadiram,sonhos totalmente fora dos meus padrões humanos.
    Logo após esses sonhos que chegaram para mim,eu comecei a Sentir cheiro de mudança,como se mudança tivesse cheiro e tudo virou de cabeça para baixo,mas por mais difícil que fosse,aquela parte interior de mim,me segurou e me trouxe até aqui.
    Enfim terminou!!!!
    Viva a verdadeira Vida!
    Eu e minha Alma,vivendo verdadeiramente,neste lindo planeta!!!
    Toda a minha Gratidão ao Crimsoncircle e todos os envolvidos e minha Gratidão ao Amado ,Adamus e seu jeito certeiro de Ser!
    Gratidão Imensa!!!

  39. Thank you Geoff for this article and all the information you have been sharing with us about Realm Workers, to say nothing of All the messages you have given us over the many years of Crimson Circle!
    I really enjoyed the last shoud and really felt Adamus’ sincerity and love. It feels like we have been demobbed . With that comes incredulity (about what we have been doing all these years), exhaustion , relief and a bit of ptsd . Let the good times roll!

  40. I feel goosebumps all over my body , in and out, 1 hour now, and don’t stop,
    From the moment I began to read.
    When when all inside shines, that means IS true for me !!!

    I feel Freedom.
    “These are not mini ”
    I knew it deep down, that something else is going on.
    I am abundance, I am Joy, I am gratitude it self, how can I was feeling lack or sadness or confusion or ..whatever.

    “Mission accomplished ”

    The same freedom, and unlockeness
    when I heard Adamus, one year ago , about benching!!!
    “You don’t have to do anything just shine your light for you”

    Time for just enjoying my self , my breath, my life!!!

    You touched my heart , once again

    I am grateful 💚💚💚💚💜🟣🟣💎🩵

  41. Thank you, Geoff and thank you, Adamus, for putting all this into words! Now , so many things make sense and I am looking at my life with this new glasse of deep gratefulness. And crying a lot 🙂 Thank you !

  42. This really made me smile😊 . I easily imagined the last scene, snuggling up with oneself and close eyes while smiling. Peaceful.

  43. Gracias Geoff!!!!!! Comprender que los desajustes de mi vida fueron por ser una trabajadora del Reino es tan gratificante. Cuelgo mis alas y a vivir!!!. Bendiciones.

  44. I feel like hugging each and every one of my Realm Worker fellows. What have we been through!
    Things are starting to make sense for me more easily.
    I started to remember certain things. One thing that I feel okay to share is that I started to remember why I felt that I provided the materials to Adamus for his monthly Shouds with Shaumbra, especially during 2021-2022. During this time, I started to allow the presence of certain types of energy attributes into some literature artworks to be stored somewhere quietly on the planet. During that time, I remembered my human watching the Shouds each month, feeling into the energies, and found myself surprised about the fact that how Adamus unfolded the energies in front of Shaumbra was exactly the way how I have done in my articles. Literally, “OH! I provided this material” was my immediate reaction then. Let me tell you that it was a joyful moment for me indeed.

    Now, as the work is done, a lot of memories are coming back, primarily as feelings back into my awareness. I noticed myself still sometimes habitually taking the thoughts or emotions of others as my own. Which, I tell myself, is perfectly okay because it is as natural as inertia.

    I am so grateful to Jeff for putting down words about Realm Workers for us to read. And also to the CC team for creating this platform for me to feel into the stories of others. As I do, I notice that I have no barriers to completely immersing myself as an audience in the stories they tell. I understand each and every layer of their stories and now I am so grateful that I’ve got time to watch and listen to the much fuller stories of my co-workers, former co-workers. I can feel it all and it gives me great consolation that having these feelings proves that my work is done, and also that I’ve never been alone.

  45. Hye young Choi

    이번 생애를 더욱 명확하게 인식할수있게 되었다.
    인간, 마스터,영,의식에대한 명확한인식을 해야하는게 마스터의 삶의 일부인것 같습니다
    항상 crimson circle teams에게 감사합니다.

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