Dear Shaumbra,
As we work to perfect the new Shaumbra Magazine format, we hope you find this issue even easier to use. Check out the additional features we’ve added this month!

  • NEW – Offline access & print – at the bottom of this page you can use the “Download PDF Version” button to access this issue offline and even print to paper (you can still print individual articles as well)
  • NEW – Navigation – at the top right corner of every page, you’ll see arrows to move back and forth between the articles. Use the Table of Contents menu link to see an overview of the current issue.
  • Translatable – open the magazine in Google translate or DeepL for easy translation 
  • Shareable – also at the bottom of each page you’ll find share buttons
  • Searchable – easily find any author or topic
  • Interactive – add comments to your favorite articles

We hope you enjoy this new format! Check back each month to see even more new features.

The CC Magazine Team

Cover: A Realm Worker Returns Home
– AI Illustration created by Marc Ritter

Founder: Geoffrey Hoppe 

Co–Founder: Linda Benyo Hoppe

Editor: Jean Tinder

Art Director: Marc Ritter

Full-time Staff 
Virgilia “Vili” Aguirre
Alfredo Barranco
Alain Bolea
Bonnie Capelle
Seissa Cuartas
Julio Cesar García
René Elizondo
Juan Carlos Juárez
Alberto Lunagómez
Michelle MacHale
Cristian Mendoza
Jorge Merino
Carolina Oquendo
Peter Orlando
Iván Parra
Victor Rodríguez
Steve Salins
Juan Luis Santamaría
Jean Tinder
Arnold Tovar
Julio Vargas

Crimson Circle Energy Co.
PO Box 7394
Golden, CO 80403 USA
Crimson Circle IP, Inc.


10 thoughts on “WELCOME”

  1. Christine Schuch

    Thank you for the pdf printable. I appreciate that you brought that back as it wasn’t in the former edition. However, when I download the pdf it is not printing out on an 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

  2. Susan Wally Thicke

    I want to say thank you for such an easy, enjoyable, intuitive, user friendly format. Wow! I appreciate and I am grateful for all of the time, creativity, labor of love, energy, enthusiasm, and money everyone from the CC staff put into the only magazine I enjoy and thus read.

  3. I truly look forward to this each month. Thank you for the time, energy, intelligence and heart everyone at Crimson Circle puts into this wonderful magazine.


    Thanks for putting it in PDF to download.
    I have all the magazines downloaded to my computer and with the translator it is easier for me to read it in Spanish since I know little English.

  5. Great improvement on the layout since previous magazine, and allowing the pdf version to remain available is a good idea.

    Good work on the changes, all in all.

  6. Gabriele Fleuchaus

    Dear team, I am glad for the further pdf-version. Alas! I am not able to comment the article in the comment-box after the article. Therefore I post it here:
    Dear Jean,
    what an idea! I instantly copied your ‚fuck it bucket‘, took my brass singing-bowl which I hardly use, cleaned it thouroughly with a paste for metals until it was shining and gave it a prominent place next to my cosy armchair.
    Since weeks (more exactly since 22th March) I am frustrated like hell and told my friend recently, that everthing which has to do with spirituality ‚I give a fuck‘. I don’t want to hear, listen, read, see nor speak about it anymore. The truth is, it’s not true.
    When the Shaumbra-Magazine appears, I am impatiently waiting for your article. And through your sensibility, honesty and clarity I always feel very much understood. And this morning your humour pulled me out of a deep sadness and the bucket was full humour. Thank you!!!
    Love from Gabriele, Cologne/Germany

  7. Gayatri Patel

    I love the cover illustration. It’s very beautiful. However, my ‘Realm Worker/Weaver’ facet feels more like ‘Xena’. She needs a drink and a good rest. A new outfit and definitely a nice pair of new boots! x

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