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Beyond Mass Consciousness


  • DreamWalk back to Atlantis
  • The love of Tobias and adventures of Sam
  • Communing – the energies sing!
  • Kuthumi hiding from his soul
  • It’s not what you believe, it’s what you allow!
  • Time to go beyond mass consciousness
  • Bring home everything that’s yours

When 500 Shaumbra Masters gather in one place, something big is bound to happen. During this event in Bled, Slovenia, Shaumbra learned about communing and began releasing themselves from mass consciousness. First, St. Germain led a DreamWalk to retrieve an old aspect, still in the Temples of Tien dreaming the Atlantean Dream. Then, in a sweet and poignant first message to Shaumbra, Sam (the new incarnation of Tobias’ oversoul) shared some of his experiences living as a Master on Earth. Kuthumi follows with a loving and humorous story of communing with his soul, allowing his Realization, and bringing back the magic. Adamus then explains what mass consciousness is, where it came from and why it’s here, and guides Shaumbra in rising above its tightly woven gravity. With this freedom, you no longer have to be affected by everyone else’s thoughts, emotions, memories and beliefs. 

With the presence and support of Adamus, St. Germain, Sam and Kuthumi, Shaumbra have come so far in allowing their Realization that there is now no going back, even if you tried. Your light is brighter, you can commune and sing with the energies that are here to serve, and hold your own thoughts and dreams, no longer storing them in the cloud of mass consciousness. According to Adamus, this event is a true milestone for Shaumbra, at the level of the Quantum Leap and Tobias’ Farewell.


1. Dreamer, Come Home (46:05)

Adamus gives a short history of Shaumbra’s journey. Tobias called us together and helped us know we’re not crazy. Then Adamus took over and began cleaning house and getting rid of the makyo. The next big step is no longer working for energy but allowing it to serve you. He then shifts to St. Germain and guides a DreamWalk back to the Temples of Tien in Atlantis. In this experience of And, the dreamer is still dreaming the Atlantean Dream and is one of the last aspects waiting to come home. We give the invitation, “Dear dreamer, you are no longer alone. The dream is fulfilled. Take my hand and come with me now, be in my life. Help me dream a new dream.”

2. A Master’s Life (1:02:05)

Sam introduces himself for the first time to Shaumbra and explains that “SAM” means “Sovereign Ascended Master.” From the same Oversoul as Tobias, Sam is here to experience and enjoy things that Tobias never did. He has discovered Tobias’ teachings on the Crimson Circle website, reconnected with Tobias himself, and has never doubted that he is both human and divine. Sharing a few details of his life, Sam talked about his girlfriend, his car, his dog, his challenges with technology, and the precious experience of communing with everything around him. He invites the audience, with the accompaniment of Yoham, to hear and commune with the energies, and how they sing back to you.

3. Communing with Soul (1:04:40)

Kuthumi comments how Shaumbra are so much lighter and brighter than in years past, then relates the story of how he convinced St. Germain to work with Shaumbra when Tobias left. He laments about the confusing nature of words, causing much laughter in his “mis-hearing” of various things, and how the mind distorts what the soul is communicating to us. Then he tells more about his experience of lying in bed, resisting and mis-hearing the messages from his own soul, Ah-Kir-Rah. Finally, he concocts a song, with assistance from Yoham, and invites the audience to sing along.

4. Beyond Mass Consciousness (51:50)

After inviting us to feel into the gathering and all that has happened, Adamus states that now comes the time to do what we came to do – release mass consciousness. He explains why and how it came to be, and the effect it has on humans. It is comparable to the computer “cloud” where everything is stored – every action, thought, dream, belief – everything. Mass consciousness has kept you oriented in a type of limited balance, but you don’t need it anymore. It used to have some creativity but is now very mental and glued together with emotions. Now is the time to disentangle and allow yourself to rise above the cloud. As you do, bringing home every single thing you ever contributed, it begins to loosen the tightly woven gravity and has a profound effect on mass consciousness. 

Format: 90 days access to streaming audio and online text e-reader 

NOTE: This Cloud Class does not have video

Cost: $44 $37.40 through May 31, 2023


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Featuring: Adamus, St. Germain, Sam, Kuthumi and Yoham (Gerhard, Einat & friends)

Channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe, assisted by Linda Benyo Hoppe

Recorded in Bled, Slovenia, October 2018

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