You might have noticed that videos of the monthly Shouds are not available until the Returning Series beginning August 2008. From the year 2000, the monthly messages are available in audio and text format, and the first New Earth Series is text only. However, thanks to some long-time Shaumbra and the magic of technology, you can now see the Creator Series in video format!

The Creator Series was given by Tobias in twelve ‘lessons’ between August 2000 and July 2001, and literally provides the foundation for all subsequent Crimson Circle materials. Introducing concepts such as “stand behind the short wall,” the “oven of grace,” accepting, allowing, conscious creation and so much more, Tobias set the tone for the next decade and far beyond. The Creator Series material is so fundamental that it was published as a book in July 2002, and is currently available as a free e-book. And now, it is receiving yet another boost.

You probably know that our Shaumbra journey began (in this lifetime anyway) with the messages from Tobias given high in the mountains of Colorado. While the very first “Lesson,” as the monthly messages were called back then, was given in a teepee, the gatherings soon moved to a small community center in Coal Creek Canyon, located in the foothills west of Denver. Except for a brief stint at a local church, this humble shared venue was Crimson Circle’s home until June 2014, when the high tech Connection Center was opened down the hill in Louisville, Colorado.

Those first years with Tobias were exciting, daunting, and oh, so precious. He had sent out the energetic call, and Lightworkers – many of whom would soon resonate with the new/old term “Shaumbra” – began finding their way back together. 

At first, the monthly channels were recorded on simple cassette tapes, which would be given to a local volunteer for transcription, and then reused for something else. The technology was upgraded over time, audio recordings became available in the second year, soon followed by audio webcasts, and by August 2008 videos had become a regular part of the monthly meetings.

However, back in August 2000, David McMaster, a passionate and forward-thinking Shaumbra, began using his camcorder to record Tobias’ messages at the beginning of the Creator Series. It wasn’t a fancy setup; the group gathered in a small circle around the fireplace to listen to Tobias, and nobody worried about things like lighting or stage design. The recordings were stored away and almost forgotten, until not long ago when David unearthed the old VHS tapes and decided to bring them into the digital era. Together with Tess Henry, a dear Shaumbra friend, they worked to extract the recordings from the old magnetic tapes and then gave the footage to Crimson Circle.

Although the entire CC staff is fervently trying to keep up with the Adamus deluge, this project was kept simmering in the background. Over many months, the recordings were processed to correct the faded colors and make the old, distorted audio as good as possible. Finally, over just the last couple of weeks, the “new” old files have been completed, processed, and uploaded to the Channel Library. 

As a result of all this work, we are very happy to announce that the Creator Series channels are now available in video format! The quality is less than perfect, as would be expected from tape recordings made over 20 years ago. But the love, grace, and compassion of dear Tobias come through loud and clear, and another dimension of his precious legacy is there for all to savor. 

We extend a very special Thank You to David McMaster for having the foresight to record Tobias so long ago, his generosity in donating the footage to Crimson Circle, and to Tess Henry for her invaluable assistance in preparing the files. Also, huge gratitude to Marc Ritter for the many hours he spent color correcting, enhancing the audio tracks, and processing the files for final distribution.

To see the videos of these very timely messages, simply go to the Creator Series in the Channel Library and select “Watch” under each lesson. Note that the transcripts have also been made available in an updated PDF format, so you can download the text as well.

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