The Threshold

The Last Thing You’ll do Before Realization

Everyone’s journey is unique, but Adamus says there’s one experience that every Ascended Master, without exception, goes through. It is the moment of coming face to face with the dragon, the final guardian of your Realization and the focal point of Threshold.

“What exactly is the dragon?” you may ask. Will you meet a flying lizard that breaths fire? It might feel like that at times because the dragon finds the ugliest guilts and shames that have been hidden away in the deepest parts of yourself. Reminiscent of Smaug guarding mountains of treasure deep underground, only the bravest Master will be ready to face the fury and flames of the darkest parts of self.

This is because the dragon will make sure that nothing remains hidden. It will not relent until all things have been released to wisdom. At that point, if the Master remains in human form, the dragon becomes your closest friend, helping you continue releasing things long before they become toxic.

In Threshold Online Adamus Saint-Germain tells the true story of Margo, a woman who went through human struggle and pain, then finally started her spiritual journey seeking answers to life’s questions. Many elements of Margo’s story will be recognizable to the viewers, for all of us have sought solutions to the problems of life. The unexpected answer she receives eventually changes everything. 

Your own story will be unique, and along the path to Realization you’ll eventually encounter your inner dragon, just like St. Germain, Tobias, Kuthumi, Margo and every other Ascended Master. One simply cannot go into Realization while still holding onto guilt and shame. There is no God blocking the doorway; it is these burdens themselves that prevent Realization.

As a human on Earth, your Realization is inevitable. Whether this lifetime or thousand years from now, you will find your way back home to Self. The journey may be intense and very difficult at times, but the information and experiences that Adamus offers in Threshold will provide invaluable insights and information. 

According to Adamus, coming to the Threshold – and your inner dragon – is the last thing you’ll do before Realization.

threshold logo with two dragons guarding two red doors

The Threshold Online

At the Doorway to Realization

Hosted live
by Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe 
July 7–9, 2023

Sexual Energies School


“The clarity about why I am here is priceless.”

“It is a great and (for me) an absolutely necessary class. I didn’t realize what guilt and shame does to us, to me.”

“Deep fulfilling experience.”

“Very uplifting, life-affirming experience.”

“Best messages ever. THIS is exactly what I came for.”

“One word: Amazing.”

“Nothing is as it was, so much more clarity, knowledge, recognition, compassion and realization. No more processing, no more waiting, no more judgements, no more guilt, no more shame, no more remorse, it was all pipe dreams. All my energies have always served me in a great, perfect way, guiding me to this sacred place at exactly the right moment. That’s it, everything was and is perfect in my creation.”

“Many experiences in my life are reassembling themselves like puzzle pieces. I am having one Aha-moment after another…”

“I was not disappointed with how powerful the program is.”

“What I have been waiting for all of my life, and lifetimes.”

“I am deeply moved and grateful to have this explained and available for us, at this time on the planet. So much easier than going it alone, and not understand what is happening! I am sure it was one of my conditions for agreeing (with myself) to come back in AGAIN for this last lifetime.”

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