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Realm Workers

The Role of Realm Workers in Lifting the Veil

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Format: Downloadable audio, video & text
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The Realm Workers played a crucial role leading up to the opening of Heaven’s Cross on March 22, 2023. While living their human lives on Earth, they also worked in the other realms to help lift the veil that for so long has separated the human from the other heavens, or realms. Their work helped facilitate the easing of gravity, electromagnetics and other forces that kept the human consciousness from going into the “beyond.” 

It was necessary to have dedicated human angels working in the other realms (often in their dream state) to create a balance between the realms and weave in familiar human harmonics. Many Realm Workers lived relatively quiet lives on this planet, and a common attribute was feeling tired and low-energy as humans because of their intense and prolonged work in the heavens. Now the work is done, and the Realm Workers can come back to full presence as honored Masters in this reality.

Heaven’s Cross Merabh

A Deep Personal Journey into Your Own Heavens

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Format: Downloadable audio, video & text
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This deep inner journey into new realms of your Self is perfect for bringing more personal depth and meaning to the opening of Heaven’s Cross. In this guided experience, Adamus Saint-Germain helps you expand into the other heavens and bring back newly available energies, wisdom, and consciousness to serve you in daily life. Infused with the illumination and grace of the Apocalypse, this beautiful encounter with your soul will help dissolve the barriers between the realms of Self, making your divinity, light body, past, future, and dreams, fully accessible to your human self.

The veil, the innate separation between human and divine that has caused feelings of isolation and exile, finally begins lifting with Heaven’s Cross. This long-foretold Apocalypse will eventually change the world, but first, it can change your life. Limitations no longer need apply; struggle, study, and effort are not required. This is the time to listen – listen with your entire being – and simply allow this integration. There’s nothing more to do now but relax, allow, and let the energies flow in this time of grand unveiling.

Heaven’s Cross: The Opening

The Apocalypse Begins

Format: Downloadable audio, video & text
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Apocalypse, meaning “to unveil” or “uncover” in Greek, allows the deep reunion with one’s own divine Self and the inherent joy and freedom of this expansion. With new levels of consciousness on the planet, the Apocalypse will eventually mean the ending of power games, wars, suffering and karma, true ancestral freedom and thus the ability to live in abundance, ease, and grace.

The Heaven’s Cross ceremony was conducted at Crimson Circle’s Villa Ahmyo in Kona, Hawaii on the morning of March 22, 2023. Tens of thousands of humans from around the planet gathered online for this unprecedented event. In the presence of all the Ascended Masters and with deep acknowledgement for the rigors of our human journey, the Beloved St. Germain ushered in a new era. It is the ancient dream coming true, the culmination of a long and arduous journey.

heaven's cross part 3 – questions and answers logo

Heaven’s Cross Part 3:
Questions & Answers

Reconnecting with Self

Format: Download audio, video & text
Access: Unlimited

As the veil between Earth and the realms beyond begins opening, the implications are profound. While the reduction in emotional, mental, and physical gravity will eventually affect every part of human life, the most meaningful outcome is the divine access that humans have yearned for since the beginning of time. For those who allow their energy to serve without limits, the result of this magnificent time will be a life of joy, happiness, abundance, ease, and grace. 

Answering questions from Shaumbra around the world, Adamus speaks of potentially miraculous changes in health, a lightening of the physical density, the impact on our human lives and relationships, and much more. It is an inspiring picture of the profound change unfolding on planet Earth and the perfect time to let clear and pure energy serve you without limit.

Heaven’s Cross – Part 2:
The Apocalypse

The Heaven’s Revealed

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Format: Online Streaming
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Humanity has always dreamed of access to the divine, of seeing beyond, of mysteries revealed and a lifetime of grace. But the physics of this planet blinded the senses to our true state of being. Now, because of humanity’s strong desire for change and your radiant light, an unprecedented level of consciousness allows the clouds to begin lifting and the veil to begin dissolving. Although the implications go far beyond this planet and physical creation, for humanity it means a quantum change that will evolve into every part of life. 

Adamus talks about the physics of creation, and how the atomic structures on Earth will be affected by changes in time, space, gravity, and electromagnetics. This apocalypse or opening of the realms is the core reason for why you’re here. It is the time of harvest, when the Christ seed planted so long ago finally bears fruit. This is what you came for.

heaven's cross part 2 – the apocalypse logo

Heaven’s Cross – Part 1:
Preparing for the Opening

Christ Consciousness in a Hopeless World

Cost $195
Format: Online Streaming
Access: View for 90 days after purchase

Planet Earth has always been isolated from the other realms, causing humans to forget why they are here and blocking the natural flow of divine energies and communication with the soul. This disconnection results in a profound sense of hopelessness, which then causes mental imbalance, depression, addictions, and disease. Now, the opening of Heaven’s Cross, a literal physics event that changes the electromagnetics of Earth, brings access to the other realms, Christ Consciousness, sovereignty, and grace.

This first installment of the Heaven’s Cross series is in preparation for the actual opening of Heaven’s Cross on March 22, 2023. Adamus says the effects of this momentous event will eventually be perceived by science bring a level of change to the planet not seen since the fall of Atlantis. The implications are far-reaching as many extraordinary potentials now become possibilities.

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