Post Apocalypse Beginnings

By Nivara W

Wow, it’s actually post Apocalypse now and here we all are, exactly where we are meant to be, no matter what is going on within us and around us. We’ve spent lifetimes to be here on Earth at this opening of the realms, signing up to participate however we have with so many possibilities of what we might experience and what might occur. And now that what we have been waiting for is over in one way, it is just beginning in so many other new ways.

Earth Workers and Realm Workers are like two sides of a coin that together have helped allow this monumental unveiling to become a reality. We are all waking up to who we truly are and still grasping the enormity and grandness of what this opening is for all of creation, not just humanity and ourselves. 

Before sharing some of my experiences, I’d like to give a grand Thank You to all the beloved Earth Workers. You were many and there was so much you have done in consciousness and grounding for this Earth to help make Heaven’s Cross possible. Do not underestimate what great service you have done.

To the beloved Realm Workers who now know who you are, a grand Thank You for all you have done so well, known and still to be revealed. Most of all, you don’t have to feel alone anymore. You are so much more than your human self could ever have known. No greater gift could you have given humanity and Earth than to help in selfless service for Heaven’s Cross along with the Earth workers.

The grand Heaven’s Cross opening was quite emotional for me. Saying goodbyes with open wings as the procession passed was so heartfelt; feeling those we had been creating with for so long, and all of us now ready to move on to new experiences. After the ceremony it was four days till I would even try to drive. The energies in my body were moving so fast, purging and integrating, that I felt dizzy, sick, and weak. A few times even wondering if I would leave my body. I’m so grateful for Quantum Allowing and Master’s Life 1 – Transfiguration. These cloud classes helped me through these days of change, along with an unwavering resolve to truly know what living as a divine embodied Master upon this Earth could be like. 

The life I had created and was living in as a human was not something I really looked forward to being put back into after integrating my Realm Worker aspect. Much of my life had become such a mess that I wondered how I was even functioning as a human. And now there are lots of pieces to pick up, make sense of, take responsibility for and love in this human realm. Most of this life I’ve been self-employed and often found it difficult to maintain a business dealing with antiquities, antiques, and collectibles, especially when coming across objects from past lives. I delved into the healing arts, finding ways to help support people and animals in their rebalancing only to find, as with the art and music, that I could never excel in anything to be truly happy in trying to support myself. Everything was such an effort, especially when health issues arose with multiple diagnoses.

So, with the Realm Worker information, aha’s of “Oh that’s why” continue to keep making more and more sense, like “That’s why I choose to go down so many unusual and sometimes very dark holes of experiences,” or “That’s why so many creative endeavors couldn’t come to fruition.” Now I can also understand why I became a recluse, hiding and experiencing life very differently than everyone around me. Perhaps now, even the “Oh that’s why I could never be on Facebook” can shift.

It was one week after Heaven’s Cross and I was still feeling woozy, nauseous, and sick. Feeling I just had to get out of the house to be in nature, I carefully drove towards the mountains. Arriving at my favorite place, the stream was running faster than usual due to snow melt. Knowing I was in no shape for much exertion, I slowly walked alongside the stream till I saw a large rock where I could just sit and listen to the rushing water.   

While sitting there, I started to hear what I first thought were leaves rustling in the trees. The rustling got louder and soon turned into a big sound of applause. What? I looked toward the sound on the other side of the stream and was surprised to see white figures covering the large hillside and felt voices saying, “You Did It!” over and over again. As this surreal experience continued, my heart opened to the feeling of such compassion, appreciation, and rejoicing.

At the same time, it was difficult to accept this praise and I did not take much time to soak it in nor really look at all who were present, as I was feeling really sick and didn’t want to move. Part of me still seemed to be reeling in the illusion of a deep dark hole of unworthiness and whatever else. What the heck? Perhaps it takes a while for the residue of our work to subside. Anyway, I continued looking at the stream rushing towards me, feeling it as my divinity coming to me, until I felt ready to make drive safely home. 

Back at home, the mind kicked in, wondering why I didn’t ask questions like “What was the applause for?” and “What did I do?” My doubt felt it was probably for actually getting my body out of the house and into nature or perhaps integrating my light body. Ah, human aspects can be so adorable. The questions and doubt dissipated after giving my aspects a big long hug of compassion and allowing myself to accept more of what was being conveyed by so many applauding figures. 

Waiting for the Realm Workers – Call to Return recording, I felt the words “You have sacrificed so much of the human for what you have done. It is from these times you shall remember.” Later I felt “This human aspect is only a portion of the grandness that you are, yet it is also the only aspect that can allow the integration of what is to come possible.” I felt into this as I rested, still wondering what I had done yet trusting it was unfolding gently enough so I didn’t explode! Then I felt “You have always known and chose not to remember. This was the way.” 

My first time experiencing the Heaven’s Cross Merabh was magical. I was lying on the couch with my macaw companion bird on my chest as it began. Suddenly I felt my wings pop open in a glorious way, and at the same time Arty’s head feathers went up. Suddenly I was in the AND, watching my realm self with wings out facing the ocean at sunset. And I was here as my human self, holding hands with my realm worker self, looking at the magnificence of Heaven’s Cross. Then I was there with my realm aspect, wings out holding me the human around the waist, and together we expanded into Heaven’s Cross. I started to “hear” angelic music and “see” many beautiful paintings as potentials to create, all while Arty stayed hunkered down with me in quiet awareness. 

Over the next few weeks my life began shifting and I experienced a lot, but it still felt like something was unsettled, so I went back to the forest, this time for a long walk. I asked Kuthumi to walk with me and immediately felt him there. As we meandered the trail, I asked why he was not talking with me as in other times and felt him answer, “This is for you to figure out. I’m just here to support you.” 

As we continued walking, my mind churning away, I felt another voice of a different frequency ask Kuthumi, “How do I get her to open up to me?” Then I got it! 

REALLY?!!! After lifetimes of preparation and holding back Realization, how could part of me still not welcome home my aspects and divinity, or be in resistance? “NO MORE!” I said out loud. “I ALLOW MYSELF TO BE OPEN TO ALL THAT I AM.” Turning around to start the long hike back to the car, I stopped to mark a line across the trail in front of me. I took a deep breath and stepped over it, continuing to declare “No More” and thanking Kuthumi for his light & support.

Later that night, sitting as a human in surrender and allowing, I felt the words again, “Are you ready to let me in?” I knew it was time to release all the illusion in a life I thought was real. “Yes, please, you are welcome. I am ready for my grander life that is waiting. I now consciously allow my Realm Worker self, my past lives and my divinity to come home, integrating with love into my human body and all that I Am, knowing that this is changing everything. It is time to be all that I truly am.”

Since all this happened, I’ve been feeling a point of presence at my core, like a seed growing inside. It feels like the very beginning, the “I Exist,” the core from which all emanates. It is expanding, getting larger, pushing out anything that is not mine, even any dis-ease in the body. I feel it’s my sovereignty, a space that is only my true self within; where everything that I have previously (unconsciously) created or taken on as mine can no longer be present. So, dear soul, dear divinity, drink up the nectar of my experiences so I may continue experiencing with you the wisdom of all that I AM! 

There has been little question that I choose to stay on the planet and be part of what is transpiring in this world and other realms of creation. No matter what challenges it took to get here and stay in human form – and there were many – I am not giving up my ticket (even though I came close a few times). I share some of my experiences to let you know that, as strange and difficult as it was being human, now the realms are open, the limits have been dissolved, and we all have a lot more to explore and experience of who we truly are and what is possible.

Bravo everyone! You did it! 


  • Nivara W

    Nivara now lives in Arizona, USA, where the cactus grow in harmony around pine trees and nature can be found in all her glory. She has worn many diverse hats of who she believed herself to be; her favorites are those that allow her to breath in, expand and joyously be all that she is at any given moment. She can be reached via email.



  1. Nicole DeRose

    We did it!! whatever we did, we did it lol ! but it’s good to be coming home no? whatever that is, ahhhhh :)) !!! I felt your story deeply and applaud your courage and persistence in the allowing! Thank you for sharing xo

  2. Wow, what an experience to read your story Nivara. It touched me deeply !!! I´´ve experienced
    a lot of these as well and still experience them. Thank you for your beautiful sharing.

  3. Wow, your story touched me really deep Nivara. As I am moving through similar experiences
    in a way it´s so helpful . Thank you so much for your sharing !!!

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