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I am sooo happy and grateful that this came out so soon after 22.03.2023. The moment I heard the word “Realm Workers,” I was very intrigued. When I started reading Geoff’s article, I started feeling I might be, and by the time I finished reading I had a strong conviction that I am that. I understand now why I cannot remember 98 %of my dreams, and in most of them I feel that I was working very hard alone against walls, or against some limitations, and feeling exhausted very often. When I was a small child, I knew I had an important job to do, almost like a contract to which I remembered that I had agreed before I was born, but I could not remember what exactly and was very frustrated. Also, the part that “they have a quiet life and harshness of human life scares them.” This is spot on.  I have taken lots of hard core CC courses, but this one appealed to me to each cell of my body. 

— Mari


There’s one sure thing about human life: it’s easier to go through stuff when it makes sense to you; when it doesn’t, the only wise thing that’s left is to rely on divine providence in hope that “the answer is to be realized… someday”, and yet, that pent-up doubt is lying in wait to get you when you’re having “one of those days”. The main effect this material had on me – it finally made sense of things that were most frustrating: suddenly, my miserable, unhappy life makes sense; my deep interest in metaphysics and especially magnetism makes sense; benching makes perfect sense! 

How effective was benching? Heavens opened and humanity didn’t feel a thing – now, that’s some real smooth work, Shaumbra, AMAZING job!

— Anastasia


I am not a Realm Worker, still I find this material has so much information that is important and interesting. Many of the things Adamus talks about in the session, is something I have heard before. But as you probably know, you can hear something a dozen of times, and then suddenly, you get it. This is how it has been to me to listen and read the material. The second session is a Merabh to call home the Realm Workers. It is very beautiful with supporting music. 

My deepest thanks to all of the Realm Workers. You have truly done an amazing job. Time for you to relax and enjoy life.

— Anne Maribo


Though I do not feel I have been “working outside” in the other realms, I fully enjoyed this merabh. It is all about acknowledging oneself and allowing all parts home, also receiving the acknowledgement from the whole community of Masters for the work that has been completed.

— Finn


This product feels very personal. For I’m in no doubt: I have definitively been a Realm Worker! So much being explained of what I couldn’t understand about myself. For instance, why I always felt like I couldn’t cope with life even though I’ve had so many abilities, qualities, resources – it was a mystery. Why can’t I live, create and play as well as others seem to do? Now I know why: I’ve been one of the many who agreed to release the stronghold of mass-consciousness… 

Puzzle pieces fall into place. Including why I stayed here even though my life was more confusing and depressing, stressful and burdensome than pleasing and fun. So a part of me wanted to leave, but it was as if I couldn’t. For as Adamus explains; staying embodied was crucial to our balancing work.

Now I can leave, for the work is done… but hell no – not now that I can fully enjoy being here! And that is such a great gift of this product; the inspiration to hang in here.

— Lise


In the Q&A, IMHO the whole topic of what happens after fully returning was a bit thin… Apart from this it was strangely emotional. More so than I thought…

— Lars


This is a very beautiful, but also interesting, and informative recording for those who were Realm Workers and those who weren’t. 

Was I a realm worker? I have all the characteristics, love long walks, and lead a quiet life, especially now that my dear dog is very old. Since childhood, I’ve known that I’m here to bring heaven to earth. Born on 7/7 at 7 AM. I was a perfect example of someone who joyfully can take on other people’s issues – not realizing how those will affect my brightness. Yet things had changed… with the rise of technology I found my niche. So instead of spending my nights in mass consciousness, I spend my days and nights embedded deeply in technology. My services were needed somewhere else, here on earth. 

Dear Realm Workers – and I know quite a few of you – thank you for your beautiful service. I will never get tired of hearing your stories.

— Iwona


[Translated] I have always doubted myself, my worth, even now, despite having found many correspondences between what is described in this channeling and my way of perceiving life on this earth. Who knows if I will receive confirmation in this sense. In any case, I am grateful to all those who have contributed to the realization of the opening of the cross of heaven.

— Gabriella


I was touched by a long time Shaumbra friend who wrote in a social media post how meaningful it was to her to now fully understand aspects of her life. The validation that she was a Realm Worker was important to her, and I could feel that deeply. I came away with a deeper appreciation of how this has affected her life and the lives of so many Shaumbra… I sincerely thank them for their beautiful and selfless service.

— Kathleen 


Though I felt like something other than a Realm worker, I was curious… It took me some time, but I landed safely on Earth: I am sure I have been working here on Earth, at the fringe of Consciousness, in so many ways, so many places…

This product was significant because I became more confident that I had not been a Realm Worker. But with even higher respect and a lot of gratefulness for them that have been. I live with a Realm Worker, and I see how big a release this has been for her, with some of the last pieces of the puzzle falling into place. It is lovely to watch.

Welcome back, Realm Workers. Welcome back!

— Jaziel 

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