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By Kim Seppälä

It’s seven weeks since the Apocalypse. Nothing appeared special about the day the heavens crossed: The sky was grey, the traffic loud, and people were busily running through their lives like on any other Wednesday. No grandiose effects or dramatic music in the background to signify the importance of this day that we have been awaiting, preparing, and working towards for lifetimes. And we did it; we dropped the veils and realized the Atlantean dream!

I’m still assimilating what this event truly means. The realm work took me, like many others, by surprise. To discover that many people you know have acted as “multidimensional secret agents” working with dark energy is a revelation; to realize I was one of those undercover agents is amusing (I was so undercover that I even fooled myself), gratifying (because it finally makes sense), and confounding (did I really volunteer for this job?), all at the same time.

I also feel like an angel in recovery mode. My angel feathers are more than a little ruffled and I feel exhausted in multiple dimensions. For a visual anecdote, you can refer to an oil painting called “The Wounded Angel,” painted by Finnish artist Hugo Simberg in 1903. The image depicts a bleeding angel who is being carried by two boys. What strikes me about this somewhat disturbing image is that the angel has been blinded, evoking provocative questions in the viewer: How can an angel be blinded? What happened to her? 

painting of a wounded angel carried by two humans
The Wounded Angel by Hugo Simberg, 1903, Finnish National Art Gallery

Here’s one way to interpret the painting: An exhausted Realm Worker has returned to Earth after Heaven’s Cross and is carried by two bearers (archangel Raphael’s assistants, no doubt) into what I imagine is Tobias’ recovery spa. The bandage around her head is the result of being blinded by her own soul. This adds a layer of irony to the story: the angel is veiled from her mission of unveiling the other realms. Was it really necessary to keep the realm work hidden from ourselves? It doesn’t really matter now, but it might take a moment to repair my self-trust.

With the unveiling of the heavens, all the insecurities still remaining within me were unveiled, too: old regrets, questions that I never dared to ask out loud, and the unrealized dreams of the human were exposed by the new light of consciousness streaming in. I found myself doing a life inventory and questioning every choice I made in this life – my old friend Dragon flew in through the open heavens for yet another encounter. 

In addition to the more unpleasant feelings, I also feel profound relief and gratitude for this new level of understanding; it’s like all these years I’ve been trying to watch a 3D movie (my life) without 3D glasses, and everything looked a bit blurry and off. Putting on this new perspective – oh, I was a Realm Worker! – is like watching my life through the right lenses. No wonder I was feeling so dizzy… Funnily enough, I wrote an article for the Shaumbra Magazine in 2015 titled “Falling Angels.” In the article, I describe the frustration of seeking the missing piece, and conclude that life is easier when you simply surrender and give up the search. Now, I imagine traveling back in time to my 2015-self, giving her a tight hug and whispering to her: “Hang in there, just 8 more years and I promise, you will find the missing piece. (BTW, it’s not a guy.) Don’t think about it now, but it will all make sense one day.”

One of the things that started to make sense was my dream-state. For over 15 years, I had vivid and debilitating nightmares on a weekly basis, at times more frequently. These dreams felt as real as this reality and thus were both physically and mentally consuming. Luckily, the dreams have ceased since April. At the time, I explained them as PTSD and aspect integration dreams. And that is one facet of the truth; I don’t believe that everything difficult in my life was a consequence of being a Realm Worker. A lot of things have happened due to me choosing this lifetime as the point of realization and integration. Ancestral influences have certainly played a part in my life, and some experiences were simply caused by bad choices. 

Were the more traumatic events in this lifetime caused by karma and seduction, or were they a necessary sacrifice taken in the name of realm work? This is how my soul explains it: the realm work made me more susceptible to attracting certain kinds of energies that led to heavy experiences (like when you spend all night working with the density of mass consciousness, some of that heaviness can rub off on you).

At the same time, facing and integrating my dark aspects would have been inevitable anyway in the process of embodied Realization. In my case, learning to integrate dark aspects allowed me to be a more effective Realm Worker as I learned how to transmute different kinds of energies in dream state. 

Like a cat dragging a dead mouse into the house, the Dragon also brought me the “gift” of acknowledging all the unrealized dreams of the human. I glimpsed some of the potential life paths that I might have chosen if I hadn’t been so tied up in the other realms. How would I have invested all that extra energy? Naturally life would still have presented challenges, but it is clear that my human experience would have been lighter and that I would have been more creative and productive on a human level. 

For a moment, I had the urge to just run towards these discarded dreams and start living all of them now that the realm work is done. However, as I felt into these unchosen potentials, I had an interesting realization: Those dreams aren’t mine anymore. They belong to other lifetimes, and in fact, I have lived them many times before. 

Sure, it would have been grand to spend a life as a dancer, mother, or actress, but this is a very special time on Earth. There are many souls who can serve as artists, but not that many who have been training in metaphysics and preparing for Heaven’s Cross for lifetimes. What we were doing, both Realm Workers and Earth Workers, was influencing consciousness. A true influencer doesn’t need to be popular in order to influence mass consciousness; they just need to be conscious. In that moment I understood that the realm work was not a cross to bear, but a conscious choice born out of love for humanity. It was a mission that I, as a souled being, claimed with full awareness and fierce passion.

After Heaven’s Cross, my soul has been gently, but persistently, asking me to let go of all missions. The opening up of mass consciousness was the last mission, and even though I can’t quite believe it yet, it’s completed. Here I am, unveiled, wings folded, without missions or dreams – just a big blank canvas in front of me. 

So, what to do next? 

How about enjoying life, soul whispers to me. Enjoy your life, Adamus echoes in clear tones. But is there really such a thing as passion without mission, or joy without dreams? Can I really create without a plan?


The answer reverberates across my inner heavens. It’s going to take some time to get used to living without a mission, but I’m glad to know that I’ll be in good company. And next time I travel to the other realms and border control asks: “Are you visiting for business or pleasure?” I can finally say, “for pleasure!” 


  • Kim Seppälä

    Kim is an explorer and expressionist of consciousness. If you’d like to read about her metaphysical adventures or contact her, you can visit her new website.


27 thoughts on “UNVEILED”

  1. Hi Kim,
    but wait. There is yet another mission to come, if you want.
    Adamus calls it “The next big step”.

    1. 😂😂😂 Olaf, you are right!
      Kim- I relate. I’ve developed a bit of a habit of taking responsibility for the world and letting that responsibility go, is almost like learning to walk from scratch.
      Maybe I’ll just start skipping and hop scotching , instead .

  2. Thank you. Very insightful! I was a RW as well. I am still dreaming every night. Vivid dreams. I’ve listened to the DW video trying to ground my energy here. Wondering if I’m still processing lifetimes or still realm working. 💜⚜️🌈

  3. Thank you Kim for this beautiful article. It gave me a deeper perspective of what has happened and what is happening now. 😊

  4. Thanks Kim, yes, how to live without a mission? A big quandary but I’m just taking life as it comes…..allowing. Some days that doesn’t seem like enough but then I get a message and realize it’s all good! I can stay here and keep shining 😊. Have fun! Laura

  5. Bussmann Felicia

    Hi Kim

    Thank you very much for your article!! I resonate in many many ways with your words. I was a Real Worker as well. My hole live I had tosends and tousends of dreams, always hoping to be able to live them once.
    I came to the conclusion, as the way you write, that they are many aspects and lived lifes of other incarnation or not even of me… I was REALLY astonished when I realized that. Then I asked me… But Why? Why I run trough life with tousend of dreams that aren’t really mine and always in the hope to be able to live them once. Then I realized, It was just the only thing that gave me enough strange to manage this life full of darkness and heaviness (of massconsciousness) I really realized, If I haven’t had all this “dreams” there would have been many many moments in my life of no direction, no sense and a hoplessness, I think I would have been crossed over. But that wasn’t “allowed” for me, because I had choosen to do a really important part of all this Heaven’s Cross opening and it was just, go the way through it or beginn again :-))
    And those dreams were just a very very important “life-saver” for me going the way through it, the first time.

    I’m also struggeling having no mission yet. But I’m finding my way through it. Just following my idea what to do, in the morning when I woke up. There is always one thing that shows up when I’m waking up. Just the “plan” for this day. The next day again and so on.
    But how do I know that I manage all the things I “have” to? Just follow your ideas showing up and everything will be in time… 🙂 (my soul is teaching me) No worry about anything, just do what shows up in the morning. My soul is helping me with that. Finding my way back to trust. In me, my soul, my energy, my love and my human self, other beeings and especially my expression of life. Still everything full of hurt of all this fightings of mass consciousness I was connected with and deeply involved in.

    Thank you for sharing your story!!

  6. Dear Kim, I so enjoy your writing. I feel disoriented also without a mission, but there is something coming forth through me that I cannot yet put my finger on. My sense is that we will experience a deep change of perspective, and we might come to realize what Adamus has called the act of consciousness. Hugs!!

  7. “Realm Work was not a cross to bear, but a conscious choice born out of love for humanity. It was a mission that I … claimed with full awareness and fierce passion”. Good words, Kim! Service was my joy & passion, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

  8. Thank you, Kim! I applaud you for insight « Sure, it would have been grand to spend a life as a dancer, mother, or actress, but this is a very special time on Earth. There are many souls who can serve as artists, but not that many who have been training in metaphysics and preparing for Heaven’s Cross for lifetimes. What we were doing, both Realm Workers and Earth Workers, was influencing consciousness. A true influencer doesn’t need to be popular in order to influence mass consciousness; they just need to be conscious».

    I feel the same: I had so many human dreams about what these lifetime could be. I could name at least 20 of them, like a musician, an actress, a lighthouse keeper, a writer, a ballet dancer, a cinematographer, a set designer, a pilot and a monk, of course, again. But now I realise: all of these dreams are actually “again” for me. I was there.
    But I’ve never been a realm worker before, and I’ve never been a consciousness influencer – and this is exactly who I am in this lifetime. Such an honour. And this is more than enough to me. Enough to not regret my 36 years of living in the shadows, and enough to stay on the planet and be curious to see how my consciousness influence manifests itself.

    Thank you for insight!

  9. Lovely article, Kim. Thank you. Can so id with it,like many other shaumbra. Gravity reduction is certainly having a profound, yet bonkers effect. It is no wonder there is this sense of no mission, no purpose, a bit of a nihilist state really, personally speaking.My body seems detached from my overthinking processing plant, yet funky things like skin rashes, solar plexus maladies remind me I still have one. So grateful my dragon is holding my hand, giving occasional clarity…….And this quickening of everything…..well what can one say about this huge opening…. whew!!!

  10. Gracias Kim!!! Lloré, últimante leo los artículos de la revista y, solo lloro agradecida. Abrazo.

  11. Thank you for the article. It brought tears of joy to me as I feel quite connected to the thoughts being expressed!!☀️

  12. Thank you. I feel quite the same way. And i had a collapse in 2015, and wondered quite a bit why i was thinking so weird way relating To what was happening. Human almost couldnt take it, but in the moment of that collapse i suddenly thought, but im not only human and this shit has To stop. After that i was on a “mission mode” and also feeling like a spy in the darkness, and same time wondering where all that came because it didnt make any sence in my physical reality. I also wanted To be a dancer, and have even felt bad because that was kinda “ruined” from me, and now im feeling a bit.. njaah maybe leave the whole place then, but on my way To finding Joy of being here. =) Thank you! Your article was very helpful!

  13. I love your story – especially your last sentence.
    And – everything seems very familiar to me. Thank you for putting it into words.

  14. Eu adorei seu artigo,ressoa com muitas questões em mim
    Estou exausta,mas sei que a missão de trabalhadora foi escolha minha, por esse Amor imenso que tenho pela humanidade,que pulsa em mim,desde bem pequena.
    Não quero mais nunhuma missão,isto está bem claro comigo,minha paixão é comigo mesma.
    Obrigada Kin!!!!

  15. Thank you for your article, dear Kim! What you expressed resonated with me very much 🙂
    Now, just opening up and allowing my life (our Shaumbra lives) to unveil itself gradually in the perfect rhythm with my soul (our souls) … blessings and a marvelous ride!

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