What makes Keahak so special?

Each and every Shaumbra participant, of course. And Adamus. He has more of an aura of St. Germain around him during the Keahak sessions, probably because he doesn’t have an in-person audience to banter with, and probably because the information goes much deeper than a monthly Shoud. 

If you’re new to Crimson Circle, Keahak is a special year-long journey with Adamus. Twice a month we gather in the sacred House of Keahak (virtually, of course) and hear the latest and greatest from Adamus as he takes a deep dive into metaphysics. It’s not just theoretical. Adamus talks about how Keahakers are responsible for living it in their lives, not just thinking about it in their brains. In that sense, Keahak is very practical even though it deals with physics that go well beyond anything currently discussed on the planet. As an example, Adamus recently talked about how reality is created as a result of the difference between the “speed” of divine light vs physical light. Whoa! Even Albert Einstein would have to take a deep breath with that revelation. 

This stuff isn’t for novice seekers or those that are just looking for some quick crystal healing. It’s for graduate-level meta-physicians who are ready to blow the lid off of 3D reality.

In the most recent Keahak XII message, Adamus stated: “We’re not only reexplaining some of the current physics, but we’re creating the new physics.” This is literally how Earth came into being, by creating the physics of this realm! What new potentials are accessible to us now as we enter in the Apocalypse?

Talking about literally changing your reality, Adamus said: “It’s not magic if you understand the physics. When there is that understanding of the metaphysics – what’s behind everything – suddenly it’s practical. It’s real. It’s doable. It’s not just limited to a few Merlins, it’s available to anyone.”

Keahak XIII includes access to the online House of Keahak, two recorded audio sessions with Adamus each month, full access to all Keahak XIII sessions now and in the future, plus the monthly Living in Keahak show with Dr. Douglas Davies and Linda Benyo Hoppe.

Keahak XIII begins July 2, 2023 and goes through June 2024.  

Registration for Keahak XIII closes June 15, 2023

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