I Beg Your Pardon…

By Geoffrey Hoppe

Author’s note: This story has been embellished for entertainment purposes, otherwise it would be just plain dreary.

“Right about now, if you don’t feel like you’re going crazy you’re probably really crazy.”  That was the “helpful” advice I got from Adamus recently. I was having my weekly Wednesday 1:11 AM bitch session with him. Sometimes I bitch about everything, sometimes I’m just his bitch. This particular night I came to the meeting with a long list of questions and complaints. 

I sarcastically thanked him for helping me to clearly understand what he meant by his crazy comment. He picked up on the sarcasm and replied, “Any time, Grasshopper.” He refers to me as Grasshopper when we’re trading snarky or sarcastic comments. The term comes from the 1960’s American TV series Kung Fu featuring Master Po and his befuddled student Caine. Kuthumi is the one who came up with the Grasshopper name for me (thank you – not). Adamus thinks it’s really funny because my last name is Hoppe… kind of like Hopper. It was also Kuthumi who helped St. Germain come up with his Adamus moniker (from a comment by Kuthumi about St. G being “a dumb ass”). These Ascended Masters are so funny (eyeballs rolling). Keep walking, Kuthumi, just keep walking.

But back to crazy. I’ve gone through plenty of rough transformations over the years but right now everything is just intensely quantum nuts. Downright crazy. Whacko on steroids. “You seem to be handling it quite well,” noted Adamus as I was going through my list of WTF’s with him. His comment made me think about how he got the Adamus name from Kuthumi. Yes, I Am a battle-hardened metaphysician from way back when, but this is something I didn’t expect. 

“Adamus, wasn’t everything supposed to get easier after Heaven’s Cross?” I asked with a ‘tude. 

“I beg your pardon, but I never promised you a rose garden,” he literally sang back his answer. I could hear strains of the popular country-western song I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson playing in the background. Funny thing is that the famous Lynn Anderson actually performed for us live at the Quantum Leap event in Taos, New Mexico in 2007. She heard Shaumbra was in town and brought her entire band over one night to play free of charge. Now I think Kuthumi arranged the whole thing as a peek into the future. 

Easel with "Adamus Meta Physics" written on it

Adamus’ presence morphed into more St. Germain as we got into the serious part of our discussion. “Here’s what’s happening after Heaven’s Cross. I talked about some of the metaphysics during the latest Keahak session but you probably don’t remember.” He instantly manifested a large easel with a writing pad so he could illustrate what was coming next:

“The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and 2021 forced people to go inside, both literally and metaphorically. In that way it was a brilliant human plan. It turbo-charged the level of consciousness on the planet by at least 10 years, and actually not a moment too soon because of the accelerated rate of technology.” He was drawing graphs on the paper to illustrate his point. “COVID was on a decline by summer 2022. It had done its job and now it was waning. Last summer was also the time the Crimson Council realized that Heaven’s Cross was imminent. We didn’t know the exact date but we knew it would be in early 2023.” He drew a little cartoon graphic of a spikey COVID cell in a hospital bed, looking like it was about to die. The cartoon doctors and nurses were laughing and applauding. 

“Within a few months we could predict the exact date for the beginning of the Apocalypse: March 22, 2023. There would be enough consciousness on the planet to break a hole in the old veil.” He drew a rocket ship breaking through the clouds. Then he flipped the page and drew more clouds with a big hole in the center, and light streaming down to the earth. “Heaven’s Cross allowed a new luminosity, or brightness, of light to enter the 3D human realm.”

Next, he instantly drew hundreds of little people on the earth, with most of them dressed in gray and looking down at the ground, but a few dressed in colorful outfits – or naked – looking up at the incoming light from the hole in the clouds. “Most people won’t notice that anything happened in late March, but enough humans will get it. That’s all that matters. Do you need a cup of coffee, Cauldre? You look bored and tired.”

I admit that I had drifted off during his lecture. I’ve heard most of this before. I wanted to know why I feel like my emotions were on fire, with new fuel being added every time I tried to think. Adamus handed me a cup of something that smelled like coffee infused with liquid donuts. I’m sure all that sugar was good for my emotional instability (not) but it tasted fantastic. Good comfort food, I noted, along with all of the other junk I’ve been eating lately. So far, the Apocalypse has added 5 pounds to my load. I’d hate to go into the fucking future and see what I look like a year from now. I’ve also been saying fuck at least 100 fucking times more than I usually say fuck. 

Adamus continued: “What do you think happens with all of this bright light that’s streaming in?” I was about to say “I don’t know” but I quickly caught myself. “I have yet to consciously realize the answer, Master.” Whew. I dodged that bullet. “Close your eyes and feel it, Grasshopper. Don’t think it. Feel it.” I did as requested and suddenly an amazing image came to me. I saw spinning atoms separated by huge spaces. Then I saw bubbles floating around with huge spaces in between. I knew that the bubbles were thoughts. The bubbles and atoms were spinning and floating in a sea of darkness. Next, I perceived a ray of light coming from somewhere in the inky darkness. The ray split in two, with one ray starting to fill the dark spaces and the other ray passing right through the entire scene like it was headed to eternity. My body and mind felt a surge of fire, causing me to open my eyes. St. Germain had his eyes closed like he was experiencing all of this with me. 

“Cauldre, that is what’s happening and that is what’s causing your emotions to flare. Actually, everything is flaring but your emotional body is the first to feel it. Here’s how the metaphysics work: Your reality is made up of condensed light, or spinning atoms. Within this soup is also your thoughts, beliefs, memories and desires, represented by the bubbles. Every atom, particle, waveform and thought is in a suspended illusion of separation, yet constantly in communication with every other particle and thought. How? They are all forms of energy, and energy is nothing more or less than communication. What you saw as darkness or empty space is just neutral energy, yet still in communication. IT HAS BEEN WAITING FOR A HIGHER LEVEL OF LIGHT TO ACTIVATE IT. That was what happened at Heaven’s Cross. The light, or higher consciousness, now comes through the veil AND BEGINS FILLING THE SPACE BETWEEN THE PARTICLES AND THOUGHTS.” Adamus spoke with such emphasis that it felt like he was putting his words in All Caps. 

He opened his eyes and continued: “One ray of light continues right through this reality without altering its natural flow. The other ray ‘slows down’ to serve the experiential needs of the soul-turned-human. The result of the two different ‘speeds’ of light creates gravity, time-space and electromagnetics. It’s the basis of your reality.”

Now, this is exactly what I’m talkin’ about. My world is getting turned inside out and upside down. Adamus just redefined ALL physics. What, am I just supposed to throw out everything I’ve ever learned about science and physics? Am I just supposed to jump on the Crazy Train and head for Looney Town without question? 

“Yes,” replied St. Germain. I always forget that these Ascended Masters can feel everything I’m thinking. “Yes, but look at it this way. Get on board the train but don’t worry about the destination, just slip-slide away.” I could hear background music from the old Paul Simon song, Slip Slidin’ Away.  I hummed the tune in my head: You know you’re nearer your destination the more you’re slip slidin’ away. Damn, I hope there comes a day when I’m talking to people and they hear music in the background. It’s worth staying here just for that. 

“You hop on board and just allow. The train will probably go off the tracks. You just allow, and let it fly instead of following the old steel rails. You don’t worry about the train letting you off in PsychoVille because while you fear you might end up there, it’s not your heart’s desire. There is no such place as NutJob Land unless you want there to be such a place, and you know you don’t want that. 

“Back to the metaphysics. The difference in ‘speed’ between the two streams of light creates reality. The space between the two streams of light is just energy, and this energy is just waiting for….”

“Me??” I blurted out. 

“Yes Grasshopper,” said the Master with smile. 

“So all of this emotional, mental and physical upheaval is just the light of my divinity finally filling in the empty space and causing an unprecedented level of change in reality?”

“Yes Grasshopper.”

“And as the light fills the empty space, there will no longer be a need for the particles and thoughts to communicate with each other as if they were islands in an ocean?”

“Yes Grasshopper.”

“St. Germain, I might be jumping ahead of the train here, but isn’t this the return to Oneness, as in I Am My Own Oneness?”

“Yes Grasshopper.” In that moment I saw a single tear drop from St. Germain’s eye, rolling down his cheek and dropping into the great empty space below. No wonder it’s been raining so much lately. 

Later that night I dreamt I was being serenaded by Adamus, Kuthumi and Tobias. The song went something like this:

We beg your pardon
We never promised you a rose garden
Along with the Heaven’s Cross light
There’s gotta be a little dark at night
When you grow you gotta moan so live and let live or let go
We beg your pardon
We never promised you a rose garden

We could promise you stuff so it doesn’t seem so tough
But you don’t find roses growin’ on stalks of clover
So you better think it over
Well, if sweet-talkin’ you could make it come true
We would give you the secret right now on a silver platter
But what would it matter

Stop crying for a while and let’s be jolly
The Apocalypse shouldn’t be so melancholy
Come along and celebrate the End Times if you can

We beg your pardon
We never promised you a rose garden

Listen to the official Lynn Anderson performance of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden on YouTube. 


  • Geoffrey Hoppe

    Geoffrey Hoppe founded the Crimson Circle in 1999 after a series of conversations with the angelic being known as Tobias. He left the corporate world in 2001 to devote his full time to the Crimson Circle, along with his wife Linda. Geoff channeled Tobias until 2009 when Tobias returned to earth in a new incarnation known as Sam. Tobias handed off his guidance role with the Crimson Circle to Adamus Saint-Germain, a facet of the Beloved St. Germain who has been working with humans for hundreds of years. Geoff has been the messenger of Adamus Saint-Germain ever since.


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  1. Randall McAlmond

    Jeff, what I have needed for a long time was a really, really good laugh and the 4th sentence of your article made me burst out laughing like I haven’t in ages. Thank you so much. I really appreciated the whole article but that laugh was cathartic.

    1. Martha González

      Hermosa canción, gracias Geoffrey por tan grande explicación la metafísica es algo de lo cual me estremece hasta lo más profundo de mi ser
      Martha González

  2. Shirley Bloxham

    Well, Geoff, get ready for a boatload of Shaumbra videos playing and singing that song.
    And, wouldn’t it be fun for us to write our own bitch session with A and St G. Hmmmmmm
    Thanks for the article

  3. Haha! Thank you for such a good belly laugh. I almost splurged my tea onto a bunch of paperwork! You are so real and I love you for it.

    1. Yvonne Provost

      Geoff…thank you! You certainly managed to put me in a state of rip roaring laughter at a time when I really needed it. You also brought a big ole bundle of Hope too. Thank you so much! Blessings!

    That is exactly what I needed to understand and remember to myself that my mental and emotional instability and imbalance are natural in this phase we are experiencing.
    And the humor is excellent !
    I love your articles !!!

  5. Thank you so much dear Geoff😅😅😅great!!
    So wonderfull to read such an Article at First in the morning!

  6. Thank You dear Geoff, matches so much of that which is happening to me, I can now actually see strings of my torus bathed in light,spinning and creating a unified field -at least for some time–ouch….Gratitude and blessings from Dagmar-Mauritius- ind.ocean

  7. Virgilia Aguirre

    Wow Geoff, just what I’ve been feeling. The answers too. It is what I deeply ling for and it’s here

  8. Joy Ligteringen

    Thank you Geoff!
    It’s so good to know what all that crazyness is about that makes me feel so wobbly. Also the accelerated pace of the integration of the lightbody plays a role I guess or is part of the whole better to say.
    Lets keep smiling and joking about it!

  9. Kz'aZ~Za | Ad Voermans

    Oh boy, oh boy! You are a gifted storyteller. TRUE STORIES. This story brings it down to the very essence of the latest Keahak session. Now available to all who read this story. I fly with a supersonicnevershownbeforenorailsneeded “train”. Woooooshhhhh! In the simultaneity of instant and condensed light that is merging, yet keeping some of the condensed features to keep up appearances. The party is on. IT REALLY IS ON!

  10. Ângela Azevedo

    Obrigada Geoff. Isto permitiu um entendimento mais profundo do que se está a passar comigo. OK, faz parte do processo. É entrar no trem e deixar ir.

  11. Thanks a lot, your words definitely helped me to keep trusting.
    And now I understand what my roses in my yard express: behaving like in fall – loosing leaves, struggling to survive and yet over and over full of not yet opened blossoms.

  12. Brigitte Kapretz

    Dear Geoffrey, this was exactly what I needed right now in perhaps the most difficult part of my journey to not get completely lost, and I was finally able to shed some tears of relief. Thank you soooo much for your absolutely wonderful article!

  13. Thank you Geoff for your wonderful humor. I love it soo much :-)))
    A good belly laugh lifts/lights you up and gets you out of the head.
    Thank you very, very much

  14. Claudia Dorfmeister

    Dear Master Geoffrey!
    What a hilarious, profound and deeply touching yet Illuminating ride you took me for with your article.
    You definitely made my day as you and Adamus and St.Germain made so many uncountable days over the years.
    We are in this together.
    What a train ride!
    What a Master you are beibg even AHEAD of this train ride, fester than the speed of Light, as in ONENESS.
    With so much live and gratitude and full of good laughter, definitely ready for celebrating the Apocalypse with all of you! Claudia, grounded in the green grasses of Vienna 😉

    1. Claudia Dorfmeister

      Sorry for the mistakes! I typed without glasses on, eyes a bit blurry and me too, with more weight on the Hits since HC, maybe helping us to stay GROUNDED, 🤣🙃

      1. Anna McKinlay

        Ohhh great point Claudia, about staying grounded. That really resonates.
        Thank you 💖💖💖

  15. Anna McKinlay

    Thank you Geoff … it’s nice to know I’m not the only one heading for the comfort food, on the emotional crazy train (not anyone else’s bitch … just the bitch, at times), and I’ve said “fuck” more in the past few months than I think I have in the past 5 years. It’s weirdly comforting to know that there is a metaphysical cause. And that I’m in such good company!

  16. Thank you for this uplifting article.
    Perhaps article is not the right word, it’s much much more than this! … Im thanking you for showing me/us the way.
    This is such an incredible journey guided by you.

  17. Thank you Geoff and Dear Masters. I could visualise what you were describing and could see where it was leading. Thank you for the laughs and the lessons this contained. More laughter, smiles and less worry as l connect further with the oneness that is. Many many thanks.

  18. Merci cher Geoff,
    Un partage libérateur, des nouvelles rassurantes, teintées d’humour, c’est vraiment le bienvenu.
    Merci infiniment, bénédictions.

  19. Dear Geoff , the song that came to me when reading your article, was the same song
    that came to me earlier, when I sadly noticed my beautiful roses fading away –
    “Turn, Turn Turn” by The Byrds. We are leaving a time of darkness, hate and unconsciousness
    and entering a time of light, love and awareness. Love to all, Beverley

  20. Susana Piohtee

    Yes …well … just wonderful! One of the things that drew me to CC – and particularly ‘Master Adamus’ – in the first place was the irreverence, the winding us up, the laughter, the downright earthiness that enfolds the love and wisdom. So thank you Geoff for this most delightful account of your late night conversation. I am still chuckling, and I guess like most of us, I needed a good laugh! Many blessings as I tip my hat in your direction.

  21. Gaynor Meadows

    Thank you Geoff..that’s so good. You really hit the nail on the head and I resonate wholeheartedly with your words. And what a wonderful reminder to help maintain the humor and perseverance to hang in there when all things are off the charts.

  22. Gaynor Meadows

    Thank you Geoff , you hit the nail on the head. So Good! Fully resonate with this, needing much humor and a large dose of “hanging in there” to move through it. Cheers.

  23. Geoff that is is one of the most hilarious article I’ve read in a while. It was refreshing. I remembered Adamus saying that this would get crazy later in the year after Heaven’s Cross. One this planet that can have many meanings. However, I totally appreciate the humorous interaction you have with them. It gives me the example of how to lighten up and have fun, laugh, and enjoy the journey. Thank you and the Ascended Masters for the enlightening entertainment. 🙏🤣❤️

  24. Angela Linardi

    Thank you so much for this article. I admit my thoughts and experience has been, “ If this is my divinity, I am NOT impressed!” ….. After reading this article I feel more like I may be on the right track!🙏🏻

  25. Dear Geoff, THANK YOU THANK YOU for this hilarious story! Exactly what I needed the most. Thought I am the only one taking “fukital” all day long and being haunted by my EMOTIONS more than ever.
    I love the Rosegarden-song, maybe ASG should have mentioned it a long time ago?! Would´nt have changed anything I guess….following stubborn my/our path.
    Thank you for your stories, your humor – so very comforting. And thanks of course to grand Master ASG!

  26. Maureen Quinn

    Best article I’ve ever read in the Shaumbra Magazine…and there have been so many really good ones over the years! I too truly appreciate the humor that had me laughing out loud as I read…and as I completely related. Thanks Geoff! This is an instant Shaumbra classic!

  27. Wow! Thank you Geoff. That is a story that only shaumbra would understand! No wonder my body aches from head to toe.

  28. Geoff, Thank you so much for your words amd energy here. Clearly what so many of us are feeling. ( And….I always have the background music,too!) I feel a great clarity from your article, and ” for fucksake” I’ll ride on the new crazy train!

  29. Thank you Geoff, for baring yourself and also sharing so we can relate. THANK YOU again for being you, and staying steadfast through the storm(s). I could write you a love letter of gratitude – but Oh, I have already done that 🙂 so for now. Thanks again!!!! 🙂

  30. Wou, wou, wou… my whole body vibrates from the beginning of the perception of the incredible energy emanating from each of your writings, which paints the pure, humorous and harsh truth, dear Geoff, Cauldre, Adamus…Kuthumi, St.German…my head is spinning clouds, because she also understood the lightness of being that we built ourselves with bloodshed…I now understand the incredible message that I saw from the car today and was dumbfounded in the middle of the double-speed road, 2 almost 1.70 tall trees with big round crowns flashed at me roses, bursting with all colors … this is our promise, the final one … we can walk through the rose gardens … I can already smell their scent and float on the waves of a gentle melody … a huge thank you for everything, your light service dear Adamus .
    Blessings Vicky

  31. I love that you are so real. I am feeling a bit crazy and downright strange at times. I go through the day and things feel fuzzy, distant, or completely odd. I feel like my world, my perceptions are different. I look at people and I feel more disconnected, like the old love and familiarity is vanishing. Instead of blissful (like I had felt more of) I feel an unknown terror at times- it seems out of the blue. Floating between the old world and perhaps the next. The rooms of my house feel different, the energy feels so strange. I feel like I’m forgetting something- and when I focus nothing comes. It’s like I am ready to exit from this whole reality.

  32. Talk about emotional train ride/roller coaster………….Recently, some very subtle, but moving, experiences happened to me. For example, I met 3 different people from my past on separate occasions all in ONE DAY! Familiar personalities whom I hadn’t seen in many years (5-25 years). Our conversations were familiar yet with a newly-minted perspective. The old was somehow new. I was overcome with nostalgia and joy at seeing these old friends once again after all these years and hope to stay connected to them. How did these ‘coincidences’ happen I wondered? And all in ONE DAY. Then I realized, “Oh….this is how it works now.” Insert winking-smiling-face-emoji here!

  33. This is one of the best articles I’ve read in this magazine, but … please … I’m getting really tired of the sexist artwork. REally? A semi-naked woman standing next to the train? Am I the only one bothered by this shit? If you insist on objectifying humans, at least give us a nice beef-steak male every now and then.

  34. Thank you Geoff and Adamus !
    Dear Shaumbra it is time to get this pary rolling ! this reality feels so odd to me , I feel like a stranger )

  35. THANK YOU SO MUCH GEOFF FOR THIS ARTICLE. It brought me so much clarity. I have listened to the latest Keahak session four times and I still was like WTF? Now I get it. ❤️

  36. Geoff! There’s that cliche “Wow, You’ve done it again.” but truly, you’ve never written or shared anything remotely like this one. It’s THE perfect summation of the past couple of Keahak sessions (not to mention our entire journey in this our last lifetime here), where Adamus explained it, shared it in many more words… Your article is so clear, not to mention hilarious . . . . Fucking hilarious, that is 😂 . . . . And yeah, I’ve been waiting to find that Rose Garden since Heavens Cross, only to find the prickly~thorny~OUCHY~fucking facets.j
    But no matter, I’ve hopped on board that train, baby! Here we GOOOOOOO!!!

  37. Thank you. I laughed, clicked on the video (I thought she was a brunette meaning Lynn Anderson. I don’t know much about country western entertainers) and love the lyrics you wrote. For me the information you shared came at the perfect time. I have read your article multiple times and will read it again. My ability to focus, think, and stop wanting to help people are just a few of the experiences I am going through right now. Body pains, mental anguish, and the list goes on. Too personal to write. I am so grateful for everything I can read right now that addresses what I am going through. Mahalo

  38. Dawn Anderson

    That dynamic between the rays of light sounds similar to a retrograde. Finally life makes sense, it’s all happening as one long soul retrograde. Thanks for the lovely article!

  39. Tamy Sedlmayr

    Thank you Cauldre!!! This was absolutely amazing.
    After a decade and a half with C.C. , I thought I had fallen off the wagon after Heaven’s Cross. I felt like my emotions were consuming me. So …of course, I thought I had done something wrong. I desperately started calling on Adamus and Kuthumi several times a day and during the night as well. Botton line is: your article has been very helpful. Thanks again.

  40. Людмила Нужная

    Сердечное спасибо Джеффри. Очень своевременно для меня .Твои статьи – бальзам для моей души и тела.Да стебли розы имеют колючие шипы.Но плод розы такой красивый… ароматный…желанный…И однажды каждый из нас забудет о боли и царапинах от шипов. Радость и любовь души изольются через край…Никаких границ…= Thanks a lot Geoffrey. Very timely for me. Your articles are a balm for my soul and body. Yes, the stems of a rose have prickly thorns. But the fruit of a rose is so beautiful… fragrant… desired… And one day each of us will forget about the pain and scratches from the thorns . Joy and love of the soul will overflow… No boundaries..

  41. Funny, easy to get, synopsis of the last couple Keahaks, I have been listening to over again, attempting to “get”
    Love it,
    Thank you, Geoff

  42. So happy to see I’m not the only one having night bitching sessions with Adamus. Thanks for the laughs 😂. Awesome article as always. Now this song will be playing over and over in my head, oh no 😜

  43. Pamelyn Williams

    Thank you, Geoff, Adamus, St. Germaine so much for sharing your bitching session with me. Your article made heart smile even more❤️😃

  44. Dear Geoff,
    Your article had me laughing and crying all at the same time! This hit home! Much gratitude and I so needed that. I felt the emotional, mental, and physical weight since Heavens Gate lifted off. Maybe those shorts I bought last week will be more comfortable now, haha! Thank you and big hug!

  45. Dear Geoff,

    Thank you for expressing the humorous , bitchy, bratty, sarcastic side to this highly uncomfortable experience we are all having. I really had a good laugh with this one. It’s good to know about the weekly bitch sessions in the middle of the night hahahaha. Crazy does not even cover what we are all feeling….I think we need to create a new word.

  46. I’m singing the song right now aloud so my colleagues can hear it. The energy of this beautiful message is beating in my heart with a new tune. Thank you Geoffrey and Adamus. Greetings from Amsterdam.
    Ps: My office is now humming the song 😉

  47. Over the years, I’ve had a “difficult at best” relationship with Adamus. For what it’s worth… Thank You Jeff and Linda. Just how in the hell you two have dealt with all of “this” is beyond me! You guy’s are Special. PLEASE spoil yourselves! You deserve it. Love Is ???

  48. Angela Linardi

    And, I believe it was actually mentioned in a Heavens Cross channel that it gets easier after Heavens Cross. The question is, “ When does our light begin hitting our desires and bring fruition?”

  49. I haven’t connected to CC in a while. I was aware of Heaven’s Cross etc. To be honest, it concerns me that there are these sweeping general statements being made in shouds that you should no longer have problems, issues, traumas etc. bc apparently you put them all in the golden bowl and poof, you’re now just here to enjoy life in ease and grace, while everyone else deals with their drama of being unenlightened. Except, that is not what 100% of Shaumbra still connected to CC are living. Still the same, here we go again, down yet another difficult rabbit hole to enlightenment with no rest stop. I wonder if the shouds contain a lot of the imbalances of Shaumbra as well as the wisdom. It’s unwise not to be transparent. The Adamas today feels like an angry sales person instead of an honest and wise friend who says, “Just letting you know….you’re about to face your unresolved shit with the veil lifted. So it’s time to integrate and clean house. Coming fully into embodiment will continue to feel very uncomfortable. Hang in there and don’t expect easy.” Geoff is very integrated. If he’s cussing and emotional – emotions come from aspects unless you pick them up from others. Add to that – other masters who aren’t connected to CC and focused the entire time on integrating are in absolute bliss. HC made no difference to them. What justification can there be for this mad rush (again) to become fully embodied. What is the rush exactly when this is the result…more choking on the journey instead of savouring it? Is this what Shaumbra will tell new students? We choked on our embodied enlightenment to get there as quickly as came possible bc time doesn’t exist? I don’t feel it’s the ascended masters or humanity driving this crazy uncomfortable speed, it’s stubborn, insecure and bored masters who haven’t found a way to enjoy life without the drama of the next thing to go through for their “enlightenment”. It’s an addictive game of more. I am not in any rush bc I know that’s not why I came here.

  50. Danke, grossartiger Master Geoff
    Dein Gespräch mit Adamus hat mir Mut gemacht, meine körperlichen Themen neu anzunehmen. Ich hatte keinen Rosgarten erwartet, denn die Energien haben mir, bis vor einem Monat, auf wunderbare Art gedient. Danke für die klärende Botschaft.

  51. Thank you, great Master Geoff
    Your conversation with Adamus encouraged me to take on my physical issues anew. I wasn’t expecting a rose garden as the energies served me beautifully until a month ago. Thanks for the clarifying message.

  52. Thank you, great Master Geoff
    Your conversation with Adamus gave me the courage to take on my physical issues in a new way. I didn’t expect a rose garden, because the energies served me in a wonderful way until a month ago. Thank you for the clarifying message.

  53. Anna-karin Sjöström

    Thank you dear Geoff for the laughter 🤣. Recognize hearing music in the background. 😁😘

  54. Geoffrey Hoppe you are awesome! Thank you for sharing all that is so identifiable with me and obviously so many of us. I truly appreciate it, your honesty and your humour, so helpful. Thank you!

  55. Peter Suedkamp

    Dear Geoff, good to see that you are not having so much patience like me. And I immediately heard that song in my head too when I read the first words. And it’s absolutely true because what do we expect after lifetimes of suffering and experiences on earth? You know better by now that it’s an evolution process although it’s speeding up because of our great work as Shaumbra.

    So calm down and enjoy yourself and your beautiful surroundings on the Big Island. Nothing to strive for anymore. Our job is done. Would you just allow and be?! I Am.

    With Blessings and a big hug!

  56. Geoff, thank you so much for this. I really appreciate your articles – this was so wonderful. So was the Keahak channel. The clarity, honesty and heart with which you and Linda (and Bell of course) gift our entire world is “stunning” and inspiring. Your lights are bright.

  57. That was the best and most important confirmation ever! I appreciate the sense of humour in this too. I love music and know and love those songs 🙂 I really felt that the Oneness in this message. Because we’re feeling the exact same thing at the exact same time. Words like Fuck and all! Lol Namaste brother

  58. Terry Maloney

    Geoff – Best yet in a long string of great articles. You and Linda are great Standards for all of us, soooo Human and soooo Divine!!!!

  59. Thanks Jeff! more than 2 months after opening, I feel the same state! Thanks for the article, but being in this is not funny at all. This is not funny at all, Lord, sometimes to tears …

  60. This is pretty AWE-some ; like actually being on AWE of some things here.

    Well played.

    I feel I am going crazy, too last month.

    I feel less crazy now 🙂

    Thank you! 🙂

  61. Dear Jeff, Adamus and beyound…Just read article today after ALT yesterday. I am so grateful for reading this true story from You. ( lovely that someone is in the same boat (;) yesterday juring live show and question 1-10 I felt a bit arggg…. I have felt 9-10 for the past years, but after Heavens Cross only 4-9. Juring 21. marts to 25. I took time off to embrace it all coming, dancing and just being in the moment. Did not expect any particular, but man my heart startet hurting like crazy ( I am only 47 the 23 of marts) and the heart thing went on for a month. I am a tamed Dragon ( and aries) and have been benching /entering realization for some years, here on my peaceful mountain, feeling amazing, grateful and peacefull, embracing it all….. but just a month ago when the heart pain stopped the fire started bursting out from within like never before…. I started swearing ( wich I never do) and my endless patience with others changed, I started eating crap etc etc….. One day I felt a huge anger within and I asked :”what is this” The answer was :I embrace all there is , BUT take no more bullshit and peoplepleasing behaviors from the world. wauu ( Title for my second book). So here we go just keep hanging on to the train ride, and enjoy all there is coming. This was not what I expected but all is well in all of creation and I know. Love in abundance Rikke

  62. Thank you Cauldre for your clear honesty. This is absolutely spot on with how I’ve been feeling; a whole cocktail of mixed emotions with some physical pain chucked in. All the ‘Realm worker’ information has brought tremendous clarity and acceptance of my bazaar life experiences and realisations. There had been plenty of WTF’s along the way and another special dose since the Heavens Cross. On a positive note I do remember that, I am no longer a victim and therefore, take responsibilty for my experience; if it’s a little fucked up, well I can always unfuck it, I remember my core essence with grounded awareness, and then simply don’t give a fuck (my current version of Allowing). It can be scary at first but somehow, the situations tend to unfold more gracefully and better than I’d expected. Also, the behaviours of mass conciousness doesn’t seem to affect me as much as they used to. Happy Days! x

  63. Fiona McGonigle

    Great article – summoned up exactly how I’ve been feeling. So glad I’m not alone with all of this. The clarity and humour provided is greatly appreciated.

    I so relate to your comment – “Damn, I hope there comes a day when I’m talking to people and they hear music in the background. It’s worth staying here just for that.” Had me in stitches. It’s what I always loved about the programme Ally McBeal – when the wise tunes of Barry White would filter through. Is St Germaine, Tobias or Kathumi a barritone by any chance?

    I’ve found a new love for Mars bars and although my weight is higher certain smaller size clothes suddenly fit….

  64. I also felt the tears of Adamus… It’s that.
    The joy of understanding and getting to know I Am is amazing..I am not crazy..

    Thanks you…

  65. Lately I’ve been seeing ‘1’s’ lining up, not sure what that means if anything, but I always enjoy synchronicities. I pointed out the 1’s to a friend and he added that they were almost like ‘railroad tracks’! I deeply felt those words as he spoke them so I pondered about railroad tracks…they take you in a very certain direction and you don’t have to worry about getting off track so you can just relax and enjoy the ride. But…I never considered the train taking off, up, up, and away, in endless directions with our new metaphysics. This requires another level of trust and faith in your conductor (Self). So this is my favorite part of your article:
    “You hop on board and just allow. The train will probably go off the tracks. You just allow, and let it fly instead of following the old steel rails.”
    Now I’m hearing Johnny Cash!

  66. Thank you Geoffrey, Cauldre, Grasshopper, St. Germaine, Adamus, dumb-ass, CC, etc.
    I could feel every expression in this article. I’m walking away with laughter and joy!!!

  67. Beautifull Story, Geoffe gives great innersight to All I am the roses and the allowing of all the music expanding in the enlightened bubbles of new potentials. Remembering the child story book.
    “Hope for the Flowers. “

  68. Feeling I have received the clarity my heart desired 💚
    No words could describe the relief that has enabled me to breathe easier nor the excitement and anticipation for what’s sure to come.
    Thank you Geoffrey and Adamus San German.
    From my heart to yours 🥰✨

  69. Cecilia Shannon

    Geoff, thank you for the story that describes what I am experiencing now. I’ve been experiencing so much personal loss these last couple of years and the words sooth me. I used to sing that song out loud to myself, while driving, during other similar periods in my life.
    Great gratitude and appreciation from my very full heart.

  70. Uwielbiam te artykuły, są jak listy, które przychodzą, przypływają… Wdzięczność wielka!
    A swoją drogą Ogrody Różane, dlaczego nie? Nikt nie obiecał, ale wszystko pachnie różą.

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