Dear Shaumbra,
Here’s a quick look at the features and functions of this new Shaumbra Magazine format. Let us know in the comments section what you think!

  • NAVIGATION – at the top right corner of every page, you’ll see arrows to move back and forth between the articles. Use the Table of Contents tab to see an overview of the current issue.
  • PDF / PRINT – at the bottom of this page click the “Download PDF Version” button to download this complete issue to your computer for offline reading. Print if desired. A print option is also available on the individual pages.
  • TRANSLATE – open any page of the magazine in Google translate or DeepL for easy translation to your preferred language.
  • SHARE – look for the share buttons at the bottom of each page.
  • COMMENT – add your comments and feedback to many of the articles.

We hope you enjoy this new format! 

The CC Magazine Team

Founder: Geoffrey Hoppe 

Co–Founder: Linda Benyo Hoppe

Editor: Jean Tinder

Art Director: Marc Ritter

Full-time Staff 
Virgilia “Vili” Aguirre
Alfredo Barranco
Alain Bolea
Bonnie Capelle
Seissa Cuartas
René Elizondo
Julio Cesar García
Juan Carlos Juárez
Alberto Lunagómez
Ricardo Luna
Michelle MacHale
Cristian Mendoza
Jorge Merino
Carolina Oquendo
Peter Orlando
Iván Parra
Pavel Ramírez
Victor Rodríguez
Steve Salins
Juan Luis Santamaría
Jean Tinder
Arnold Tovar

Crimson Circle Energy Co.
PO Box 7394
Golden, CO 80403 USA
Crimson Circle IP, Inc.


17 thoughts on “WELCOME”

  1. Dear CC Shaumbra Magazine team,
    thank you for making the magazine so flexible to use, with a modern and beautiful design. I enjoy reading and browsing the new version.
    Love, Christa

  2. Tek kelime ile muhteşem olmuş. Okuyuculara büyük kolaylik ve keyif sağlanmış. Kalpten teşekkür ederim emeği geçen herkese.🙏🤗🪷

  3. “Ok, I put into the chalice of my soul all my frustration of having yet again Shaumbra magazine articles with so little passion, far too much mind, and that does not highlight neither the pirates, nor the pioneers. No inspiration is given. Perhaps a little comfort for the slowest ones who recognize themselves in their questioning and tribulations. It seems that the criteria for choosing articles is that: it is written in perfect English (which really is not the essential in my opinion) and is politically correct. Yes, Geoff’s articles are great (thank you, thank you, thank you), but if we could have a little less Jean and Kim to replace them with inspiring pioneers (there are so many!). If you want quality articles from people full of life and capable of dancing like crazy without fear of the gaze of others, go interview those who regularly attend seminars in Hawaii. If you want people who speak English perfectly, choose Americans (but well, there political correctness comes back into play, and experience shows that it’s hard to find Americans on the dance floor… they are few ). But please, no newcomers who think they have understood everything and are as stuck in their aspects as M (even though he is pretty good at writing stories I must admit). Please, no overly analytical and introspective people like K who only talk about themselves in an introspective mode (she is clear and very intelligent but it doesn’t make a good story teller). Please, no people who exude sadness, justifications, heaviness, still having to heal the wounds like and having to think their way through… YES, above all, we want stories, real stories, pioneers story, funny and juicy stories, a bit embellished stories, but not abstract stories or introspective reflection notes from people even if they are intelligent and write in perfect English. Please, less mind. If there must be censorship, it is certainly this one: for pity’s sake, we want stories and less mind, analyse, abstraction and counseling. And make a little effort for non-English speakers, write not so that your English is perfect (we are not doing a competition for the best writer) but so that it is understandable to all (no complicated words). In short, be inspired by Adamus, Kuthumi, and Geoff. Last tips: when you’re told a story, you can close your eyes and have images that scroll. If we cannot see images, real images (no abstract), or only few images, this is proof that our article is not a story but a bunch of mind crap, and it risks being… boring! Ok, now that I’ve written this, I take a good breath, I put all my frustration back into the chalice of my soul. The sun is shining, the sea is waiting for me. A beautiful day lies ahead! NAMASTE dear Shaumbra”

    1. Dear Alysata, why put the bar so high? Why should´nt Shaumbra who are not so inspiring in your eyes write their realisations as well, probably some will like their articles. I don´t want to judge so hardly. I simply don´t read what doesn´t resonate with me. Easy! Greetings …

      1. Totally agree. And I have to say, Jean Tinder’s articles are, for me, the highlight of each issue. They are consistently the most relatable, down to earth, empathetic to our journey, insightful and helpful.

    2. You raise many innovative and valid suggestions.
      But to be so personally critical to fellow Shaumbra writers who are sharing their experiences… To put them down…
      That’s something I don’t understand.
      No need to be unkind when the same message can be conveyed without it.

  4. The old is simple to use … but the which you called new tends to complicate more than to simplify … i am sure that is expressing the pattern of the individual who called it new … simplicity and clarity are the environment the truth choose to dance in.

  5. Me gusta mucho este nuevo formato, es fácil de usar y permite traducción con más facilidad gracias

  6. I am truly sorry, as I am sure y’all put a lot effort into this new version. But it lacks both Soul & Appeal, IMHO.
    There are the usual nice photos, but it is not artistic. The purpose of funtionality, such as leaving comments…..meh.
    Prefer the personality of the previous version.
    Bring back the old coke.
    I find myself speeding thru the articles, not really wanting to spend time here. And yes, too much mind, no originality in how the perspectives are portrayed. It’s been formatted.
    Some things are just best left as they are. Will there be a new version next year like the i-phones?

  7. I also preferred the old pdf version, it was easier to handle & I keep being brought back to the e-magazine somehow. The old version felt more personal before too.
    I am sure it is great for people that want translation & it is certainly more interactive.
    Anyways beforehand it has been more of a quiet space, it was like entering an enclosed, safe space.

    In any case MAHALO for all the effort you put into this!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for the effort for everything, Shaumbra magazine has always been so beautiful! But I too must say that for me the old version was way more comfortable to use. However, there are probably users that find the new features useful and the pdf-version is still here, although it could be in a better place, not in two clicks and a scroll search away.

  9. Still horrible navigation thru the Keahak comments section!!! It;s so annoying this little small narrow window of entering and correcting the text. Techquila team still SUCKS!

  10. Who is doing the music for Merlin’s event this year? Yoham? – the group is horrible! I will not be supporting financially annything that weak. Thank you. We need that answer. Or we need a non-yoham version of the event. Thank you. And Geoff and Linda – don’t you ever repeat that lie to us – all this is such a standard. NO IT’S NOT.

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