Letting Energy Work for You

“The biggest shift in ages”
– Adamus

According to Adamus, the concept of “receiving” instead of efforting is one of the biggest shifts in consciousness in over 7000 years. The current mass consciousness construct is that people have to work hard for what they get. Just about everything requires effort and struggle, from abundance and relationships, to education, health, and career. Even the current mind-set of spiritual growth calls for hard work and suffering. 

In I Am Receiving, Adamus notes that it’s time for this to change. He reminds us that the energy is ours to begin with, and that it’s time we accept the natural, graceful flow. As easy as it sounds, humans are so indoctrinated into the “no pain, no gain” mentality that it’s hard to break the old paradigm. He says it’s “a completely new level of metaphyics” that will change your life and eventually the planet.

The question is, can YOU receive everything – without hesitation, limitation, or control? When you do, energy becomes animated, adjusting and serving you in radically new ways.

In a recent Keahak channel Adamus said receiving is “the most critical component right now in these apocalyptic times. It is a life changer. It is a paradigm shifter. It is a reversal of eons of time of human belief, human action, human reaction. It is almost the antithesis of karma, and it’s one of the most simple, sacred concepts of all. Blows away just about everything else. But yet right now, it goes against the very grain of human consciousness, of human thought, of human action. It goes against the grain even of how a human who crosses over into the other realms in between lifetimes… It’s a totally different consciousness.”


  • Can you fully receivethe bounty of your energy?
  • It’s a huge, unfamiliar, and radical shift
  • It upends and disrupts the ancient paradigm of toil
  • These new metaphysics can change your life
  • Relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors
  • You’ve earned this!

Length: 1:16:32
Format: Downloadable audio, text, video
Cost: $25 (through September 29, 2023; $33 thereafter)
Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe
Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, June 2023

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