Light of the Merlin Online

SEPTEMBER 09–10, 2023

Shaumbra’s Annual Merlin Gathering

Entity Lineup:

  • Merlin Ambrosius
  • Adamus Saint-Germain
  • Beloved St. Germain
  • Kuthumi lal Singh
  • New! Gaia
  • Mystery guest

The 9th annual Merlin celebration is coming soon! With an amazing lineup of entities and the online connection with Shaumbra around the world, this promises to be a memorable event! 

The Merlin gatherings are always filled with incredible profound information, incredible insights and cosmic humor. The past few Merlin events have been groundbreaking:

In 2020, closing out the “Summer of Realization” with Passion of the Merlin, Beloved St. Germain delivered a stirring call to the human – “Let yourself know what you know” – and to the soul – “Never again turn your back on the human.” Other guests included our beloved Sart, Kuthumi and Merlin.

In 2021, during Time of the Merlin, we heard a remarkable story from Mark Twain. Plus, Adamus, Merlin, Kuthumi and dear FM explain some of the new physics and how to go far beyond suffering into a world of grace, beauty, and ease.

And last year’s Dream of the Merlin saw a reminder from Adamus that “This is the life you chose” and mind-blowing messages from Nikola Tesla and Merlin. Beloved St. Germain closed it out with the reality-shaking announcement that Heaven’s Cross was imminent. 

Now we’re excited to find out what will happen in this year’s Light of the Merlin event! In addition to the usual suspects – Adamus, Beloved St. Germain, Kuthumi and Merlin – Shaumbra will hear from Gaia herself! We’ll find out her real name, hear an update on her evolution beyond Planet Earth, and more about how humans can take responsibility for our home. With another yet-to-be-announced mystery guest, this is an event you won’t want to miss!


  • Six channeled messages
  • “State of the Circle” with Geoff & Linda
  • Four Faces of Shaumbra videos
  • Live worldwide gathering
  • Two days of celebration and inspiration

Length: Eight sessions over two days
Format: Streaming video, audio, and online text e-reader (text available within 2 weeks after the event)
Cost: $250
Featuring: Live hosting with Geoff & Linda with live and pre-recorded channels
Access: 90-days access to video, audio & text e-reader

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