Interdimensional Living

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  • Reawaken your angelic senses and abilities
  • Consciously experience other dimensions
  • Unlock your prison and be free
  • Travel far and wide with Kuthumi
  • Remember your Self
  • Profound experiences and practical information 

Begin remembering how to perceive and function in dimensions and realms that are beyond this human reality! 

Now that Heaven’s Cross has occurred, it’s easier than ever to traverse the realms, and this very experiential course will help you remember how it works. After many lifetimes in the density of Earth, your angelic senses have become dull and forgotten. It can feel like being in prison, but you already have the keys to let yourself out.

In 10 interactive sessions, Adamus Saint-Germain helps you to open your senses, travel the realms, and experience your natural state of being. Also assisted by Kuthumi, you’ll learn what dimensions are, how to perceive and experience them, and how they can serve you here on Earth. You’ll learn about five angelic senses that correspond to our five human senses and begin reawakening many more angelic senses.

ATTENTION: Be sure to read the “IMPORTANT NOTES” before embarking on this interdimensional adventure!

Cost: $250 $212.50
Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain & Kuthumi lal Singh
Format: Downloadable audio and text 

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