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Where’s my passion?

The true passion of the Master and releasing goals and letting energy serve you

Compiled by Carolina Oquendo

Q – I used to have goals, a passion that filled my heart with joy and my life with purpose. But lately, it seems all that has gone out the window, and I feel adrift. So, dear Master, now what? How can I feel fulfilled again?

Passion. You’re used to human passion that gave you a reason to get up in the morning and make it through the end of the day. Nothing wrong with those passions, and it might have been sports, creativity, business, helping other people, or whatever. Obviously, those have gone away. 

And then you go through that long passionless period. I think truly the hardest part of going from awakening into mastery is the loss of passion. You just don’t want to be here anymore. There’s nothing that really excites you.

You spent your whole life working and suffering and slaving for energy, and in that, you found some passions, which I really don’t call passion.

We’re goalless here. That’s so old human

“How does my light, my consciousness excite and stimulate my energy?” (…) if you don’t think it’s your energy – you think it’s external, out there someplace – then you’re already kind of lost. 

[If] you’re trying to think, “And here’s my goal. Here’s what I want.” Get over it. Give it up. It’s old. 

The passion is letting energy serve you. Period. But don’t think about it, feel it. Don’t try to organize it in the hierarchy of your mind. It will fall apart and won’t work, and then you’ll get really depressed and you ask questions like this.

But, if I don’t have something to look forward to, should I just sit down and do nothing? That sounds boring. 

If you want. But you’ll find out that life becomes fun.

You realize, “This is my energy and it’s my light, my absolute love for life that excites that energy.”

Imagine now, going forward, that you see beauty in all things, and not meant as just a little cliché, but I mean truly feel the beauty in things. That’s the way life should be. 

Without it, there’s not going to be any happiness. There’s going to be depression. There’s going to be anxiety. 

Once you start letting the natural beauty of everything come through and let yourself perceive it, you can’t be depressed and you cannot be bored. 

You could sit on a park bench eight hours a day and do nothing but feel, sense, and experience the beauty, and somebody would say, “Well, isn’t that boring just sitting there all day?” (…) Boring is what you’re doing, not leading a sensual life. 

Q – I think I understand, but there’s still an unsettled feeling deep inside. Who will I be without my goals and passions?

We’re going to go into a beautiful time now of truly releasing the personality. I’m not talking about killing the personality or annihilating it, but releasing all of those connecting points, the validating points of who you are. 

The personality wants to improve itself. It’s been programmed to improve over lifetimes, improve your intelligence, improve your abundance, improve your looks, improve your ability to make friends and win over people and all these other things. So the personality, the identity can’t fathom the fact that it’s actually going to dissolve away. 

But the personality, the thing you identified to, connected to, validated yourself to is no longer valid. 

[And] it’s awkward. You’re coming out of a very dense personality – a personality that was developed over many, many, many lifetimes – and now it’s being dissolved away.

Q – Is this why I’ve been feeling so out of sorts lately?

Your consciousness is blossoming (…). It’s opening up. It’s exposing itself to realities that have been closed down for a long time; rooms within your mansion of Self that have been absolutely sealed off. 

It’s going to feel uncomfortable. Then it’ll feel really good. 

Part of what you’re experiencing right now is kind of this changeover, kind of a turnover from the old relationship with energy where it was somewhere else, now to your own, and there are times when it kind of feels like it’s out of resonance. It’s bumpy and it’s choppy. 

That goes away pretty soon and it starts to be this new flow physics in your energy where it’s just flowing. And you might get up in the morning (…) just feeling out of sorts. 

Q – Is there anything I can do to make this blossoming more graceful?

You take a deep breath and you just feel back into the flow physics. 

There’s a flow to your energy. There’s a grace to your energy. You take a deep breath and you just allow that. (…) You don’t think about it. You don’t stress on it. You just allow.

It’s how you come to your light body, to your embodied Realization – a good deep breath, letting in that energy into your life, into your consciousness, into your awareness, into your body, into your mind, into everything. 

A really good deep breath bringing it in. 

Not thinking about it, not wondering how much you’re going to bring in. It’s not going to overwhelm you. It’ll put you back in a true natural balance.

It’s just a coming to peace within yourself. Coming to peace where there’s not the battles, there’s not the guilt or the shame or the issues; finally being able to enjoy yourself – the human self, the divine self, the I Am, the Master – all that together

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