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Have you ever tried to find information about a specific topic in the Crimson Circle store, but had trouble locating the right product? To solve this, we’re very excited to announce an improved Search feature! With this advanced tool, you’ll be able to find the exact items you’re looking for quickly and effortlessly. 

Here’s how to use the new advanced Search!

First, simply locate the Search button at the top of every page in the Crimson Circle Store. When you click on it, a box will pop up, inviting you to write in the word or topic you’re curious about. Remember to use simple words to ensure the system provides you with the most accurate results.

advanced search


A friendly tip: if you prefer to search in a different language, remember to change the store’s language before you begin your search. This way, you’ll receive results tailored to your language preferences.  To learn more about how to change the language, please go to our Service Center article on languages.

After typing in your search term, the system will show a short list of products related to your query. Simply click on an item to learn more. 

To refine your search further, hit Enter (or “View All”).

The Advanced Search page offers additional options to fine-tune your search results. These options include:

advanced search details

 1. Where: Use the toggles to specify what area of the product information you want to consider.

2. Language: To search in another language (such as “fülle” rather than “abundance”), select your desired language flag, then click on Search and enter your words.

3. Price: You can set a price range to filter the search results accordingly. 

4. Category: The categories correspond to the ‘sliders’ on the Home Page and can help you refine the search even more.

You can also sort the search results (5) by best match, price, or alphabetically.

We hope you enjoy this new Advanced Search feature in the Crimson Circle Store! With its ability to provide accurate and personalized results, you’ll be able to explore our wide range of inspiring products with ease. 

Happy searching, and may you discover new treasures on your Crimson Circle journey!

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