The Threshold ONLINE

A core Crimson Circle class

July 7-9, 2023
Includes live Q&A session with Adamus!


Did you know that all Ascended Masters have two things in common? 

First, they all come by way of Earth. This is THE place to discover how deep you can dive, how high you can fly, and then finally return home to your Self.

Second, just before enlightenment, every Master comes to a very specific place in the journey: the Threshold. Here, one cannot pass until the dragon roots out all remaining feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse. 

All humans accumulate these heavy emotions during their lifetimes on Earth. We often see ourselves as imperfect fallen beings, filled with dishonor and self-loathing. But one cannot enter the sacred realms of Realization and finally Ascension without releasing these false self-perceptions. If not released, these imbalances would cause even more lifetimes of suffering and conflict. So, the dragon stands fierce and relentless, ready to bring them all to the surface for no human can become enlightened without this complete release.

In the past, each Ascended Master had to face their dragon alone, not knowing what it was or why it felt so horrendous. Even with a deep desire for Realization, they found themselves in one of the greatest upheavals ever, facing a vicious resurgence of guilt and shame, and wondering why everything seemed so dark.

Fortunately, as a new Masters on Earth, you don’t have to go through it alone! Adamus explains what happens, using the story of Ascended Master Margo as the beautiful thread that ties everything together. You’ll find out there’s nothing wrong, and it’s all about a new kind of forgiveness.

The Threshold has never been taught on Earth, neither in the ancient Mystery Schools nor in modern esoterica, until Adamus Saint-Germain brought it to the Crimson Circle. It provides deep insights and experiences into your journey to mastery, the role of the dragon, and how to receive the profound soul-level forgiveness that allows true freedom.

Are you at the Threshold? 

Are you nearing the completion of 1,000 or more lifetimes on Earth? 

Are you ready for the dragon that awaits you on the eve of Realization?

“This is why I’m here,” says Adamus, “to share the Threshold with those who are ready.” 

The Threshold. It’s the last thing you’ll do before Realization. 


  • The path to Realization holds a few surprises
  • Secrets hidden deep beyond the human’s grasp
  • The dragon comes to find them
  • An unrelenting demon becomes your dearest friend
  • St. Germain himself did not escape
  • The final ruthless step before Realization

Cost: $595 (50% discount for previous attendees)
Prerequisite: Sexual Energies School
Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, and Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe Translations: E-reader available in 15 languages
Access: 90 days access to the video and e-reader.

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