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Time Traveling:
Metaphysics of the SouL

Putting Time to Work for You

Cost: $150 (through September 29, 2023; $195 thereafter)
Format: Online streaming
Access: View for 90 days after purchase

Humans have always dreamed of traveling in time. We want to see what’s ahead or change the past, always hoping for a better present. Now, Adamus explains how time traveling really works. We go beyond linear reality into circular time, where both the past and the future are changeable. In advanced metaphysics, you’ll discover that some things in the past haven’t happened yet, and some events in the future have already been experienced. 

From the illumination of Presence, you’ll discover how to change the past, visit the future, and collect the wisdom from all your lifetimes. True time traveling can literally change your life. 

The future is the past illuminated. The past is the future illuminated. It’s all about illumination, about letting the light shine.
~ Adamus

Master’s Pause: I Am Receiving

Letting Energy Work for You

Cost $25 (through September 27, 2023; $33 thereafter)
Format: Downloadable audio, video & text
Access: Unlimited

The way of life on Earth has always been to work hard for what you want, and even then, the rewards seem far away. But what if life was easy? What if such struggle is no longer required? What if everything you want is already yours? Adamus says that our shifting relationship with energy is the biggest change on Earth in 7,000 years; one that brings advanced metaphysics and a whole new way of living, allowing, and communing. Rather than toiling through blood, sweat, and tears, now is the time to receive your reward. 

The question is, can you receive this much? Without limitation, control, or reservation? When you do, everything in your life becomes animated energy, actively giving to you and serving you in balance and joy. It’s a whole new way to live!

Realm Workers

The Role of Realm Workers in Lifting the Veil

Cost $33
Format: Downloadable audio, video & text
Access: Unlimited

The Realm Workers played a crucial role leading up to the opening of Heaven’s Cross on March 22, 2023. While living their human lives on Earth, they also worked in the other realms to help lift the veil that for so long has separated the human from the other heavens, or realms. Their work helped facilitate the easing of gravity, electromagnetics and other forces that kept the human consciousness from going into the “beyond.” 

It was necessary to have dedicated human angels working in the other realms (often in their dream state) to create a balance between the realms and weave in familiar human harmonics. Many Realm Workers lived relatively quiet lives on this planet, and a common attribute was feeling tired and low-energy as humans because of their intense and prolonged work in the heavens. Now the work is done, and the Realm Workers can come back to full presence as honored Masters in this reality.

Heaven’s Cross Merabh

A Deep Personal Journey into Your Own Heavens

Cost $22
Format: Downloadable audio, video & text
Access: Unlimited

This deep inner journey into new realms of your Self is perfect for bringing more personal depth and meaning to the opening of Heaven’s Cross. In this guided experience, Adamus Saint-Germain helps you expand into the other heavens and bring back newly available energies, wisdom, and consciousness to serve you in daily life. Infused with the illumination and grace of the Apocalypse, this beautiful encounter with your soul will help dissolve the barriers between the realms of Self, making your divinity, light body, past, future, and dreams, fully accessible to your human self.

The veil, the innate separation between human and divine that has caused feelings of isolation and exile, finally begins lifting with Heaven’s Cross. This long-foretold Apocalypse will eventually change the world, but first, it can change your life. Limitations no longer need apply; struggle, study, and effort are not required. This is the time to listen – listen with your entire being – and simply allow this integration. There’s nothing more to do now but relax, allow, and let the energies flow in this time of grand unveiling.

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