August 11–13, 2023
Hosted live with Geoff & Linda Hoppe

You always come back to your soul, no matter what

Destiny is “the predetermined inevitable or irresistible course of events.” And Kasama, an ancient Atlantean and Lemurian word, means “your soul’s destiny.” 

This means that, rather than wandering lost and aimless on Earth, every single human is here with their own soul’s plan and they’re on the path to its inevitable fulfillment. This simple knowing can be a profound gift to the human self. 

Kasama means “You always come back to the soul, no matter what.” The opposite of Kasama is suffering, which is caused by things like not being understood, feeling insignificant, lonely and guilty, experiencing abuse, worry and doubt, and so on. Ultimately, suffering happens because of losing touch with the soul. But what IS your soul? 

In this Cloud Class, Adamus explains the attributes of your soul and how you can connect with its potentials, Entelligence and wisdom. It is simply all your energy, and he goes on to share the type of things that activate that energy in your life. 

At its core, energy is mobilized by one’s self-perception. The way you perceive yourself is the way energy will respond. We’ve gotten used to limited self-perceptions, but Adamus invites us to let go of the restraints and start living in grandness.

A life of Kasama has many effects on the human, and Adamus will provide a real-time live channel to discuss questions sent in by the listeners. With a closing merabh to bring everything together, he simply says, “Welcome home. Welcome back to the soul.”


  • Energy responds to your self-perception
  • The song of your soul has always been there
  • Now is the time to release all suffering
  • Sing back to your soul
  • See yourself in a new way
  • Allow Kasama to become a way of life

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader
Cost: $595 (50% discount for previous attendees)
Translations: E-reader available in 12 languages
Access: 90 days access to the video and e-reader
Repeat: Previous attendees receive automatic 50% discount

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